Supreme Court slams State for not enforcing construction freeze orders
Aviad Glickman
Published: 01.03.10, 13:26
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1. no problem
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.01.10)
If you think that the State is acting illegally, just go into Edelstein's "hasbara" website and you'll find all the answers you'll ever need.
2. Which law did they break?
Does this leftist court make decisions based on the law or based on their leftist impulses?
3. Corrupt Court
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.01.10)
The organization that filed the petition is "Peace Now" (which has no legal standing in this matter). One of the Judges who made the decision "slamming the state" is Danzinger. Danzinger is a member of the "Peace Now" organization. How can the court try to prosecute Olmert for corruption when the High Court judges act with such conflict of interest? How can the court ask that the public respect it?
4. #3 all judges should have been from the Likud?
observer   (03.01.10)
5. Pals rejected construction freeze anyways
Sam ,   Canada   (03.01.10)
The construction freeze is just a cookie thrown at Obama because the Palestinians reject it anyways. It means little in peace terms. The Israeli left and right are just determined to show that they will have it their way. The whole peace process is just a farce until it becomes clear that the Palestinians will accept a Jewish-majority state. In the absence of any such indication it's no wonder the Israeli right wants to move ahead.
6. Our culture?
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (03.01.10)
Israbluff incorporated.
7. This Is Why People Have No Respect For...
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.01.10)
the Israeli High Court. Limiting Jewish construction in the Land of Israel? Has anyone ever heard of anything more anti-Jewish than that? The rulings and attitudes of these justices are so overtly-Left wing that it is no wonder that great sectors of the Israeli public have no empathy for the High Court. It is high time that a movement be founded to track the decisions of specific justices and call them to order. They are not above criticism and the bad ones should be forced to step down. Happy Shushan Purim,
8. #1 Freeze, not illegal.
Adele ,   Toronto   (03.01.10)
What's illegal is Israel occupying land captured from the Six Day War (UN Resolution 242) and transfer of their own populations to it (Geneva Convention).
9. And Peace Now is 'perpetuating' treason
5th generation ,   Israel   (03.01.10)
Also a form of lawlessness, by the way. Scary to think one of their goons - so twisted as to really believe the fight over Israeli land is about land - was in charge of our education system. No wonder we're in trouble.
10. "Peace Never" itself is illegal because of illegal funding
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (03.01.10)
by foreign interests "Peace Never" is afraid to officially disclose its illegal funding sources
11. "Peace Now" is a foreign spy agency.
they must be ,   arrested!   (03.01.10)
12. The real reason for "unlawful building"
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (03.01.10)
Obviously its to pevent unemployment amongst the PAL building workers. It would be counter productive for them to suffer an economic slowdown. Makes sense does it not.
13. #4 Most judges are Al Qaeda
better observer   (03.01.10)
14. The freeze is not a law
Zev ,   Israel   (03.01.10)
and the Israeli Supreme Court has no jurisdiction over the green line. But the Judges have taken the jurisdiction where they have no rights. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Either Yehuda and Shomron is part of Israel or it is not.
15. the problem is the court act against the law
ghostq   (03.01.10)
there is such law in Israel that a jewish person must not be evicted without proper compensation, from any building. mmm funny but the court thinks he is above the law.
16. #8 Where is your freeze?
First Nations ,   Iroquoi   (03.01.10)
speaking of hypocrisy
17. Supreme Court and Peace Now
MC   (03.01.10)
The supreme court has got too much power and Peace Now is a nonesensical organization, harmful to the state of Israel and should be stopped from interfering in Israeli politics, as should J street and the NIF. Thankfully it seems that there are those in the Likud who are beginning to take these matters seriously and are finally standing up and promoting a genuine Jewish state in the land of israel.
18. # 14
Tal ,   Tiberias, Israel   (03.01.10)
Preferably not.
19. Peace Now
tz   (03.01.10)
No one cares what Peace Now has to one!
20. to #10 well said peace now got no voters
ghostq   (03.01.10)
in Israel her money comes from else where.they even admited they get forign currentcy. I smell jaill time for them.
21. people you forget Israel made promise to
ghostq   (03.01.10)
freez building settelments for three months only not longer and since than we r long over due, so this building is legal, cause palis did nothing during that time that show their interest to get back to negotiating table realy nothing.
22. #19
Basil ,   Beit Shean   (03.01.10)
Speak for yourself .Dont forget that we are a law abiding democracy with the most moral army in the world.!!!
23. #14
Yossi ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.01.10)
So why dont you declare independence and wallow in your own shit. Dont drag us all down into your unrealistic world. Pay your own way and defend yourselves.
24. #4
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.01.10)
Couldn't Beinish find anyone but Danzinger? Are all Israeli judges Likud or Peace Now? Or is it that to judge "Peace Now" cases you have to be a member of "Peace Now"? One of the State Prosecutor's cases against Olmert is that a close personal friend just happened to represent some people who just happened to need Minister Olmert's assistance. I don't know if that is corruption, but the state prosecutor seems to think so. If Olmert is reviled for having a conflict of interest, why should Danzinger be immune?
25. The right path
Ron B. ,   Lod   (03.01.10)
It is high time for Israel to be making demands upon the Arabs, starting with territorial concessions from the vast Arab world. Based upon prior precedents in Muslim history going back to the time of Mohammed and his dealings with the Queresh tribe in Mecca, the Arabs will never make peace or accept a Jewish sovereign state in territory they have previously conquered in the name of Allah. Thus, Israel should now begin reclaiming territory it has foolishly given away since the Oslo 'peace' Accords. The Arabs will be forced to accept such demands if they finally realize that the Jewish state is once again so overwhelmingly strong militarily, morally and spiritually that they simply cannot destroy it. About an additional Arab state west of the Jordan (in 4 parts):
26. The only democracy in the ME?
Paul ,   Trinidad   (03.01.10)
No constitution and now the Supreme Court is shown to be a joke.
27. Lod
Tal ,   Tiberias   (03.01.10)
Very interesting Ron, to see that you dont actually live beyond the green line, something bothering you.?
28. Adele #8 wrong on all points
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.01.10)
First off we OWN Judea and Samaria according to international laws. UN Charter, San Remo Treaty and Covenant of the League of Nations. Second the Arabs have NO legal claim to any of the land. Third the Israeli government has not transferred a single person. Try and disprove a single fact presented. I bet you can't.
29. #28 I'll disprove all your 'facts' in one word.
Adele ,   Toronto   (03.01.10)
Lies. Citing sources without even knowing what they're about or how they are applied to this conflict. The UN charter does not defend occupations or aggression. The San Remo Treaty and League of Nations are dead and null. That's pretty racist to say Arabs have no legal claim to Palestine. But just so I don't come off as a rambling fool like you, explain the stuff in green? Do you take me as an idiot? The Israeli government has sanctioned Israelis to live in the occupied territories. They settle land belonging to Arabs while sending in the IDF to suppress any Palestinian opinion, whatsoever. Well, I just disproved what you said. I have yet to see you disprove UN Resolution 242 and the Fourth Geneva Convention on occupation.
30. #16 What freeze?
Adele ,   Toronto   (03.02.10)
Colonialism is long gone. What happened before international law came about does not affect us now in the future. That, and the fact natives have signed treaties with the crown (i.e Canadian government) ceasing claims to land you once formally owned.
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