'Israel Apartheid Week' events commence
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 04.03.10, 01:14
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1. REAL apartheid country is....
rachel ,   chutz4now, home soon   (03.04.10)
"new PA state(s).... READ Their charter! cleansed of all Jews etc etc. WHEN will people look at facts and REAL history rather than the '67 invention of blood lusting cousins? Israel WAS/IS and ALWAYS WILL BE a FACT. Check your facts not your sound bites.
2. Why did Ynet lower itself by, as it were, genuflecting
pinchas ,   brookline, mass.   (03.04.10)
to one of the worst self-hating, anti-Zionist jewish (very small j) intellectual kapos ever-- Noam Chomsky? N.C., who lives in nearby Lexington, Mass., is a disgrace to Boston's Jewry and to any Jew with a heart and a spine, but all your dumb starstruck reporter does is just quote the great fake guru on and on, without a single intelligent rejoinder. You thus provide an unchallenged platform for this despicable wretch who has probably done more over the years to poison the minds of Engllish-speaking "intellectuals" worldwide than any other individual. Thanks YNet for your perverse method of news reporting. I'm sure if you were interviewing a religious or rightwing figure, your reporter would have asked lots of sharp questions-- which, if fairminded and not malicious, would be entirely appropriate.
3. Chomsky wants attention
R ,   Israel   (03.04.10)
Making rediculous claims out of context against one's own people sure gets you attention. Worked for Goldstone. Reminds me of Lily Allen's lyrics - I'll take my clothes off and it will be shameless cause everyone knows it's how you get famous.
4. Jewish Apartheid is bettter than Muslim Apartheid. Isn't it?
vit ,   usa   (03.04.10)
5. Apartheid
Marvin ,   San Francisco   (03.04.10)
Chomsky is as clueless as these dumb and dumber Arabs...Ask any Jew in a Muslim County if he feels any Apartheideness. The Muslims are the bigest bigots and disciminators on the entire globe..Idiots....
6. Who cares about Chomsky?
David   (03.04.10)
We should place things into perspective. What has Noam Chomsky ever achieved for anyone he advocated for? We Jews and Israelis who care about Israel as a Jewish state should continue with our agenda. We will succeed and Mr. Chomsky, his communists and Palestinians will be relegated to the dustbin of history. History and justice are on our side.
7. Chomsky and Israel
Stan ,   Sydney   (03.04.10)
If Chomsky thinks that Israel should not be regarded as a Jewish state, then that kapo should not be regarded as a Jew
8. The UNHOLY TRINITY in action, consisting of:
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.04.10)
Classic Anti-Semites / "Progressive" Anti-Jewish Racists / 7th Century Based Islamists. We, Jews, have faced a lot over the centuries. We haven't faced this type of a coalition that has substituted yesteryear's Jew for Israel, and yesteryear's Judaism (the civilization of the Jewish people) for Zionism. The essence has remained the same: To single out our people, its nation-state - Israel - and its national liberation movement - Zionism - to be demonized, de-legitimized, and to be held to standards not expected of anyone else. The Unholy Trinity!!!
9. Israel is as Jewish as Greece is Greek; it is as Jewish as
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.04.10)
Denmark is Danish; it is Jewish as Lithuania is Lithuanian. The Jewish people is a people (those who originated from Judea) and as all other peoples it is too entitled to exercise the universally accepted right of all peoples to national self-determination and independence. The Balfour Declaration expresses it, 1917. The League of Nations expresses it, 1922. And the United Nations expresses it, 1947. Israel was then accepted as a member state in good standing in good terms at the United Nations, 1949, as the liberal democratic Jewish state. Chomsky stands on no grounds to demand of Israel to shell off its character as the nation-state of the Jewish people; to single out Israel and demand only of Israel such a thing but one rationale: Racism, anti-Jewish racism!!! Indeed, some of the most active anti-Jewish racists in today's society consider themselves "progressive", including "Communists", "Anarchists" and "Socialists".
10. Why is Iraq defined as an Arab state?
Z   (03.04.10)
What about the Kurds? Why is Sudan described as an Arab state? What about the southerners, who are not Arabs? Why is Algeria defined as an Arab state? What about the Berbers? Why is Morocco defined as an Arab state? What about the remaining Jews? Why is the UK a Christian state? What about the Muslims? And the Jews and Hindus and Sikhs?
