Irish FM to ask Lieberman for clarifications on Dubai operation
Published: 20.02.10, 23:30
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1. Ireland always antagonistic to Israel.IRA taught Pals bombin
2. Dubai must be asked by EUin order to provide clarifications
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.21.10)
Dubai must clarify what Mabhouh was doing in Dubai .Why do they host criminals? In the other hand,their complaints do not make any sense-they are cynical. They say that they are revolted for strangers have entered their country to assassinate.Well,and what did Hisbolah and Hamas when they sneaked into Israel's to kill and kidnap Israeli soldiers? So, justice is good only when towards enemies? How is that? And about these EU complaints about passports,this is an excuse beyond hypocrit ,both because they themselves are fed up with muslims and their minaretes in their countries and because they themselves have agents working all over the world.
3. Passports
Mark Israel   (02.21.10)
They sound like a real pair of pompous twits
4. I am mystified by the amount of fuss over this Dubai affair
Cameron ,   USA   (02.21.10)
Fate finally caught up with a damn bad weasel in Dubai. Much ado over a good thing The EU would benefit mightily from having a foot bounced off it's self-righteous bottom for a few minutes. Enough of this Dubai fuss!
5. I would LOVE to be there when Lieberman gives explanation
Shaul R ,   USA/Australia   (02.21.10)
There is a Russian three letter word that I am sure Lieberman is very proficient at using which will tell them precisely where to go with their demands for explanation...LOL
6. LOL you do that Ireland
A Nice Fellow ,   Montreal   (02.21.10)
I'm sure you will get to the bottom of the situation. Keep up the good work fighting on behalf of terrorists everywhere!
7.  Don't ask me; I Don't know nothin
Megan ,   USA   (02.21.10)
Excuse me-, but what proof is there Israel is even connected to Dubai incident? I have read/heard nothing showing Israel involved. Ireland can ask all it wants, does not mean Israel has any answers - nor needs to respond. Ireland assumes without having any scintilla of evidence Israel initiated it.
8. Did IRA have hit squads ?(Can of Worms)
Roland Seener ,   London England   (02.21.10)
9. Repeated headlines now. Repeted Talkback comments.. move on
Keren ,   Tel Aviv   (02.21.10)
10. The Foreign Ministry Fiasco with the Assassination
Shimon Z. Klein ,   Bat Hefer Israel   (02.21.10)
True to form, Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli Foreign Minister and his sidekick Danny Ayalon, have done more damage to Israel's image than any other foreign minister in Israel's history. These two individuals should resign from their post lest any further damage is done. Now the time for explanations has arrived and it is doubtful if these two individuals will prevent Israel from becoming a pariah in the eyes of the world.
11. How dare Israel use Irish passports
Philip K ,   Wexford, Ireland   (02.21.10)
How dare the Israelis use Irish passports in their dirty work operations. Who do they think they are? Ireland is a well respected EU nation. We're not some cheap middle east country that Israel thinks it can push around. As a citizen of Ireland I have never been overly keen on the bully state Israel or what it stands for but I find this violation repugnant. Israel can do what it wants over there in that middle east dump, i dont care but leave a good, upstanding nation like Ireland the hell out of your crap. We won't let this lie the Israelis will have a lot of explaining to do in Brussels on Monday and I know that the Israeli ambassador to Ireland has been asked a lot of questions and is doing a lot of sweating in Dublin over the last few days!
12. Next time we'll be sending ROCKETS to kill the terrorists
This way we won't have to fake any passports and the Irish will be drinking their whiskey happily and quietly. Any country that harbors terrorists like this one should expect to receive a rocket when we know where to aim. We're at war with Dubai anyway, aren't we?
13. The ad for fast passports?
Patrick ,   Montreal Canada   (02.21.10)
Yeah, there's an advertisement for fast passports about halfway down the page. It shows a US passport. Are they any good? Like, are these fast passports made in Isreal or are they real US passports that have been bought or stolen?
14. To #11
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.21.10)
Ireland remained neutral during WW2 which is a disgrace. "You shall not stand idly by while someone's blood is being spilled" Leviticus 19:16).
15. Ireland
Gallagher ,   USA   (02.21.10)
should cut off all ties with Israel. The Brits are too pussy footed to do that.
16. World against Israel
Leif Erik H.Niclasen ,   Argir Faroe Island   (02.21.10)
How easy is it to mask yourself into anything different person with passport from where ever and attack a person in any country and blame it on Israel if you do not have the guts to come out in the open with your dirthy washing clothes. Every country on this planet have something going with Israel most bad thing, so why not this too.
17. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.21.10)
What can you expect from a land of drunkards.
18. # 11
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.21.10)
WHOA, wait a sec will you. Dont accuse Israel because nothing has been proved yet. When there is full evidence that Israel is responsible for the Dubai hit, then & only then can you pass judgement on us.
19. #18 Not even then
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.21.10)
Not even if Israel was responsible ,this being could pass judgement on us.Who does he think he is to judge us? That Mahboud -Mahmoud (or what ever)was a killer,a terrorist who had been cooperating to desestabilize the whole world,what is the habit of his ilk when they blow up trains,World trade centers,churches,markets,or give arms to Gaza’s arab pawns(what is what he was doing in Dubai) in order to keep alight an evil war against the whole western world,using them as pawns excuses to their supremacists goals of turning the humanity in an obscure,sad,deadly world.... Anyone who judges badly whoever who have killed that evil thing,is an evil thing as well and therefore un-entitled to judge brave people who acts aiming to exterminate evil from its doors and ultimately from the world.
20. Philip K., Ireland
Gábor Fränkl ,   Heart in Israel   (02.21.10)
Sober up from your foul potato whiskey you Irish drunkard! (Actually the whole Irish nation is famous of one thing and one thing only: its drunards.! You have the temerity to accuse Israel of anything? You (plural) whose country was born in the crucible of SIN, i.e.: TERRORISM!? You, whose first "President" Aemon de Valers sent condolence letters to Berlin when he learnt that Hiler committed suicide in his bunker? You, Sir? I follow up: your vaunted despicable terrorists (IRA) - in your Parliament to this day as a terroist-party have plotted against Israeli civiliand, women and children with the No. 1. Terrorists in the world, Arafat and his PLO henchmen in the 1970s, 80s and do on. How do you get the courage to open your mouth on anything Sir? (I hope my post will not be revoked or censored. Thanks!)
21. # 19
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.21.10)
Keren of course you are right.100% so. I meant, the Irish have the right to pass judgement on the people who used the Irish pasports. I did not express myself correctly. pardon me.
22. #21 You are pardoned :-) ;-) :) (:-)
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.21.10)
23. To Gabor Frankl, Heart in Israel
Philip K ,   Wexford, Ireland   (02.22.10)
Thank you for your comments. Your choice of words show that you have neither class or an ability to be rational. Is this a trait of all Israeli people, from what I know of yee, probably! I take issue with nearly all the things you have said because they are so baseless, inaccurate and untrue. You say that Ireland is a nation of drunkards, this is untrue as people in Ireland drink less alcohol than our European counterparts such as the Germans, Dutch and many of the eastern European nations. The best sign of a person who is beaten in an argument and has nothing to say is when that person resorts to personal insult 'foul potato whiskey you Irish drunkard' come on, grow up. As regards Irish history we struggled for our freedom from British rule for nearly 700 years and we actually waged a successful 5 year long war of independence against the British that cumulated in us winning our freedom in 1922. Thats a country born out of the ideals of liberty and self determination, hardly the 'crucible of SIN'. How was your country formed? Oh yea, you stole it from the Palestinian people. Eamonn DeValera did sympathise with some Germans over Hitler’s death, but that was in his own personal capacity and Not State or Government policy. Nobody knows why he did but he lost a huge amount of support and confidence of the Irish people over it. We consider it one of the greatest mistakes an Irish leader has ever committed as it certainly did not reflect the views of the nation at the time. I can tell you that although officially neutral, Ireland actually did a lot of work to help the allies during the war effort. We have 2 sitting members of sinn fein in our parliament out of a total of 166 elected representatives. Because we are a true democracy some of the fringe elements of our society have elected these candidates. But they just sit in the back benches away from Government and are shunned by all other parties. They hardly make policy for our country like you insinuate. They are irrelevant. Sir I can open my mouth, and I can say that I am displeased when a terror/bully state like Israel breaches the good will of a fine country like Ireland. Your tongue is vile and you can offer nothing in debate only dirty insults. Is that your way? Is it the way of Israel? Sir let me ask you this, in this world of our when our 2 nations stand side by side for the rest of the world to judge which nation would be seen as a great country and people of the world that has a bright future and things to look forward to and which nation would be considered the most hated on Earth and likely to be lying in ashes within 50 years!
