Dubai police chief says can link Mossad to Mabhouh killing
Roee Nahmias
Published: 22.02.10, 13:38
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1. coming soon: botched mossad hit & captured agents
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.22.10)
did mossad leave all that evidence on purpose or are they getting sloppy? doesn't seem like the professional mossad of old, i'm afraid.
2. :: Sham Op
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (02.22.10)
Any country can send a death squad off to kill a single unprotected individual; what part of ‘covert’ did Mossad not understand?
3. What evidence?
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (02.22.10)
I wonder when the "evidence" they speak of will be made public? You know if they had any evidence against Israel they would wave it around for the entire world to see because they want the world to see the horrible things Israel does to encroach on the sovereignty of other countries. So this "evidence" is just posturing.
4. Dubai economy built on sand
conspiracy theorist ,   Essex, UK   (02.22.10)
Would Dubai have complied with an arrest warrant for Mahbouh had Israel requested it? If not, then Dubai left Israel with no choice but to pursue extra judicial means. This does not mean Israel made a good choice. There was a diplomatic opening when Uzi Landau visited the Dubai energy conference. this open hand gesture from UAE should not have bene abused by Israel. It could have been a new path to peace, which is sorely needed in the region.
5. They did it because I say so?
Aryeh ,   Israel   (02.22.10)
This is just another attempt to milk the event for headlines that make Israel look bad. Mabhouh was a murderer and a terrorist. Dubai police should have arrested him and offere to send him to an Israeli court for trial. The worst penalty he could have receved there was life imprisonment. Now he's dead. Too bad. Let's move on.
6. Tamim says, "the possibility...confirms..."
Adam   (02.22.10)
What a joke. It's possible that Tamim killed Mabhouh and this confirms the fact that he should be in jail.
7. #1. the ossad new exactly what it was doing. it new
Jeff ,   modiin   (02.22.10)
of all the cctv in the hotel. this was done to show the world that we can get into ANYWHERE and walk out before anyone knows what the hell is going on. this was a beautiful operation that helped bring back our power of deterance. we have so many enemies and lately they arent afraid of us. Maybe it is more effective to be linked to this so the world can see our strengths instead of us hiding.
8. moments of fame
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (02.22.10)
Seems to me the Dubai police chief is enjoying his time of fame. So far he has published some pictures and video's who he claims are Israeli's. Whoever these persons are, being in proximity with the victim is no proof they killed him, even less these people are Israeli's. If he got some evidence, he hasn't shown it ! What will be next ? Netanyahu was in Dubai to supervise the hit ?
9. EU condimnation is an act of war against Israel & free world
Barry Stein ,   Chicago USA   (02.22.10)
To say that Israel/free world can not kill terrorist with blood on their hands is an overt act of war. This is not to say that Mossad got this particular terrorist. EU is a hostile against Israel just like Nazi Germany and they should be treated as such.
10. Incriminating Evidence
Df ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (02.22.10)
'dozens of items of incriminating evidence to attest to Mossad's involvement' Two interesting things about this statement. First, I haven't seen one piece of hard incriminating evidence presented by the Lt. Gen. The best he has come up with is what may be considered as weak circumstantial evidence that wouldn't hold up in a court of law. where is the "incriminating" evidence. Second - the use of the word involvement. Interesting. He doesn't say the Mossad did it, just that they were involved. Maybe the illustrious Lt. Gen. can further enlighten us further: did the Mossad carry it out or was someone else involved ? Maybe Fatah ? Maybe Egypt ? Saudi Arabia ? Maybe a European country ? The guy appears to be spinning.
11. European Passports
Non-Jew ,   England   (02.22.10)
I can't speak for the Irish and Canadian passport situation, but I do know that in 2008, it was widely reported in the press that the British Passport Office had 'lost' 3000 blankbritish passports and a british visa stamp (in one incident) and around the same time, in a seperate incident, a CD-ROM containing data regarding British passport holders. Therefore, is not necessarily true that, even if this was a Mossad operation, Israel has passport cloning technology. It also means that, since criminals would naturally sell such items and data to the highest bidder they could find, these items could easily have found their way into the hands of anyone with sufficient funds (and terrorists will be able to pay significantly more than individual potential immigrants. SO a 'set-up' job to discredit Israel is certainly quite feasible too. These two incidents also suggest some level of criminal infiltration into the BPO - far more likely to be palestinian sympathisers (who after all, are ten a penny in Britain) than Mossad agents, especially since the visa stamp was taken too; not many Jews wish to make Aliyah to Britain, and Israel probably has no reason to help them if they did (British Jews are currently leaving in droves, largely due to the recent rises in antisemitism here, mostly perpetrated by the abovementioned Palestinian sympathisers). Europeans don't need the visa and passport, but there are many non-European muslims trying to get into Britain all the time - so who has most to gain from the theft of these passports and data? I don't believe that Dubai, as a state that apparantly finds it acceptable to have a known Hamas terrorist staying, and negotiating arms deals with a rogue state, at one of their hotels, can be really considered a neutral part y in all this. Just something to think about.
