Mabhouh aide: Assassinated Hamas man smuggled weapons
AP and Ynet
Published: 02.03.10, 20:12
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1. Like admitting the sun shines during the day
William ,   Israel   (03.02.10)
Not really much of a revelation as the world already knew this a while ago. But now that Hamas admits to the continued crimes of Mabhouh, Dubai will start feeling intense heat. Was this perhaps Hamas way of showing displeasure with Dubai for not allowing Mashaal to manipulate investigative research?
2. Pathetic. Dubai officials can be arrested too for abetting
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (03.02.10)
Pathetic. Dubai police / leaders can also be arrested for abetting and protecting murderers.
3. This guy was no Saint Theresa
Elly ,   Vienna, Austria   (03.02.10)
Dubai is pretending that Saint Theresa was asassinated. A murderer was assasinated.
4. Dubai and Hamas in bed together?
Yoni ,   Naharia   (03.02.10)
The preponderance of evidence shows that some sort of collusion exists between the sale of arms to Hamas and the Dubai government. If the assertion the Dubai police make is true why would a huge team of Mossad agents go to Dubai? Killing terrorists has always been the job of small two to three man teams. If the Mossad was indeed in Dubai with 30 to 50 agents it would be indicative of a far reaching intelligence gathering operation, not just a hit on a lone terrorist. The old adage "Follow the money" would certainly apply here. These small gulf state like Dubai are overflowing in petro revenue and Islamic extremism. Mabhouh didn't pay for all the arms shipments with his salary from Hamas. Was the hit on Mabhouh a warning to Dubai that funding terrorists is not a safe practice? It is no coincidence that Dubai is blaming Mossad, were there additional killings that Dubai has not disclosed because it would show their culpability in funding terror? This story on the outside does not add up.
5. Next on the list
Jeff ,   Brussels   (03.02.10)
Dubai's Chief of Police Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim is the next on the list.
6. Mabhouh should have hid behind Infants
Jethro Labladowitz ,   Marquette, MI   (03.02.10)
Mabhouh should have only been sleeping in schools and hospitals so Hamas and Hezbola could cry to the media about it when he was assassinated. Maybe Hamas could string some infants together and use it as Mabhouh's necklace?
GALUT ,   Selah   (03.02.10)
8. 'Investigation' Turns Into A Farce
Christy ,   Boston, US   (03.02.10)
First we get 'suspects' being added to the already looooong list. Is it now 27? Now we get threats of arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Dagan!! All of this WITHOUT showing, or talking about, any PROOF! This 'investigation' is so crazy, that I'm starting to suspect Mabhouh is still alive and his assassination was just staged! Trying to pass Mabhouh off as a 'friend of the Palestinian people' is disgusting. I suppose he smuggled weapons for free because he cared so much! Seems to me he was making money off of their misery. A real friend would help obtain education and jobs for people. Help them do something else besides live as they are now living. He should use some of his own money to help 'his people'.
9. what a joke
Vlandimer ,   Russia   (03.02.10)
There is still no evidence Mossad assassinated a terrorist. If they did they just put a criminal to justice in not the most civil fashion. We can just as easily look at the footage and point a finger at the Palestinian authority as the responsible party of the assassination. And seriously!!! There shouldn’t be any relation to the attack and Israel until there is factual evidence. Furthermore, if Israel was responsible how could you blame a Prime Minister for defending his country!? Israel wants peace. It’s Hamas and other terrorist organization that continue to smuggle in weapons to attack innocent people in Israel.
10. Hamas
Hal ,   Usa   (03.03.10)
I just got off the Haaretz site and some Hamas official is now blameing Jordan and Egypt for the hit. He said they were tracking Mhabou for a year. One of the posters there said tat even if Jordan and Egypt were behind the hit, Israel is to blame. Sheeeesh BooBoo! No matter what!
11. that's how police works in arab nations
ghostq   (03.03.10)
got no evidances, but calling to arrest someone cause the Think he did something, oh gees like that is democratic. not and he should be prosecuted himself for supporting terrorism.
SAM.   (03.03.10)
Having high rised buildings in Dubai does not make you or Dubai Civilised but your thoughts and how issues are handled. You are nothing but a confused POLICE CHIEF.
13. Where is evidence
Chris ,   San Jose USA   (03.03.10)
The Dubai chief keeps saying he is certain the Mossad was involved, but there is no evidence. I keep an objective viewpoint and have seen none. There were too many involved for this to be the Mossad. Sounds hamhanded like Russians or Arabs - and moderate Arab nations (Egypt and Jordan) are said to have been tracking Mabhouh prior to the killing (though this is not evidence). Most telling are the two assassins who fled to Iran, and two Palistinians (and a third being sought) - Israel may have used Palisitinians, but not anyone who'd get tracked going back to Iran. Mabhouh was not a high level Hamas member - just another gunrunner. I'm glad he's dead, but can't see the Mossad being involved. Maybe the Dubai cops can match up the fingerprint or DNA they say they found and actually ID a person instead of just knowing innocent people whose passport info got stolen.
14. to #* Christy
Chris ,   San Jose USA   (03.03.10)
You are right - Mabhouh was making money off the Palistinian misery as have so many others including Arafat. If these "men of influence" would spend their time and money HELPING the Palisitinians build a productive society, their "brothers and sisters" would be much better off. No one can blame Israel for blockades and fences when all it takes is one nutcase to blow up a bus on the way to work. These "freedom fighters" screw it up for those who just want to live and work without constant fighting. If terrorists stop shooting rockets and blowing up stuff, the Israelis would soon lose world support for blockades.
15. #14 Chris
Hal ,   Usa   (03.03.10)
Take your thought a little further. All of these so-called patriots are arms merchants that trade internationally and make piles of money in the process. This is not about "the resistance" or Palestinian freedom. Follow the money trail. Dubai is the international market and playground for these merchants of death. It is the conduit for Iranian subtrafuge regarding santions against it. Dubai is only singing from the Iranian hymn book, but in Arabic. Peace runs contrary to their money stream. Were peace to break out, they would have to get a desk job. No money in that! If any of these characters wanted the Palestinians to have a state or even a peaceful existence, it would have been so already. That is certainly not the object. So, the cat chases the rat! In Mabhou's case, the cat caught him, or he was a cover story for the rat. Who cares?
16. add also
Ana ,   Tarsous   (03.03.10)
israeli solders sold their armors to Hamas Fateh Hizballah .. which is good after all less weapons in the hand of the agressor
17. #16 Ana
Hal ,   Usa   (03.04.10)
Ana, there are standards to keep here. Go sit on the bench and think of something intellegent to say. If you see Marco from Spain, tell him to come out from his hiding place and tell him I'll try not to hurt his feelings, OK?
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