24. To Philip - Reply
Gábor Fränkl (31) ,   Heart in Israel   (02.22.10)
Philip, you simply do not know what you are talking about. But I hardly condemn you since your overall media climate gives such an outrageously distorted image of everything in connection with Israel - see your "prestige paper" The Irish Times, which makes you a victim of ignorance - and arrogance too. Nearly everything you offer here can be chategorized as the following: distortions, lies, whitewashing (Ireland's past), obfuscation, false pride, swaggering and boasting without limit. Where do you get the transparent and easily substantiated LIE (if not from the Irish and Anglo press) that we stole ANYTHING from the Palestinian people? The FACT that JEWS are the indigenuous people of the land doesn't disturb you at all Philip? The fact that the ancient name of the palce is called Judea doesn't knock you off of your foolproof idea of the "Palestinians"? PK Philip let's see "Palestine". This is a geographic term just like the Pyrenees on the border with Spain and France. The people there are not called Pyrenees people, but Basques, Catalans, French or Spanish. The oddly named "Palestinians" are in fact Arab people pure and simple. There's NO such thing cultural anthropology-wise as Palestinians. Arafat together with the KGB in the late 60s (1964) made up this whole notion of a distinct and separate people (a myth) called Palestinians. The PLO was formed in 1964 when the so-called West Bank was under Jordanian occupation, and Gaza under Egyptian control. The PLO did not even blink at the though that the lands in dispute were "occupied" by their brothers and sisters at the time. Who sis they actually want to liberate then? We all (at least knowledgable) people know for a fact that their primary ai was to eradicate Israel itself. So much about "Palestine" for now. Now go on to Israel. Philip, I'm very much convinced that you are simply misinformed. Do you know that Israel in the past 5years drew more venture-capital from the US and elsewhere than Germany, France, the UK combined? Have you heard about the fact that in software development and medical biology Israel is the No. 1 in the world? Do you know that Intel's, Motorola's, Microsoft's major research and development headquarters are located here in Israel, the second to their corporate headquarters in the USA? That the Pentium pro chip, as many-many other novelties, has been developed here in Israel? That company Teva is the largest generic drugmaker in the world? That as the only two (or 3 if we count the Tokyo taxi-network in Japan) countries that will introduce electrical vehicles from 2011 on are Israel and Denmark? That Renault-Nissan pured more than 1 billion euros worth into this project (The company's name is "Better Place"). Have you read the book (look it up on Amazon) "Start-up nation" that deals with Israel's technological revolution and the envy of the Western world? What exactly do you know about Israel that is not filtered through the superhostile manipulative (if not outright lying) lenses of Irish media that routinely drags Israel's good name through the mud? Your comparison between Ireland and Israel are laughable Philip. The BIG American companies - those who are escaping from Ireland now like rats from a sinking ship - invested into the Irish economy at the early boom years because they found a cheap labour force and the fact that the Irish speak English? Again, do you have a vague idea at all that these same American behemoth companies are churning out the most cutting-edge technological prowess here in Israel? I don't think so. The Irish media didn't have time to find a slot for it - besides the routine anti-Israel propaganda that goes for reporting in your country. All in all it seems clear to me that you are unbelievably misinformed about Israel and Israel's capabilities. (Ynet please publish my comment!)
25. To Gabor - from Philip
Philip K ,   Wexford, Ireland   (02.23.10)
To be honest Gabor the way the world see’s it is the Jews did steal all the land they currently occupy from the Palestinian people and no amount of spouting nonsense from you or the Israelis will change the mind of the world. You do a lot of bragging and boasting about all the ‘wonderful’ things the Israeli economy has achieved. But the reality is that for every innovative thing Israel has achieved Ireland has done something similar and the bottom line is that Ireland has a larger GDP than Israel with a smaller population so therefore the Irish economy is actually more dynamic and innovative and Irish workers are more productive than our Israeli counterparts. For your correct information the second largest software exporter in the world after the USA is Ireland. Look it up if you don’t believe me. You like to propose that our economy is backward and has a low cost base and now the big foreign hi-tech muti-nationals are leaving our shores. What a load of crap that you have made up to make yourself feel better because you are uncomfortable with the fact that Ireland is actually considered a better place to invest than Israel. Just the other day I heard that Facebook is expanding it European headquarters in Dublin. You hear stories like this every day. Have you ever heard the term ‘Ireland Inc’. It runs rings around the Israeli effort. Most wealth in Israel is actually generated by the Jewish diaspora sending every penny they can spare back to their beloved Israel. But enough about money, that is all you would care about whereas I am more concerned with other things of substance that hold more value. For example, when comparing our two countries Israel seems a very unpleasant place to live in comparison to beautiful Ireland. More than half of Israel is inhospitable desert which means that 7.5 million people are packed into an area of about 8,000 square kilometres. I imagine that you mustn’t even have room to swing your arms. I feel sorry for you on that situation. I read lately that besides the baron Negev desert there are no more wide open vistas to enjoy in Israel because of all the construction and overcrowding. Ireland on the other hand is very different. It is a fact that Ireland is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. I suppose you would deny this fact. We have the most beautiful green open countryside with rising mountains, pristine lakes, forests and national parks that holds a beauty you sir could only dream of. The world is fed up of the bully Israel state and I see now that your closest friend, the USA, is even starting to distance itself from you. Obama is a good man and he does not want to give Israel the hand of friendship. I believe the future for Ireland is so much brighter, so much more ambitious, positive and peaceful than the future that awaits Israel. I would welcome any comment you may have.
