Iran says will build 2 nuclear facilities in mountains
Dudi Cohen
Published: 22.02.10, 10:43
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1. Just wait and see...Its gonna happen and they will build...
Alex ,   Stockholm-Sweden   (02.22.10)
I believe it was on this website that people actually made fun of irans announcement of the 20% enriched uranium. Well,guess what?the IAEA confirmed that iran has successfully enriched uranium to 20%. This too will be a case similar to the above. They will eventually build those new sites and you cant do anything about it. It's too late. So keep your selves busy with the Natanz site(which probably only served as a decoy,cause they are not stupid to enrich in a facility which is under IAEA supervision). There's a lot more to come. LOL
2. NOW I understand...Israel is soooooooo Smart!!!
Israeli 2   (02.22.10)
3. Your move
ccL1 ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.22.10)
Israel. Just do it. Attack Iran. Honestly, I am neither pro-Israeli or pro-Iran. I'm just tired of all this news about a possible attack or Iran upping the ante in their quest for nuclear weapons. If Israel genuinely feels it is threatened by the Iranians, just attacking them already and get it over with. I honestly don't care who wins at this point, because neither Iran nor Israel is a threat to my life or my country. Don't wait for the Americans to attack, because the Americans won't. They are too busy with Afghanistan and winding down in Iraq. Israel, just do it alone.
4. What you say is true..up to a point!
Mr Green ,   Manchester   (02.22.10)
Theres no doubt whatsoever that this regime is pursuing nuclear weapons. Indeed it would come as no surprise they already had sufficient weapons grade uraniuam for at least two bombs However what is it that one of the megalomaniacal RG Generals said recently - They are holding back from going public and will not rest until they had one bomb for every European and Arab Capital and one for Israel. That include Stockholm? And do I think they would use it? Well do a little delving into the mindset of some of the people who might operate the nuclear trigger in Iran and you will find the answer and overwhelming YES. Without hesitation even though that might spell the eventual nuclear retialitory decimation of Iran
5. s'gonna be a hot summer
6. They are not stupid
marcellaurent ,   montreal, canada   (02.22.10)
But they will be if they are not thinking of, or considering having a nuclear weapons.. after all nations understand power and nothing else. If Iraq got a WMD US and UK will never be able to attack them, they hate Korea, and talk about them, but the facts are clear, they will never be able to attack Korea, and guess why?? In my opinion it's too late to stop Iran or make them slow down, they are already in the process.. that if they didn't succeed in hitting their targets long time ago
7. hahahahahahahaha,
nelu ,   portland usa/romania   (02.23.10)
good.....!! more places to bomb!!!
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