Poll: Americans hate Iran, love Canada
Published: 20.02.10, 10:33
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1. I am sure that among the 20% who ranked
Vardina   (02.20.10)
palestinians fovorable 95% were Muslims.
2. Interesting Poll
Chris   (02.20.10)
with a third of Americans not liking Israel, there is some hope. UK's approval rating of 87% suggests that many Israelis and Israel firsters are making exaggerated claims about Israel's improtance to the States and the UK's decline. Prehaps has something to do with our soldiers fighting and dying alongside Ameriscan soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan whilst Israel merely cheers from the sidelines.
3. Egypt 58%?! What's going on here?
European   (02.20.10)
4. Popularity contest
Robert ,   Brisbane,Australia   (02.20.10)
If a similar poll was conducted in Iran I'm pretty sure which country would be the least popular and the second least popular.
5. #2 - Israel cheering from the sidelines?
Yonatan ,   TLV, IL   (02.20.10)
Last checked, over here we have compulsory military service, where pretty much every Israeli citizen serves. I believe we have been doing more fighting and defending in the past 60 plus years than any of your average Brits or Americans could realize.
6. 10% Americans love Iran? Who are these twits?
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.20.10)
Perhaps Americans confuse the anti-government Iranian demonstrators, whom they have understandable sympathy to, with Iran the country - which no sane person should favor.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.20.10)
Know where Iran is.With known media feeding mis-information on Iran,what would an average American know about the subject?
8. You keep telling yourself that Mahmood
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (02.20.10)
maybe you'll even believe it some day. There is no misinformation fed to us about Iran. Imanutjob and the government of Iran speaks for themselves quite clearly. Weather it's rioters in the streets shouting at the devil US, or Imadinnerjacket calling for Israel to be destroyed. Iran has earned it marginal 10% share of favor here in the US and may they someday reap a full measure of the hate they have spewed.
9. a few curious results
Chonny ,   Colorado, US   (02.20.10)
14% of my countrymen have a positive view of North Korea? Let's hope they were thinking S. Korea and inadvertently gave the thumbs-up. And how nearly half can have a positive opinion of Russia is beyond me.
10. Should we care??
Hooman ,   Tehran-Iran   (02.20.10)
Do most americans remember that their government actually sponsored a coup during the 50's in iran?? Do most americans recall that an iranian civilian aircraft was shot in mid-air by their armed forces?? I am by no means defending the regime in iran,but when someone actually wants to look at things only from their point of view,from their perspective,then we as the nation of iran could name a dozen reasons to hate americans(which we don't). Just keep in mind,humiliation brings anger,and anger brings all the mess you have today. Had the americans treated us as normal human beings,instead of humiliating us in our own country back during the reign of the SHAH,none of this would have happened. We didn't even had the right to prosecute an american for his criminal activities back then. The list could go on and any sane person would realize that this is not just a one-sided issue.
11. fog a little thick there Mammood?
rob ,   orangevale USA   (02.20.10)
As a life long Israel hater yourself Mammy, you should understand all about mis- information. We (USA) have all the free press we need, and limitless outside sources to boot. Monkeydinnajad is the one suppressing the truth, that's why fools like you have the freedom to make up your own, then try to disseminate it. (look it up if you dont know that word) The average US 6th grader has a better world awareness than you ever will. Monkeys throw shit mamood, and it's dripping down your face, so obviously you cant be held responsible for your blindness and attitude. America knows about the monkey in Iran, soon the shit will fly his way and you can watch it live on CNN. The BBC will let you see it too if you ask nice. Smell the flowers while you can mamood, because soon your world is gonna smell like shit for a long time.
12. #7 So they should only poll Mahmood on 'the subject' ?
VIT ,   USA   (02.20.10)
13. #10
Ari ,   Miami, USA   (02.20.10)
Hooman,perhaps you did not understand the poll. Americans have no problem with the Iranian people. We stand by Iranians who put forth an effort in the name of freedom and democracy. The 90% of people who answerd negatively about Iran were referring to the authoritative, terror-sponsoring government of your country.
14. Iran response?
Amir ,   iran   (02.20.10)
We are heart Broken. from today we will stop all progressive activity in all fields including nuclear technology and science and we will bend over as much as we can to please the master and its media war machine. so god help us to achieve this holy goal and move up in the list of choosn nation!
15. #10
mark ,   ca   (02.20.10)
I'm sure ,now you and your countryman have all of the rights...
16. #14
mark ,   ca   (02.20.10)
Knife can be a life saver in the hands of a surgeon or a murder wepon in the hands of the criminal .Sadly ,your leaders are not a surgeons... p.s. Be careful, holy goal may backfire big time...
17. #8 and #16You americans just dont get it do you??
