Energy exec: Israel could end natural gas imports
Associated Press
Published: 06.03.10, 12:58
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1. Tomorrow's Haaretz headline
Christopher ,   Bsoton, MASS   (03.06.10)
"Zionists stealing gas from impoverished Arabs"
2. Dalit = untouchable
Sidney ,   New York US   (03.06.10)
Those who are familiar with modern India will snicker at 'Dalit' the name of the second gas field. In India today the word 'Dalit' is used to describe the caste of people which many Westerners once called 'the untouchables'
3. #2 Dalit is common Jewish name, you ignorant!
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (03.06.10)
Indians will have no problem, if they'll even notice it, with the name because it will be an honor to name something so important for Israel with a name familiar to them
4. Future palestinian capitol.
Alfie Knowkes ,   Golan   (03.06.10)
This is outrageous. For 10's of thousands of years the royal bloodlines of the palestinians have called the Tamar gas fields home, and intended it as the future capital of the once glorious nation of palestinianishs. Are we overlooking that this is also a holy site and the burial ground of the sacred sea creatures of the profit M?
5. the USA took a hold on that thing,
ghostq   (03.07.10)
they basicaly enslaving the Israeli market. if anything go wrong they will close the tap.
6. to #2 no, it's not from poor aka DAl
ghostq   (03.07.10)
it's from DALA (like moses from water) in this case from the biblical meaning to draw water from a well, go look in the dictionary, I did. small draw from water means Dalit.
7. to #3 no it's not after name of someone
ghostq   (03.07.10)
you forgot that your names got meanings go look in the dictionary what it really means.
8. Do not export the gas
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.07.10)
It is a finite resource, which will keep us free and independent for a very long time. We do not need to sell it for a short term profit.
9. Egypt
leonard ,   usa   (03.08.10)
A 20 year contract is binding but if they seek to increase the cost then Israel can drop them and use their own gas. Very good.
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