12. "dozens of items of incriminating evidence"
Daniel   (02.22.10)
Show them if you claim to have. Until now all the noise he and his Police caused appears to have no other aim but the usual trite attempt to "damage Israel", as he openly states. The old negative tale never lie to you.
13. The Mossad should hit tamim!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.22.10)
A fly over by the I.A.F. would also make a good warning to these protectors of terrorists.
Ronald ,   Brooklyn, NY   (02.22.10)
I personally all this evidence was leaked by Mossad on purpose to show the world that the MOSSAD is operating exactly like the 1970s and where ever you are from Dubai, Baghdad, Tehran they will get them and high up figures also. I am sure Hama's is shaking right now. Why would an assasin smile into a camera? Why would the team be stupid enough for the world to find out they are using EU passports of Israeli citizen's to run enough evidence to point to Israel.
15. Dubai Police Chief
Ronald ,   Brooklyn, NY   (02.22.10)
This is not a big deal, Dubai is most likely very upset that there city has been the base of 2009-2010 government assaination's in late 2009 the Russian/Chechnyan Government murdered a Chechnyan Terrorist leader and Dubai also linked Russia to the killing. But, the world media did not take that situation to this one, Obviously because this is Israel. Google Sulim Yamadayev
16. "not rule out the possibility that Israel has a printer"
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (02.22.10)
Yes it's the newest HP model
17. All BS - Nobody cares, nobody will do anything. Blah, blah
Scott   (02.22.10)
All talk , all BS. These turkeys are just pissed off because they have all the imported western technology...and barely know how to use it... to stop exactly what has taken place.
18. Mabhouh
mike ,   eilat ,israel   (02.22.10)
so far i have not seen the passport that was being used by this hamas terrorist...from what i have read he was not travelling under his own name who issued him his passport ...or did hamas steal or forge his passport...maybe his was issued by some "friendly" eu country
19. Evidence is only evidence when it holds in court
Yaniv ,   Israel   (02.22.10)
Dubai is faking their investigation because they have to say something, but they are completely clueless what happened and there will never even be a trial. In Mossad's case, it's a win/win, whether it did it or not. First you work for your reputation and then the reputation works for you. It's nice to know that dhimmis are feared. Islamic fascism has caused airport security to tighten all over the world and it has become a real hassle to fly nowadays. So I'm very proud that Mossad gave the ultimate lesson to this Islamic terrorist coward who was arrogant to think he could travel safely and enjoy freedoms like a normal person. Keep it up Mossad. Kol haKavod.
20. possibility...confirms???
ag ,   ny. NY   (02.22.10)
read that last statement, when translated it means "we dont have shit."
21. there was surveillance of the surveillance !
eporue ,   europe   (02.22.10)
"peter" is followed by someone (european guy in black pants, beige shirt) when he goes to the business center in another room. also, there are two arab men in the al bustan hotel lobby, who are clearly watching the surveillance, and even following them occassionally... and there is more... very interesting all...
22. "rejected claims western intelligence bodies cooperated"
eporue ,   europe   (02.22.10)
it really looks, as if peter (when he went to a "nearby hotel") was followed by someone. also, it seems (much, imo), that the surveillance in the hotel was watched. there obviously happened much more, than dubai realised... - or - wants to admit...
23. Hes so good,he should go into business with Goldstone
24. Works well to take world eyes off Dubai's crumbling economy
Alan ,   SA   (02.22.10)
25. we have, we can, we will, we shall......
tiki ,   belgium   (02.22.10)
This Dubai police chieff looks a bit like the 'former Minister of Information of Irak, (claiming victory when US troops where around the corner). If they would have ONE (not many) shred of evidence this would have been BREAKING NEWS on Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC etc., etc. So stop this circus already. Bottom line....the terorist is DEAD, killed by.........? When does Hollywood start making the movie?
26. ..strange
From the nature of the operation, if Mossad were the culprits, which it seems they were, then it seems that maybe they wanted the world to know they did it ? After all the aftermath of this operation showed that it was not discreet at all. They used the names of dual nationality Israelis for crying out loud. Perhaps the mossad are trying to strike fear into the hearts of these terrorists and keep them in hiding.
27. EU can shove their pathetic pride up their @$$
In this case, they should remember that the Friend of my Enemy is my Enemy. The hordes of spineless and racist politicians like Moratinos do not impress us. It is well-known that he is on Saudi payroll and as such, is nothing more than a Jihadist in Spaniard clothes - or the other way around - it doesn't matter.
28. All the "evidence" is circumstantial only.
I claim that all those "exposed agents" have been fabricated by the Chinese Secret Service and Dubai police to hide the fact that the Hamas pig has been sacrificed by the Palestinian Authority. I suggest EU opens an investigation and exposes those guilty of this fabrication and examines how Dubai was able to forge those passports. Maybe they got help from China to where that Hamas pig was planning to fly?
30. 7 - they have pictures of their FACES
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.22.10)
the entire globe knows these people are spies and they know what these spies look like. now those agents are compromised in the worst possible way making them not only useless now, but also they've endangered their own lives by being exposed. that is the definition of irresponsibility in the spy world, an EPIC FAIL.
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