EU court: West Bank goods not Israeli
AP and Ynet
Published: 25.02.10, 18:19
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1. The people who would pay for it are the Arabs in the ...
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.25.10)
... territories who are employed by Israeli firms there, while Israeli firms could produce anywhere in Israel and in order to do so will employ Jewish workers. Indeed, the level of unemployment in Israel will go down as a result while that of the territories will go up. This is the European wisdom...
stude ham   (02.25.10)
the EU do not want the jewish people to prosper in any part of this world.
3. Great news
4. Goods all made in areas set aside for Jewish homeland
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (02.25.10)
How ironic. All those goods at issue are being made in areas assigned under the League of Nations Mandate of 1922 for a Jewish homeland. Yet the EU court has its own sense of "Israel proper" - that being the armistice lines of 1949, which were never recognized by Israel's Arab neighbors as a national border.
5. EU Anti Semitism at its finest.
Wise Saba ,   Eretz Yisrael   (02.25.10)
6. this is a step in the right direction...
arik ,   usa   (02.25.10)
and what's more, I'd like to know which products are produced inside the green line and the Golan heights and which are produced in pre-1967 Israel. Be clear: this is not a boycott of Israel. I buy plenty of Israeli food products and would like to continue to do so--I just want to support those producers who have chosen to set up their business in pre-67 Israel.
7. # 1
Basil ,   Beit Shean   (02.25.10)
But will the production costs be the same inside the green line.Wages, social benifits...?
8. #6 - why
nr ,   los angeles, usa   (02.25.10)
why would it matter is you buy from a Jew in the West Bank or Tel Aviv?
9. Discrimination
Ed ,   Atlanta   (02.25.10)
So goods manufactured Palestinians in the West Bank get a trade benefit. Goods manufactured by Jews in the West Bank do not. Sounds like discrimination to me. A German case, to boot.
10. And the noose tightens....
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (02.25.10)
Somehow, Israel feels that it can continually flout international law and understandings without paying any price, This is a good first step in curbing that sentiment. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go.
11. Its happened before.
Eric ,   Eilat   (02.25.10)
The Barkan winery relocated to a site within the green line because of political pressure from europe.
12. the happy merry-go-round.hamas style
rich   (02.25.10)
What's the big deal. Israeli firms should transfer their businesses into Israel proper (as of now). Employ israelis only and get rid of the arabs. The E U should take care of them the usual way; mail them unemployment checks; then jewish businessmen can order from from smugglers a few carloads of workers from gaza & the territories.
13. EU can go to Hell
Brod ,   USA   (02.25.10)
The EU has no business meddling in Israel's internal affairs. Furthermore, it should stop wallowing in the cesspool of Islamist-Jihadism. It was not too long ago that European AntiSemites murdered 6 million Jews in cold blood in the Holocaust. Today, the same devils are trying to show their color by trying to harass Israel. It is time Israel tells them to go to Hell.
Y Singer ,   Germany   (02.25.10)
It's been a total disgrace and the HC decision wellcomed.
15. G'day, mate!
Jack ,   Australia   (02.25.10)
16. Price tag policy not only for settlers
Roberto ,   EU   (02.25.10)
Actually it isn't even price tag policy. EU just upholds their laws while Israel is a master in breaking them - including their own!
17. #9
rick   (02.25.10)
thats not what the case said. israeli manufacted goods from the westbank just canĀ“t carry the label made in israel as the westbank, eastjerusalem, gaza are not mentioned part of the state of israel in the freetrade-agreement. in the other way, with the plo-deal nobody can label a good from yaffa as palestine and so on...
18. terrotories
Mehdi ,   US   (02.25.10)
Establish medical equipment, hi-tech, drug firms in territores that EU wants and neeeds and let themn pay the imprt duties it all change then
19. Produce within Israel proper - issue solved!
Alitar ,   Paldora   (02.25.10)
There must be no reward for the continued occupation of the West Bank.
20. settlement work
Joe ,   Afula   (02.25.10)
This is hysterical! The EU will put all the Palestinians out of work and create even more terrorists! You go girl!
21. More Evidence BDS Campaign Gaining Strength
World Citizen ,   the world   (02.25.10)
It has started with small things, on orange not bought because of a 729 bar code, a jar of Dead Sea cosmetics not bought, a concert not played in Tel Aviv, a ballet interrupted in NYC, a high speed train contract not signed etc. And it is is growing each day, week], month and year. And it will wash over apartheid Israel just as surely as it washed over apartheid South Africa. There is no hasbara that will stop it. The truth about Israel is visible to all who want to open their eyes.
22. It's Judea and Samaria NOT Wesk Bank
Andy ,   USA   (02.25.10)
No wonder the EU ruled that West Bank goods were not Israeli. Israeli companies should have labeled their products as "Made in Judea and Samaria".
23. #13: not so fast, still need their passports
Observer   (02.25.10)
24. #9:You're wrong, Israeli products also without import duties
Corrector   (02.25.10)
Simply produce in Israel instead of occupied lands.
25. Nothing wrong here, WB not even annexed by Israel
Ronen   (02.25.10)
and never will as Israel does not want to add more Palestinian citizens.
26. Jewish Newspapers all over the World: Britta Attacks Israeli
meir elazar   (02.25.10)
Products. This is a great example of Arab logic. People might use the Britta product to first filter that water to use in their Soda Club products. But instead Britta attacks Israeli products. The news then gets reprinted in ALL Jewish newspapers around the world and starts a boycott of Britta.
27. thanks EU
palestinian   (02.25.10)
good Job
28. BDS Israel
Resistor   (02.25.10)
Do it every day!
29. just the beginning
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.25.10)
This is merely the writing on the wall, but apparently Israelis suffer from myopia
30. #22 - andy - you're right... perhaps the
EU recognized countries of Judea and Samaria should negotiate a trade agreement with the EU... that will solve the current issue.
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