A two-way street
Yoram Ettinger
Published: 22.02.10, 09:38
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1. WELL-WELL-WELL - !!! -???.
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (02.22.10)
WHY DO ISRAEL AND THE SAUDIS THEN, COVENANT THEMSELVES WITH EU, AND DO NOT STAND TOGHETER WITH THE US ??? EZEKILEL CHAPTER 38-39. The evacuation of US forces from Iraq could trigger a political-military volcano, with boiling lava sweeping Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and Jordan, further deteriorating the region, highlighting Israel's contribution to the national security of its most critical ally, the USA. WELL THE FUTURE RULER OF IRAK, THE KING OF THE NORTH, WILL CERTAINLY SWEEP THE SAUDIARABIAN PENINSULA, THE KING OF THE SOUTH, AND EVEN EGYPT, DANIEL CHAPER 11:21 - AND FURTHER. BUT JORDAN WILL ESCAPE. SOMETHING IS WERY WRONG HERE !!!. THE US LOOSING ALL INFLUENCE IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND EAST ASIA ALSO. WHY - ???. THIS CAN ONLY BE BECAUSE OF US BEHAVIOUR, THEY CAN NOT BE TRUSTED ???. Arn.
2. I hope the idiots who post that Israel sucks out US$$ read
Alan ,   SA   (02.22.10)
All those who post how Israel sucks out millions of US dollars, read this . I hope they read what the various US Senators and Military Men say . Their venom and hatred will never change ,but at least let them look at this brilliant article . Never mind,the ones who count know the truth .
3. send this article to the US tax payer
dovdevan ,   ashdod,israel   (02.22.10)
they should know what is being done for America by israel as we know and thanks america to be our ally !!
4. :: A one-way street
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (02.22.10)
It is a one-way street in relation to cash flow - $110 billion is going in only one direction. Firstly it should be noted that aside from Israel the USA has funded and supported many other countries which commit human rights abuses. I mention this because all aid to Israel is in violation of the US Foreign Assistance Act which states that aid should not be given to countries which: “engage in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights”. Clearly as Israel has brutally oppressed and illegally occupied the Palestinians and their land for 40+ years Israel is in gross violation of international law regarding human rights. From 1949 to 2009 US aid to Israel is approx 91 billion in grants and 15 billion in loans and supplied Israel with F-16 fighter jets/white phosphorus shells/Apache helicopter gunships/hellfire missiles/naval ships/etc so Israel can continue its illegal occupation. Lets not forget about the $7.9 billion in loan guarantees that the US has also given to Israel. Let’s not also forget the US has also given Israel $1.5 billion in grants for ‘resettling Jewish refugees in Israel’ as well as loan guarantees of $9.2 billion between 1992 and 1997 for Soviet Jewish resettlement. In total the US has given Israel approx $110 billion in direct aid since 1949 to meet Israel’s ‘special needs’. Going forward the US will give (not ‘loan’ but give as free aid) Israel another $30 billion over the next 10 years. I would also add that it is largely irrelevant if Israel has to spend a percentage of this aid on US military equipment as it still amounts to a free handout. To sum up: 1) The US taxpayer funds approx 20% of the Israel annual defence budget. 2) The majority of US aid to Israel has been in the form of free handouts/grants. 3) Israel should not actually receive any US aid as it is ‘engaged in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights’. 4) The overall total cost to U.S. Taxpayers is reckoned to be: $134,791,507,200 If anything Admiral Mullen is heading over to Israel to ensure the US is getting value for its money propping up this puppet state with an atrocious human rights record. After all $110 billion gives the US the right to dictate US policy to Israel.
5. Its not only USA that benefits from Israeli help
Alan ,   SA   (02.22.10)
Col. Richard Kemp of the UK Military , who was a commander in Afghanistan, has said international media are being exploited by "dark forces" who want to harm Israel. Col. Kemp said the advice he received from the Israeli armed forces on how to tackle Afghan suicide bombers had been invaluable, and formed the basis of official army guidelines used by soldiers on the ground there.
6. :: Alan - #2
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (02.22.10)
Actually it is *billions* not ‘millions’, don’t try and downplay the extent of US aid to Israel.
7. Israel gives 100k Americans jobs. The Loan from US to Israel
Jae ,   Lynn US   (02.22.10)
specifies that all products must be bought in the USA. The amount-, 2 point 4 billion keeps over 100k Americans employed. Never mind that the US gives free money (not loans like to Israel) to arab & muslim countries where there are far from eual rights. 24 billion to these places annually.
8. 24 billion in US taxpayer money to ARAB & MUSLIM
Jae ,   Lynn US   (02.22.10)
countries where women & minorities are ruthlessly oppressed ( and which racist bigots like matty groves support). That is 10x what our only democratic & strategic ally in the middle east gets. iraq egypt and jordan alone (3out of 22 arab countries) got 14.5 billion in US aid in 2009
9. Iraq, Egypt and Jordan alone got 14.5 BILLION from US taxpay
Jae ,   Lynn US   (02.22.10)
taxpayers in 2009. That is 500% more, in Grants and AID, than Israel gets in LOANS.
10. Matty -READ THE ARTICLE .Dont tell us stories.
Alan ,   SA   (02.22.10)
11. Ok Matty- TRILLIONS-US wouldnt pay it if it wasnt benefiting
12. Brag or fact?
Roger ,   USA   (02.22.10)
Given the penchant Israelis have for blowing their own horn, and the many times I have seen them exaggerate or outright lie, I doubt if much of what is written in this article is an accurate portrayal of reality. No doubt the US has learned some things from the IDF, just as the IDF has learned some things from US armed forces. No doubt the US had benefited from some technology coming from Israel, but there is also no doubt Israel has benefited from US technology. There is no doubt that much of the funding for Israel's military tech advances comes from the US.
13. :: Jae - #8
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (02.23.10)
What of it? Iraq gets aid because the US bombed the $hit out of the country and haven’t left yet. Egypt and Jordan get paid off so Israel can have ‘peace treaties’ with these two countries.
14. c'mon
joe ,   philadelphia   (02.27.10)
The United States shouldn't be giving regular welfare money to *any* foreign countries, especially for weapons and war technologies. Being Nation friends is excellent, but being a welfare supplier is bad for all parties involved.
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