In seaside Gaza, fish in short supply
Published: 25.02.10, 15:42
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1. Last month, fishermen helped launch explosive barrels
William ,   Israel   (02.25.10)
And they cry about the limitations on them by the siege?? Israel had only one condition - STOP the weapons smuggling. That was it. Hamas, and Gaza as a whole, refused. Tough luck. When terrorists use civilian and commercial venues to launch attacks, Israel has every right to limit those venues. At one time, women and children were ignored by security forces and they traveled relatively freely. Then, the terrorists began using them for attacks and smuggling. Now they cry that women and children are being searched, arrested. In other words - if you hate the outcome, try not doing the crime.
2. Let them eat cake....
ed ,   tel aviv   (02.25.10)
3. reduced to smuggling fish through tunnels
Cameron ,   USA   (02.25.10)
Payin' pathological dues.
4. As Marie Antoinette said: "Let them eat cake."
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.26.10)
5. Have an idea that is Win-Win
William ,   Israel   (02.26.10)
Let's finally dig that canal along the Philadelphi border, from the Sea to Keren Shalom. Make it 300 feet wide and 50 feet deep. The Gazans can use it as a fish farm and supply the Strip, and it will double as a deterrent to the smuggling tunnels, keeping the dirt to wet to build them properly. It's a Win-Win on all sides....oooh, except Hamas. They wouldn't like it.
6. They Can Eat
Brazen   (02.26.10)
The dirt they live on. If these backward rag heads had any sense they would disenthrone hamas and fatah. Then they could come to the table, and negoiate for the people.
7. Perhaps you forgot what happened to Ms.Antoinette :) (end)
JD ,   Ohio,USA   (02.27.10)
8. and you wonder?
dr. house   (03.03.10)
fish don't like explosions so much... so they flee north where we catch them.
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