Dubai says identified 15 new suspects in Mabhouh killing; some fled to Iran
Eyal Lehman and Reuters
Published: 24.02.10, 18:51
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1. Amazing. But arabs can't seem to identify Hariri killer.
Cynic ,   USA   (02.24.10)
2. This head of police is a joke
Ted ,   UK   (02.24.10)
Just wait few more days, and there will be probably another few hundreds suspects... what a laugh..I wouldn't be surprised if he declares next time that the Mosad has moved its HQ to Dubai...
3. According to Dubai - every tourist participated
Vardina   (02.24.10)
in this action. Oriental fantasy at work...
4. (scraching my head) looks like
ghostq   (02.24.10)
scene of policemen chase from 1920 movies. comedy to the max. those r the people who wanted clarification cause those r europeen bank accounts duh, those r not the killers just the people who got bank accounts that someone else use as cover .sheesh what next, accusing the maids, must be them. :P
5. Latest - Even more at the hotel were in the conspiracy
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (02.24.10)
The chef, The housekeeper, The Receptionist, the pet Dog (in disguise) the camel outside (in disguise) the taxi driver.... Thats at least another 60!
6. Exaggerated?
Daniel Breslauer ,   Jerusalem   (02.24.10)
26 people, all giving away their faces, to kill 1 man? Doesn't this sound a little weird? What's next - they'll claim we sent 250 assassins? I'm willing to believe a lot, but the Mossad really isn't that big, and I really don't imagine they sent 26 people to kill 1 man.
7. Iran
Anna ,   Sweden   (02.24.10)
If two of the suspects left Dubai by boat for Iran, then the Mossad really must have a good co-operation with little Ahmed Jihad and his gang....
8. The plot thickens..
Ram ,   London   (02.24.10)
don't forget where "One thousand and one nights" originated. LoL
9. moab yussef the son
miiguel   (02.24.10)
The son group in hamas as his dad is a big shot hamas. he saw inside what hamas was doing. Based on his observations, hamas, fatah, hezbollah are rotten to the core with their moslem brotherhood theology. They enslave their flock. talk won't help., They have to be incinerated. now for the peace now beilinists, israel will not let you walk into gas chambers as some jews did because they were afraid to go the forest like bielski. You will be made to fight for israel. Forced to fight against their will are the following: beilin, ramon, liel, ben ami, olmert, dekel, meggid, benn, shavit, verter, barnea and finally dankner. Youssef was close up and saw everything. Hamas is a cult of death along with all the ohters. They don't want a state like hezbollah. They want to fire their 40,000 olmert and barak allowed missiles, sow death and hide from governing responsibilities. Same applies to fatah who are even worse in their freeloading. The wholebalfour needs to be revisited along with purchase of part of sinai.
10. frame job
marcus   (02.24.10)
Iran is now suspect in killing mabouz and framing israel. A hit should be done on ahamadinejad and my sources tell me that the russians will do it. Watch your back sabjourian.
11. The Dubai Hit
Ger ,   Raanana, Israel`   (02.24.10)
So far, the only ones arrested have been 3 Palestinians, including a member of Hamas, and now a couple of the alleged murderers have gone to Iran. So where does the Mossad fit in this scenario?
12. Israeli assasins escape to Iran? are they nuts!
Randi ,   Jerusalem   (02.24.10)
13. this made me laugh
lol ,   london   (02.24.10)
Fortunately for me I am not limited to geting my news in English only , the reports in Israels Hebrew media report also that a relation of Mabhouh, Mohamed Nasser is suspected of involvement, 14 of the suspects used credit cards issued by 1 bank tp pay bills with ( not named but its could possibly be an Arab bank or Iranian bank Melia according to some posts I've read buy bloggers ) & that 4 of the suspects departed Dubai for IRAN. In short to quote Alice in Wonderland & Dubai could be the seting for a re-make of the Mad Hatters Tea Party with Camels, things are getting " Curiosier & Curioser " Next we'll hear that the UN & Goldstone will be holding an Inquiry for the UnLawfull Accumulation of Air Miles by Israeli Agents & the Misuse of Tennis Raquets
14. The two suspects fled to Iran were Iranian jews
Ahmadinejad is going to nail their asses down !
15. I know who did it.
J K ,   NYC, USA   (02.24.10)
It was Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory with the lead pipe.
16. Oh Dagan!!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.24.10)
Real Superman does not use all these people to murder:( Real Superman Not like to kill
17. it was the professor in the lounge with the iron pipe!
18. Every morning I check the new names...
Noa   (02.24.10)
to see if mine turns up. So far it hasnĀ“t, but Dubai seems determined to release many more in the coming weeks, so who knows? This names game is certainly a good cliff hanger. I also like that they included Australia, now I am waiting for New Zealand. And what about the eastern bloc? Poland or Slovakia? Well, maybe next week.
19. and the verdict is
Nimrod ,   Baghdad-Iraq   (02.24.10)
Ok so now if Mossad did it why did these suspects run to Iran and as far as Im concerned Israel isnt Iran's best friend so does this tell us that Iran did it there you go
20. Calling Shylock Holmes!
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.24.10)
It was the butler dressed as the camel Or was it the camel dressed as the butler?
21. only the Mosad know what Dubai Police are talking about !!
stude ham   (02.24.10)
anyone submitting talkback comments ... this investigation is high farce by an obviously highly incompetent police force...
23. 19# nimrod
shu ,   london   (02.24.10)
too true,well done sharlok
24. I say, the more the world talks about it' the better
they actually doing the publicity work for Israel, thank you, Israel, for cleaning the world from terrorists such as this one
25. I guess the pig Dagan is scraching his head now !!
26. The truth
Ibrahim el-Awal ,   Dearborn, USA   (02.24.10)
As the number of suspect grows the truth surfaces. Israek Mossad/IDF tried to conquer Dubai and establish Jewish settlements there. But they were unsuccesfull. Than came the Jordanians, Egyptians and told the Mossad: "At least get rid othis Hamas SOB!" Mossad agents got permission from Hamas killed this fat guy and fled to Iran. Ahmadinejad personaly welcomed these heroes and took them for a tour in the new Atomic bomb factory. Peace.
27. I was the honey trap
The camel ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.24.10)
# 5 & # 19, well you almost got it, one missing detail, I was the honey trap, oh yes it is permitted...I now must go as my back side is till in need of healing....from the camel.
28. Free publicity
Sidney ,   USA   (02.24.10)
With Dubai's economy tanking, this nonsense gets them free publicity. If you believe, as I do not, that so many people participated it gave Dubai's tourist industry a big boost. Maybe the real message is that we have other terrorists to kill, but it takes a large team.
29. Any more people and it sound like a State Banquet not an
Ahmad Cohen   (02.24.10)
assasination. This Dubai cop studied under Inspector Clouseau
30. The next list will contain the names of Jews Berg and Pearl
meir elazar   (02.24.10)
The next list will add the names of Jewish Zionist Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg.
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