Report: Japan offers to enrich uranium for Iran
Published: 24.02.10, 11:07
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1. Scary news, japan helping iran!
viju pishardy ,   mumbai, india   (02.24.10)
This news is scary, because, now Iran can easily build what the world dreads- an islamic a-bomb. The usa and the Obama administration better impose sanctions on the Japanese soon!
2. I recommend
Nimrod ,   Baghdad-Iraq   (02.24.10)
that the japanese send Iranians new made in Japan chains its a better business since they mutilate themselves a few times a year oh that is shiite culture so made in japan chains will be made of steel and hurts more maybe even take away a few lives every year sell each one at 9.99 and you have a multi billion dollar business and you can buy china
3. Japans alliance with Iran
Flipper ,   Melbourne, Australia   (02.24.10)
This is a decision of staggering proportion and one that deserves the sternest of enforcement of the post WWII treaties to keep the Japanese from engaging in ANY activity that could create a recurrence of what they perpetrated in WWII. We will never forget what they did. NEVER. So for them to throw their support to the Iranian nightmare just beggars belief. Lest we forget.
4. I Think There Is A Mixup
LevelHead ,   Chicago, IL   (02.24.10)
The Japanese aren't going to enrich the uranium so Iran can use it for a bomb. You guys are silly. The deal would be Japan would enrich the uranium for use in atomic energy only. You see, there is a process when enriching uranium for a weapon. Lower yields cannot be used to make a weapon. The strategy here is to take Iran's uranium away, process it and then send it back. The uranium the Iranian's receive back in 12 to 18 months is enriched for energy usage only, it is not weapons grade. The Russians proposed enriching the uranium for Iran late last year but Iran rejected the idea. They will likely reject Japan's offer as well. The Iranians don't want to send their uranium anywhere, they want to enrich it themselves. There in lies the problem. When no one is overseeing the process, we won't be able to say for certain if the uranium is truly being used for atomic energy or a weapon. If the Iranians can be trusted, I would say let them have it for their energy. However, many countries around the world don't trust Iran and don't believe the uranium would be used for energy. We shall see what happens, should be interesting.
5. At Last #4
Resistor   (02.24.10)
Some level headedness at last! Thank you #4 Too many are screaming about a bomb being made, but they are just panic merchants-jews who think the sky is always falling in.
6. I Think There Is Reason To Panic
LevelHead ,   Chicago, IL - USA   (02.24.10)
What will the world be like with a nuclear armed Iran? It's a scary thought given Iran's previous track record. If they were a more trustworthy nation it wouldn't be an issue. In fact, I don't think anyone would truly care. They probably would even get some help with the program from other nations. I mean, it really would be that easy if they were trusted. The way they are dancing around lately and not sitting down with any nation to talk about their program makes people even more suspicious about what's really going on. It will be interesting to see what ultimately happens. The last thing I want to see happen is another war. A war I'm okay with but not one that includes the USA. Haven't we been in enough wars? Name a war and chances are, we either started it, ended it or somehow took part in it. I'm from the US and sometimes I want to tell our own leaders to stay out of things you don't belong in! These other countries are just as armed as we are! Armed with weapons we sold to them! They can take care of themselves if they need to! IE: England, Israel, Japan, China, Russia etc. etc.
7. Easily scared viju, does history mean anything to you?
Persian CAT   (02.24.10)
India has never joined the NPT and in addition to Israel was the first country to start a nuclear arms race in the region. Besides, if it were not for Japanese help, India would still be a British colony. Unless dummies like you think it was a GOOD thing!
8. #5
according to you, only JEWS ARE SCREAMING??????????? why only jews?????? you antisemite! the entire world leaders are screaming and they are NOT JEWISH! sarkozy brown milliband obama clinton and all nations around the world whose LEADERS ARE NOT JEWISH and they still support cripling sanctions on iran. is angela merkel jewish? you imbecile! hameed aboughaze, iranian
9. #7, the idiot without any knowledge
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