Report: Rachel Corrie's parents to seek compensation from Israel
Published: 24.02.10, 08:22
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Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.24.10)
She was there illegally in a forbidden closed off area. Sorry, as an American and Israeli citizen, but more importantly, as a proud Jew, who sees the Moslem outsider as having NO RIGHTS within the Biblical boundaries of Israel, this stupid illegal protester GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED...
2. I covered this story in depth, with help of Mohammed Omer...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (02.24.10)'s surely one of the most cruel moments in Israeli history. I fully support her family, I covered the memorial service here in Charlotte as well. Our companies severed all contact with Caterpillar as a result, we don't miss 'em, we don't need 'em.
3. Arrest the 3 Britons and American when the come to testify
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (02.24.10)
for being in Gaza illegally at the time of the incident in contradiction with their stated entry visa purpose
4. This is the result of Peres and Barak type weakness
Rohan   (02.24.10)
Allowing anti-Israel activists into the country - what a wussy-pussy joke the Israeli government is.
5. Evidence of Israeli Cruelty
Goliath   (02.24.10)
This is only one of numerous evidence of Israeli cruelty. The army do not care if the protesters are Muslims, Christians, or Jews.
6. What she did had life risks.
JO   (02.24.10)
ISM is not some innocent group. They provoke. Putting yourself in front of a truck moving trying to stop it is dangerous. The State should not compensate for a girl who did something life threatening. This was a tragic accident that , had she kept her distance - would not have happened. It was she who choose to get too close. Another thing. Sit on these machines, you cant always see way down below especially if you are moving in hilly terrain moving down.
7. regrettable
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (02.24.10)
Unfortunate that this young woman was killed....all the more so because she willfully put herself in a dangerous position. Had she not fancied herself a heroine, she would be alive today.
8. "international solidarity movement"
tom ,   toronto, canada   (02.24.10)
in spite of the innocuous name, the "international solidarity movement" deliberately uses foreigners to provide cover for palestinian terrorists. they have concealed wanted terrorists, obstructed the army and police, and used "useful fools" as human shields for violent protests. it's no accident that would-be british suicide bombers had a "going away party" at the ism office in gaza. it's time to expose them for what they are, aiders and abetters of terrorism.
9. Shame on Both #1 and BBSNews
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (02.24.10)
Your remarks are both equally nonsensical and immoral. #1. Yitzchak- Corrie was probably not intentionally killed, and while I do not support her cause, I certainly take no joy in the death of an unarmed non-violent protestor. Neither do the vast majority of Israelis. Your remarks do not help out cause, and I believe that they are contrary to Judaism. #2 BBSNEWS. Oh yeah, I'm sure that the Prime Minister himself ordered Corrie's death. Hey BBSNEWS, let's blame the entire nation of Israel for the stupid actions of one bulldozer driver, ok? You never miss an opportunity to slam Israel, without much concern for facts. By the way, BBSNEWS, I recently heard that a U.S. air strike in Afghanistan accidently killed a large number of civilians. Is this one of the "cruelest moments" in U.S. history? Furthermore, BBSNEWS, Palestinians witnesses have not proved to be particularly unbiased and accurate. Do you remember the so-called Jenin massacre of 2002? It was proved to be a complete and utter hoax. Finally, BBSNEWS, there have been some rebuttals written on the Goldstone report, and you have a moral obligation to read them. Why? Because you made such a big deal about how you took the time to read the 400+ page Goldstone report. Therefore, to make at least a pretext at objectivity, you are obligated to read the rebuttals. Prof. Alan Dershowitz has written one that I believe is under 50 pages, so it should be no problem for you. I look forward to hearing your remarks on it.
10. #7
Corrie was no heroine, just a racist who supported murderous terrorists. If she did her crimes In the US she would not have died. Before she could have entered a closed military zone she would have been arrested and put in some forsaken jail for 30 years.