11. What two state?
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (03.04.10)
The solution to the Middle East is the ONE STATE solution with Israel being the ONE STATE, given to us by God Almighty 3600 years ago. Noam Chompsky, a noted self hating Jew, has opinions that are irrelevant as he sees Muslim states as solely Islamic. The Israel as the ONE STATE is the only solution and the Arabs can go live in their wonderful Islamic paradise of Gaza, Yemen, Libya, Saudi Arabia, their ancestral homeland of Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan or any number of countries that live under the Islamic enlightenment they so rave. ONE STATE OF ISRAEL, THE ONLY SOLUTION.
12. What Apartheid??? Seriously!
Dallas ,   Canada   (03.04.10)
They don't even know what apartheid is. Arabs live in Israel. How about the Pals' real apartheid action, how's it going for the non-muslims in Gaza for example. Also West Bank and the rest of the muslim world? This 'apartheid week' says more about the activists than it does about Israel. Hypocrites.
13. Proper response...
Jew   (03.04.10)
would be mass protests on all campuses. Put the fear into the campus bodies just like black and muslim student groups do. and see what those groups get...they get their way. Jews like to debate. Kinda boring, eh? As for chumsky, he's no Jew. He's a faker, posturing. He's like the other kapo feenklestein...also a sicko. He doesn't believe in a Jewish state? Hmmmm, what about his criticism for the Islamic states? That's right, there is none. anothing HYPOCRITE!
14. Apartheid week !
Paul ,   Rhinebeck USA   (03.04.10)
I'm sure that the honest leftists will include such bastions of freedom as Saudi Arabia, Yemen,etc,etc,etc, in their propaganda about human rights ! I think that Goldstone and the UN need to look at the horrible abuse that the Israelis perpetrate on humanity ! Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch - I'm waiting for your response !
15. Chomsky
Chumski ,   TA Israel   (03.04.10)
Here we have another "intelect" who thought Pol Pot was "doing a good thing" to name but one Genocidal maniac who gets his approval. Chomsky gets the prize for the ultimate "self hating Jew "
16. 56 states should stop being Muslim
Sam   (03.04.10)
States. And have you ever checked them? Human rights isn't the highlight of those places, not talking about racism...
17. An 82 year old windbag
Mark Israel   (03.04.10)
Does what Chomsky have to say really merit 40 lines of newsprint? Nothing original or particularly enlightening except for his mention of a US invasion of Lebanon as a result of the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers. I remember the kidnapping but the memory of the invasion escapes me. I liked him much better when he stuck to linguistics.
18. The hypocrisy of the left.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (03.04.10)
The hypocrisy of the left is astounding. They shout, “End the occupation now!” but when Israel did end the occupation of Gaza, they accused Israel of unilateralism. They cry out against racism, but they treat the Palestinians with a paternalistic racism that considers them so primitive they cannot be held responsible for what they do. After all, I have been told, you can’t expect the Palestinians to change, they grew up with an anti-Israel narrative. Israelis are expected to change. Israelis who have lived for years under the threat of Arab aggression and Palestinian terrorism are expected to change and to forgive and to apologize. But Palestinians are not expected to change. They are not expected to stop broadcasting children’s TV programs that fill their children’s minds with racist hatred. No wonder the Palestinians keep calling themselves victims. More about correctness at :
19. Egregious comparison
Lenny ,   London   (03.04.10)
As someone who grew up, understands and fought against Apartheid in South Africa, the comparison between Israel and South Africa could not be more specious and offensive. Trouble is that most people know little or nothng about the ins and outs of Apartheid and they latch onto slogans to underpin their fashionable beliefs. To dismiss therefore the impact of Israeli Apartheid Week is folly, as the drumbeat of Isreal's deligitimization continues to beat louder and louder around the globe.
20. Just like Neturei Karta
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.04.10)
But without the frisbee hats
21. A message for Israelis.
Adele ,   Toronto   (03.04.10)
Take a trip to a Palestinian village and look at the depressing conditions the Palestinians must go through on a daily basis (ex: water shortages, daily IDF and settler harassment, loss of territorial land, limited movement from place to place, etc) . Then make your way to the nearest Israeli settlement and see the higher standards of living (little to no harassment from neighbors, lots of water, fertile land, increasing territory confiscated from Palestinian towns, freedom of movement etc) they get compared to the Palestinians. What would call such embarrassing contrast?