26. A few points
Cranleigh ,   Gander, Canada   (02.24.10)
1. Unless otherwise qualified, the Irish state I'm referring to is the Republic of Ireland ('Southern Ireland'). 2. The Irish Foreign Minister's first name is 'Micheal' (pronounced mee-haul), not 'Michael' as written in the article. 3. The Irish Government and the IRA parted company in 1921 and have been on generally poor terms since. Both major governing parties have carried out executions of IRA members. During the Northern Troubles, membership of the IRA was a criminal offence in Southern Ireland and members of Sinn Fein/IRA were not allowed to appear on TV. So the Irish Government is in no way responsible for the actions of the IRA - although a small minority of the population do support them. 4. Irish neutrality in WWII is a complex topic and has far more to do with our relationship with Britain than with Nazi Germany. WWI was traumatic for many in Ireland (my own grandfather was in the British Army during that conflict) with more than 35,000 killed. Southern Ireland became effectively independent before WWII and the Prime Minister could not have joined on the Allied side even if he had wanted to, such was the depth of anti-British sentiment. Recent documents show that neutrality was quietly pro-British in practice e.g. British airmen were allowed back to the UK while Germans remained interned and British planes were allowed to fly over Ireland. Such bias was natural given that large numbers of Irish men and women were either working in Britain or were in the Armed Forces, like my relative in Burma with the Chindits. By contrast, virtually nobody in Ireland had relatives in the Wehrmacht. Do many of us regret our neutrality now? Yes, with the benefit of hindsight. But it's hard to see an ancient enemy as the good guy. 5. Jews have a played a small but vibrant role in Irish politics, supplying Mayors of Cork and Dublin and Government Ministers in all three major parties. We remain proud of the Irishman who became President of your country. Unfortunately, the Jewish population has declined considerably in recent decades. 6. Anti-semitism has a long history in Ireland (as illustrated by James Joyce) but some perspective is required. I think I am correct in saying that, over the last three hundred years, no Jew has been killed here because of his or her religion. By contrast, thousands of Christians were slaughtered for precisely that reason in the same period of time. The Limerick pogrom resulted in no fatalities and the priest who started it was banished to Asia. One Jewish businessman was killed in NI by the IRA but that does not appear to have been a sectarian attack. 6. The Middle East figures very little in Irish politics. While our Governments are generally sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, they are cautious about making any firm commitments in that direction and prefer to leave such matters to the EU. 7. Not all newspapers in Ireland are pro-Palestinian or pro-Muslim. Even the Irish Times has carried several pieces by the Israeli ambassador over the years and Mark Steyn used to be a contributor. Kevin Myers and Ian O'Doherty write for the Irish Independent, the other major quality daily. Both are harshly critical of the Muslim faith. 8. Sinn Fein enjoys modest support in Southern Ireland today. 4 out of 166 MPs in the Parliament are Sinn Fein members. Modern Sinn Fein has never served in a Government of the Republic of Ireland. However, in the British part of Ireland it is the biggest Nationalist (Catholic) party. To explain THAT, you had better ask someone from Northern Ireland.
27. good F.Minister
Nimrod ,   Baghdad-Iraq   (02.24.10)
clever way to go that's what I call a diplomat
28. It seems Gabor is lost for words!
Philip K ,   Wexford, Ireland   (02.24.10)
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