Israel unveils new drone fleet that can reach Iran
Associated Press
Published: 21.02.10, 21:19
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1. Bravo ! !
Dave ,   Bs.Aires-Argentina   (02.21.10)
It's a very good achievement, and the proof that in a very small country, the power rest in the ingenuity of his people. This also demonstrates that the brain is more powerful than the brute force. Congratulations Israel ! ! AM ISRAEL CHAI - LEOREJ IAMIM
2. The Turks will be delighted to buy them
Cameron ,   USA   (02.21.10)
3. Israel unveils new drone fleet that can reach Iran
Marco ,   Spain   (02.21.10)
It may reach Iran, but the big question is: Will it be able to get back? Hint: S-300 !!!!!!!!!!
4. congrats go and be strong
5. To # 3 Marco
Dave ,   Bs.Aires-Argentina   (02.21.10)
MARCO TORQUEMADA, we all know your deep hatred to the Jewish People, and your twisted and biased opinion reagarding the State of Israel. Unfortunatly for you, the task of your Catholic Queen & King was not successful ! - Why? BecauseTHE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL IS ALIVE- In spanish for you: EL PUEBLO DE ISRAEL VIVE !! AM ISRAEL CHAI !! Don't spend your time puting your venomous Anti-Jew posts here, it doesn't make sense. . .
6. Eat your heart out, mARCO
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (02.21.10)
7. Whoever puts Gaza and Iran in the same sentence...
Persian CAT   (02.21.10)
must be sent to get a brain examination. nuffsaid.
8. 1000 Kamikazes waiting for your move to hit Israel!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (02.21.10)
Iran producing warplanes mostly back in technology like F-4 Phantom They may lack some electronic capabilities and remote, unmanned technology but they may well serve to hit Israel with 1000 kamikazes to sacrify themselve for Iran Therefore when you reckon on challenging Iran just also calculate there may be many man-centric "techonogies" which may cost you so much Because you cannot hit warplanes just like Missiles and both heavy missle rains and kamikazes really clear Israel off the map ASK YOUR GOVERMENT: HOW MANY ANTI-MISSILE INTERCEPTION MISSILES ISRAEL HAS to CONTFRONT IRANIAN MISSILES? 10,100, .... what if 3000 missiles hit?
9. The unmanned Eitan versus the manned S300
Nora Tel Aviv   (02.21.10)
At 40 000 feet, an unmanned Eitan can track the S300`s fired towards it. Outmaneuvering an S300 is another question.But, as in the meantime the S300 has been "Marked" by another Eitan from the UAV squadron, the " manned S300" itself is now in great danger of being destroyed by an "unmanned Eitan".
10. #3 Marco, Spain getting education
S-300   (02.21.10)
Marco, the fact that you started to ask questions is already positive sign, even the questions are stupid!
11. a good UAV but not whats needed to hit Iran
zionist forever   (02.21.10)
They are great toys and do have lots of uses in both combat & intelligence gathering but in the case of Iran their uses will be limited. They can fire Hellfire missiles & Israeli versions but if it was going to be used against Iran Israel would need something alot more powerful than a Hellfire. As good as they are even the most modern UAVS are the unmanned equivilent of the WW1 biplanes and we are along way from what became the jet age in manned fighters.
12. To 3 Let's play a thinking game!!!!
The Dude   (02.21.10)
Alright lets assume that it's these drones the Heron TP and these drones The specially designed anti-SAM (hint S300) Harpy drone. They take a few casaulties and then completely destroy the anti-air system of Iran... What happens next... well then the F-16s/15s come in and blow up the nuclear facilities... So yes essentially the first wave of such an attack would involve heavy casaulties, BUT THESE WOULD BE ROBOTS! While expensive they are EXPENDABLE UNLIKE PILOTS! So yes, losses in such a case wouldn't bother us. But thanks for playing, maybe next time you can think before posting.
13. Drones and Marco
Dennis ,   Usa   (02.21.10)
Marco I'm starting to get tired of you maybe you can give us your map coordinates and we can see if this drone can reach Spain and sonic boom you into silence
14. Marco @ 3, I appreciate your concern, but if it makes
leo ,   usa   (02.21.10)
you feel any better those are drones.
