Syria dismisses IAEA call for more inspectors access
Published: 20.02.10, 18:15
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1. if its so peacefull...
adir ,   israel   (02.20.10)
if its so peacefull why do they hide it? if its so peacefull as they claim it to be they shouldnt be afraid
2. rotten to the core
iraj   (02.20.10)
Syria and iran are rotten to the core contrary to liel's rosy views on syria detachement from axis, he is full of it, totally full of it, the romantic notion that syria would not endorse hezbollah and iran. Assad sr used iran as a buffer against saddam and has engraved it into the policy. They are lying and bloody regime just like they have russian naval base at latakia. Liel now joins the cast of beilinst pacifists and gutless cowards-mover over beilin, ben ami, olmert, ramon, levy, marcus, verter, shavit, amir oren. Do you remember the fun and great life we were to have if we withdrew from gaza.Do you remember when olmert said we will sit with them, talk with them, show tem, argue with them,, sit with them and change the realations. Yes relations were changed-we got 10,000 rockets and didn' respond to fire., So liel is now a shmuck like olmert. And oren says lieberman is king of the talkbacks, because he speaks the truth whether to assad who is rightfully afraid of him. Whereas the whole arab world is not afraid of th epussies olmert and liel, a number one moron who majored in arab studies.
3. #1 I believe they're following by example.
Adele ,   Toronto   (02.20.10)
Israel's example that is. You know? That uninspected 40 year old reactor in Dimona. So hey, when you ask why they hide it, look at your own country first then ask questions.
4. No 3 is right
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.20.10)
Adele from Toronto is correct no Israeli, or Jew for that matter, can condemn another country for its nuclear program or aspirations. I watch with interest to see how many Israel’s mouth off on this talk back.
5. syria's harbored terrorists are also peaceful
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.20.10)
has syria ever done anything lately that even resembles peaceful? (rhetorical question there.)
6. #What a moronic post, Adele
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (02.20.10)
Israel hasn't signed the NNPT and therefore has nothing to hide from the IAEA
7. peacefully military instalation at al-Kibar?
Jarda ,   Prague, Czech Republ   (02.21.10)
As I can remember, Syrian government said after bombing of al-Kibar, that there were non-nuclear military base. Now they are saying 'Peaceful (read peceful nuclear) program.' You, Moallem, are not a believable liar.
8. Syria will not abandon its ties with Iran.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (02.21.10)
Iran & North Korea have assisted Syrian nuclear, biological and chemical military efforts. It has funded Syria military procurement from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China and North Korea and has supplied Damascus with Iran-made missiles, tanks, armored personnel carriers and sophisticated intelligence and surveillance systems. Iran & North Korea have collaborated in the development of ballistic capabilities. They established, in Syria, plants, which manufacture medium-range missiles and missile launchers. They have sent thousands of military and technological advisors to enhance Syrian military performance. More about Iran, Syria and the Hezbollah at :
9. to #3 you mean monkey sees monkey does.
ghostq   (02.21.10)
we all know how Arabs r. and 40 year old and Israel didn't shoot nothing how about that, don't you think that if it didn't use it untill now it won't use it.
10. to #4 how many enemies Syria got?
ghostq   (02.21.10)
how many enemies Israel got? compare the statistic, it will open your eyes, Israel have a full right to defend her self and in any case of Syria attack (BTW you will be in her shooting rang) Israel have the right to defend herself, we all know Syria attacked Israel 3 times in the past and lost 3 times, there will be 4th time. as I noticed her patern of behavior is she is just waiting for the right time.
11. to #7 that is y none believes them
ghostq   (02.21.10)
in Cast lead they told far too many lies, only extreme left wingers and people with bad childhood believes them you know the tyep that got kicked out from any normal instituts.
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