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It's official: Rihanna to perform in Israel
Or Barnea
Published: 03.03.10, 14:46
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2. just tell her she won't be needibg any umbrella
ghostq   (03.03.10)
3. she's awesome!
doctor   (03.03.10)
4. Been to her show last summer, A piece of junk
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (03.03.10)
involved with another piece of junk
5. Trust me! It's Not Going To Happen!
lydia ,   Brisbane   (03.04.10)
6. to #4 y r you jealous she earn more money than you.
ghostq   (03.04.10)
7. #4
following all your "intelligent" talkbacks, i rather think that you are the piece of junk with minimal talent for the truth, for honest political debate and knowledge of mid east history. shame, that. coming from the usa, you should at least possess a modicum of intelligence and reading comprehension.
8. #5
it just amazes me, lydia, that you can spend so much time on a site that is jewish, that is israeli made. yet to hate their guts. do you have a job? a family to keep you busy? a boyfriend to take your mind off such hate? i am curious. are you a MASOCHIST? why indeed punish yourself by coming onto ynet daily and hourly if you really had a life to speak of. i feel very very sad for you. grow up! hameed aboughaze, iranian
9. #5 We don't trust you
Ron ,   US   (03.08.10)
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