15. 3
zionist forever   (02.22.10)
Marco The great thing about UAVS is that if they get shot down all you have lost is the aircraft. The pilot is safe back in Israel As all intelligence it gathers is in real time it means that Israel doesn't rely on the thing coming back in i piece to learn anything. So althugh Israel wants the thing back if it does get shot down its not a catastrophic loss.
16. Increasing Israeli options
shuebydoo ,   USA   (02.22.10)
These drones have a multiplying effect on the number of options that Israel and the US now have on Iran.
17. Tayfun
David Isarel ,   New York, USA   (02.22.10)
As they say it in Turkey for those 1000 kamikazes: GELECEKLERI VARSA GORECEKLERI DE VAR.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.22.10)
Of course we know that quite a number of your weapons can reach Iran as well.So, when is the first mission for this new drone?
19. I don't think thay are scared of you
jacob ,   encino, ca   (02.22.10)
I doubt they are scared of your drones, nor of you. I bet you are scared more of them. You have finally met your evil match.
20. TYPHOON THE BABOON BUFFOON promised 10,000,then 70,000 kamik
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (02.22.10)
kamikaze from Iran, and no one showed up to volunteer after the initial parade of Islamist actors
21. The new drones can reach even Mahmood's Mosque in London
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (02.22.10)
on a Friday when it is full with English speaking Jihadis
22. Tayfun, are you still sad?
David ,   USA   (02.22.10)
Are you upset that Turkey lost the Ottoman Empire? Get over it, it was a long time ago. By the way, Canada has said that an attack on Israel is an attack on Canada. President Obama, can you make a similar statement?
23. 1000
Uzi ,   Israel   (02.22.10)
For those 1000 kamikazis I guess you will need 1000 planes. Iran got 1000 kamikazi VW drivers, thats about it.
24. Would this new radar make the difference ?
Ron B. ,   Lod   (02.22.10)
The idea of seeing through walls has been around since the 1960s, but modern technology is now ripe enough to enable it to happen,” explains Camero’s technology director, Amir Beeri. Camero’s product is designed not for the entertainment of our inner child, but for use primarily in military and search and rescue operations. And such technology could indeed be beneficial for special unit soldiers, for instance in Gaza, to locate terrorists or people trapped in burning buildings. Could also aircraft be equipped ? More at :
25. I'm sure your wise enough to know...
Mark ,   Netherlands   (02.22.10)
That it takes only 14 minutes for iranian missiles to reach israel. Now lets say out of 100 missiles for example,50 get hit in mid air by missile interceptors. You still have another 50,with enough fire power to wreck havoc on your cities. PS: There probably wont be any war(your PM also said this while in moscow and so did hillary clinton in the region). So please,cut the bolster talk and get back to reality.
26. #3 MARiCOn
Hal ,   Usa   (02.22.10)
You pop up all over the place. Now as an expert on Russian technology. The real quetion for you is, " How can a Spaniard from a country that by itself has murdered more people, stole more land and resources, destroyed more civilizations than any other country combined post so much crap about such a small nation as Israel without the slightest amount of truth, Hmmmmmmm ?
27. #18 Mahmood
Hal ,   Usa   (02.22.10)
That was weeeeeeeeak! Try again.
28. #19 jacob
Hal ,   Usa   (02.22.10)
jacob, are you getting help from Marco? Always wanted to be 5' 7" and still verticaly challenged. Your posts are bogus. I'll bet you are scared of your own rather small shadow. Go post on an approved Iranian govt site!
29. zionist forever, again well done...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (02.22.10)
30. The new drones can reach even Hillel Synagogue in London
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (02.22.10)
on a Friday when is full with English speaking Jews =========================== ATTENTION Ynet moderators! Number 21 is an impostor. If you had a Web tech worth his or her weight in salt you would adopt registration for posters so this would not continue to happen. I DO NOT SUPPORT CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! I do not appreciate Ynet allowing ANYTHING by ANYBODY that supports crimes against humanity, but it's your sandbox, do what you want. BUT NOT IN MY NAME! I have NEVER supported human rights crimes by ANY entity, and I demand you remove the post that talks about drones bombing London mosques full of innocent people that the impostor calls "jihadis".
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