22. if find it ironic that left wingers that rulle out
ghostq   (03.04.10)
any form of religion kinda incorage islam, talking about ideology crisis, in one point, they will have inner struggle, cause most of them r mainstreme dropouts who didn't find a place in the general society, those r the losers who don't work but have socialism ethics sad but if Muslims truly believes those mental cases really care for them well they r in for surprise, but let them handle those mental cases. really feel sory for them.
23. to #21 they got their own leaders to take care
ghostq   (03.04.10)
of them, not Israeli responsibility, if they got currupted Mukata who runs the WB, get money to their own pockets, againe not Israel problem, Israel only sells them water electricity and phone services but as far of running their own cities they got autonomy so none cares, it's as If you will ask Israelis to care about the economic situation in Senegal. and Idf isn't part of setlers force they got no connection.
24. to #21 nearly forgot the rich standart of Israelis
ghostq   (03.04.10)
it's cause they built it on their land by themselves, so eat your heart out beacause, they making miracles in such smal places, those r not setelments, palis just want sombody elses wealth. they do steal allot Israelis goods, like cars, sheeps and so on.
25. Jews, legally, may not acquire land in the PA, only because
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.04.10)
they are Jewish! So is the case in neighboring Jordan! Do the "progressive" forces in society have anything to say about this form of racism? Of course not! Slavery is a widespread phenomenon throughout the Muslim- Arab world! Do the "progressive" forces in society demand of the Muslim-Arabs to cease this horrible social phenomenon? Of course not! Israel, the nation-state of a singled out people, is singled out as well and is expected to live by standards not expected of any other state. And when that is done obsessively, relentlessly and without any proportionality to Israel's size and importance in world affairs; when it is done strictly by way of demonizing and de-legitimizng of the Jewish state, one is reminded of Europe of the 1930s...!!! In Europe of that era the National Socialist, yes, "Socialist", was also in the forefront of the setting up death factories for Jews...!!!
26. Adele...guess what...
Greg ,   New York City   (03.04.10)
it's called self-determination...which is what the settlers opposed to the Palestinians, who are waiting for hand-outs. sure, let's blame all our problems on the Jews. and "harrasment, loss of territorial land, limited movement from place to place..." sounds like Jewish history of the last 6000 years.
Talula ,   Israel   (03.04.10)
The world isn't happy unless it's name calling and labeling us. We really shouldn't give a flying toss. We need to become more resilient to world opinion. When they live here, let them talk - when they live down south - up north - lose a family member in a suicide bombing, are murdered in a foreign country for being Jewish, let them talk. Until then, we shouldn’t be listening or printing garbage.
28. Never grew out of it
eli ,   nahriya Israel   (03.04.10)
From wiki: I grew up with a visceral fear of Catholics. They're the people who beat you up on your way to school. So I knew when they came out of that building down the street, which was the Jesuit school, they were raving anti-Semites. So childhood memories took a long time to overcome." Chomsky obviously never grew out of it. Just a klinink schmek yid im. Check your subhead, Ynet, "A Jewish Intellectual?" Who said, MIT. Sorry not impressed.
29. First step seperate state and religion
Avi ,   Israel   (03.04.10)
Israel should be a democratic state that recognises the rights of all of its citizens and not a state that favors right wing religious fanatics that seem to think we are run according to religious belifs. Freedom and democracy for all.
30. Number 21
Anon ,   Johannesburg RSA   (03.04.10)
There is a big diffrence between 2 countries at war like the Pal and Israel, and Appartheid state like in South Africa of the past. Apparthed is when a minority controlls the Major part of the population ie Black South Africa, in ONE country. There is no Appatheid in Israel, Only a war, war of defence against Pal terror. Stop the Terror and they will live a normal life. But they love and admire death and destruction, and as such peace will never be achieved. G-D has chosen this route for a reason, and the west is next to suffer from Islamic terror and fear. When you have Sharia law inforced on you in Toronto, will be nice to see what you say then? for now, just thank G-D there is no one in Canada calling you a Kaffir, telling you that if you dont change to Islam, you will be killed. G-D bless the west and Freedom. Freedom from Islam
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