Hooman ,   Tehran-Iran   (02.20.10)
It was not us who started all of this mess,but rather your own government who imposed its doctorine to us in the 50's. True,what the iranians did in the 70's regarding your embassy was unjustifiable,but don't forget: Actions bring Reactions. When you humiliate a nation in its own boundaries,don't expect them to bend over even more and please you. Its that simple. So just because we don't appreciate your way of thinking you have to demonize us in your media??make all sorts of movies and portray us as the devil himself??are you even old enough to remember any of the events that took place before the 1979 revolution in iran?? I think not. Cause if you were,you wouldn't be judging us like this. And please keep in mind,the more hostile you are towards a country,the more you make fun of them and humiliate them in your media,the better united that nation would get against you. And NO,I AM BY NO MEANS A FAN OF THE CURRENT IRANIAN REGIME. PS: I'm with mahmood from the UK(regardless of his political ideas),most americans don't even know whether iranians are iranians or arabs. Then again,an average european can easily tell the differences.
18. #7 Mahmood, u also got lost
EUropean   (02.20.10)
London-UK is in Christian Europe. Go back to Mecca.
19. #18.Now surely as a European you do know that...
Alex ,   Stockholm-Sweden   (02.20.10)
Jews are also an alien here in Europe. Right? I'm sure as a fellow European you are aware of the historical events that brought the jews into Europe.Right?? Acting as a racist,only tends to show your true colors. Is it so hard to accept the fact that human beings are all the same??It's easy to make use of racism against the same people you are defending(surely you know of who I'm talking about). If we are to talk about racism,then I'm sure the jews in Europe will also have to start packing and leave Europe for good!!!
20. Americans love Canada
Grant Thomas ,   Brookfield, WI, USA   (02.20.10)
If polls really show that we love Canada, those taking the poll are stupid. Canada is a nation of foreigners, and they are socialistic. I hope we all hate the Iranian leaders and all serious Muslims!
21. YOU OVER DID IT..........ROB.........#11
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.20.10)
although you tried more to shed your filth towards me,I feel fairly confident in what I have written.This is my personal observation,stupid.Ask your neighbours to verify this and see if I am wrong.all you americans who are least interested in what is going around switch on to Fox news and likes.What else would you learn about Iran on the positive side. By rendering your talk-back with the filth that probably is in yourself,you have made it more clearer to the readers who exactly you are.
22. #10 & 17 Hooman
Hal ,   Usa   (02.20.10)
I find myself in agreement with much of what you are saying. True enough that the 1953 action to depose Mossadegh was wrong and only led to the Shah and his abuses led to the revolution that after 30 years you would have to admit has left the average Iranian in a state of fear and dissolution. I also agree that many Amercans are deficient in geography and international politcs. However, having seen and heard Ahmadinijad and others spewing crap for years, many see him a an instigator and palpably evil. By the way , I hope for you and your countrymen a stable and free future where you can feely express yourself and live life the way you want. Also I hope the same for Iranian women. A society that mstreats it's women is doomed. Later!
23. #8 Haha nice.
Adele ,   Toronto   (02.20.10)
"There is no misinformation fed to us about Iran. " Same thing they said about Iraq in 2003.
24. BS F** Poll
emad ,   new york, ca   (02.20.10)
My comment is this: BS F*$( S*#$ for a BS F%^& poll. fake F* poll.
25. #7 MAHMOOD
Marco ,   Spain   (02.20.10)
Mahmood, two polls were conducted in Western Europe: The first asked about: Which nation is the biggest threat to world peace? and the answer was Israel by a wide margin ahead of North Korea. The second question asked about which nation has the worst human rights record, and the answer was a virtual tie between the U.S and Israel.
26. #11 Rob
Marco ,   Spain   (02.20.10)
"Monkey", "Monkeydinnajad", "smell like shit". Hey Rob, Shakespeare must be turning in his grave with disgust at your stupidity. You should not mention "shit" a lot, you should be watching what comes out of your mouth stupid.
27. #7 & 21 Mahmood
Hal ,   Usa   (02.20.10)
Yeah, Rob is a little over thee top in his comments, but when you start to generalize about what "Americans" do or don't know or how they get their information, you aren't much better. I'd lke to know where you get your statistics. You i'm sure have heard the sying that " There are lies, damned lies and statistcs" yes? Practice what you preach. G'day.
28. Hey Hal #22
Paul ,   Trinidad   (02.21.10)
"A society that mstreats it's women is doomed."? Perhaps you don't read too much israeli news. "Frenkel and Hoffman were told that they were in violation of a ruling by the Israeli Supreme Court that makes it illegal for women to read the Torah in the women’s section of the Wall.",7340,L-3848336,00.html
29. #26 Marco isn't from Spain, you're from Connecticut!
vit ,   usa   (02.21.10)
30. Yuck
Canadian ,   Canada   (02.21.10)
Yuck. I feel soiled. Oh well--it's not like Americans even know where Canada is.
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