11. Sderot residents should sue
Bill ,   Virginia, USA   (02.24.10)
Where do these people get off? Honestly, this is ridiculous. I am ashamed of my fellow Americans. Instead of mingling with the ISM, Rachel Corrie's parents should visit the Sderot Media Center website and learn something about what the terrorists they are supporting do. The real people that should be in the courts are the people of Sderot, suing all the bodies and governments that give the terrorists money and weapons.
12. #1 right on!
13. Defending an "evil-doer's" home
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (02.24.10)
is not worth dying for.
14. we will never forget you.Rachel
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.24.10)
You can not blame" Israel" in such crimes because this it is nature, but the big question where the U.S. government from murder this young woman and why become silent about this terrorism? Killed a young woman with a bulldozer?!!!!!!! Or with"Israel" silence master of the situation:(
15. why did she attack an innocent bulldozer?
aaron ,   ra'anana   (02.24.10)
16. bbs - so what?
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (02.24.10)
bbs CLAIMS that "Our companies severed all contact with Caterpillar". And what happened? As a whole, Caterpillar is STILL doing VERY WELL. There is ONLY one LOSER in this episode and it is NOT Caterpillar.
17. On 2nd thought...
Airborne ,   Jerusalem   (02.24.10)
So she lied upon entry into Israel. Lied to get into a closed military zone. Was part of an anti-semetic organization. Volunteered to be a human shield and in the end died for being a human shielf. Doesn't she know humans don't make good shields? Seems like to me she knew exactly what she was doing. Sad she got killed but realistically she had to know something could have happened. Sounds similar to the terrorist who has blood on his hands who traveled to Dubai, on a fake passport, for a known terrorist organization, to buy weapons from a dictatorial regime in Iran, to smuggle those same weapons to Gaza, to murder innocent Israelis. Didn't he know that he was going to die? And the EU is upset about passport forgery. lol (Sarcasim)
18. to #2 none cares if you covered it
ghostq   (02.24.10)
you live on scoops anyway, and I do remember that evant she trow herself under the wheels, which count for sucide. you catholics maybe like sucidle people but other people don't. and the opperator wasn't military man SO they got nothing.
19. to #14 lol you like sucidle people.
ghostq   (02.24.10)
she looked for trouble cause that buldozer got approve from high court, in this case the state can say she interupted justic so her family got nothing.
20. #9 from #1
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.24.10)
She was not a non-violent protestor. She was a provocative aggressive demonstrator who knew the risks she was taking... and lost. I am not helping "our" cause? And what "cause" would that be? To bow our heads before the world in defeat. Not me! You believe my remarks are contrary to Judaism? What do you know of Judaism? Have you studied the Bible? Are you aware that in the Book of Numbers God dictates our God-given boundaries and forbids giving any piece of His Holy Land to anybody for any reason whatsoever. That's God. Not me.Gaza and the West Bank are eternally a part of Biblical Israel. Again, that;s God, not me.
21. she should have gone to Sudan...nobody would care about her
Dab ,   USA   (02.24.10)
22. You Stand In The Rain...
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (02.24.10)
and not get wet? What did this girl expect to happen?
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (02.24.10)
24. #5 What evidence?
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.24.10)
She entered a military zone, sat in front of a moving bulldozer and assumed the driver saw her.
25. Can we get
K ,   Chicago, US   (02.24.10)
The driver of the caterpillar to sue the Corries for the emotional stress their daughter put him through?
26. Next time do not stand in form of 4M
Student ,   Beer Sheva   (02.24.10)
Bulldozer Her Stupid parents agree to send her to a war zone!
27. to #9 catholic explain about judaism
ghostq   (02.24.10)
hahahaha, sorry can't stop laughing, sudenly all pro palis r expert of Judaism when they barely pronounce the holidays and customs hahahahaha, catholics r losing any connection to judaism once they glorifing in icons. and they didn't translate the bible properly. put many errors in good translation.
28. to #23 as always true so true.
ghostq   (02.24.10)
29. #25 and damage to the machinery too
rebecca ,   Modiin   (02.24.10)
30. #14 Hey Salma
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.24.10)
The Palestinians were going to name a street after Shahid Rachel Corrie. Where is that street or did they forget to do that?
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