Sheikh Jarrah Jews praise Baruch Goldstein on Purim
Ronen Medzini
Published: 04.03.10, 09:06
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1. Tottaly sick people
Avi ,   Israel   (03.04.10)
it is beyond me how such people who claim to be close to God dance and celebrate a cold blooded murderer who killed innocent people because they were of a different religion. Is this what Jewdism has come to represent? No wonder people are turning away from religion.
2. Terrorst-loving Fanatic Jews
David ,   Israel   (03.04.10)
These people are disgusting human beings. Praising a terrorist like Baruch Goldstein is abhorrent behavior. Israeli society should absolutely condemn this act to show that we oppose all forms of terrorism, including Jewish terrorism. I feel sorry for their Palestinian neighbors who are forced to live with these disgusting sheikh jarrah jews.
3. just curious, left wingers r really bored out
ghostq   (03.04.10)
of their minds to crush to jewish religious Purim party. what losers maybe they were invited to join in.
4. Lunatic Fringe
The Last Zionist ,   Eilat   (03.04.10)
They are resembling more and more the enemy.
5. "Praising" a murderer!
Spencer ,   Israel   (03.04.10)
Charge them with incitement and put them in jail for a long time!
6. no surprise !!! we all know that is what they are all about
7. This video is the answer ,Thanks Ynet
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.04.10)
I do not know how many times I read here from many of the comments that the Jews do not dance and do not glorify terrorists as the Palestinians or Muslims do!!!!!!!!!! so now you see the extremists are everywhere:(
8. to #7 guess from who they learn this ritual :)
ghostq   (03.04.10)
yep pali, you give canddies when you kill innocents.
9. songs?, No!, just indulged in prayers of vengeance
observer   (03.04.10)
In Judaism, there is only one or two verses to recite in time of illness, but there are hundred verses to recite on revenge. Luke 21:20: "But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its desolation has come near ... for these are days of vengeance. For great distress shall be upon the earth and wrath upon this people.
10. Terrorsist attack joy!
Palestinian ,   ACRE PALESTINE   (03.04.10)
HAHA You guys say Palestinians give out sweets! And now we saY jews sing and dance! Maybe we are related haha and the people condeming dont act like ur good people we all know you guys are happy that more pali's died because there is less of us on ur precious jewish land
11. Stop to justify everything. It's boring.
Eli   (03.04.10)
Stop to justify everything. It's boring. These fanatics right-wing (although I'm a religious right-wing) are mad and are the shame of the jewish people.
12. To Ghostq
You are boring
13. no one in this vidoe is singing
Rafael ,   Yerushalayim Israel   (03.04.10)
I hear the music but I see no one singing the words. This looks to me like a fabrication.
14. Despicable lowlife Jewish terrorist should be arrested for
Jules ,   US   (03.04.10)
incitement. They are a shame and real danger for Israel.
15. TO # 13 IT IS ME :)
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.04.10)
OR Maybe its the Palestinian National Orchestra is singing in Hebrew to terrorist Goldstein!!!!!!!!!!!
16. #13 is right - the video proves nothing
roi ,   israel   (03.04.10)
"A video obtained by Ynet..." and then a quote from a "leader of the leftist campaign". Hmmm, sounds like another smear attempt. The music sounds like it was added afterward. The people look like a family witha little girl in a princess costume dancing for 5 seconds. The rest of the people are just standing around. The entire video is a minute and a half. It really doesn't do a good job of convincing me that all settlers are evil, especially since the "leftsits" as Ynet calls them are there to provoke the Jewish residents and make them look bad.
17. #1
Tal ,   Tiberias, Israel   (03.04.10)
Turning away ,disgusted with Israel as well. We have become a revolting country, racist, facist...what a pity.
18. #10. the difference between us is very simple.
read the talkbacks ans see how many JEWS think what he did was ok. now look at your people and see how many THOUSANDS cheer and praise the death of "infidels". A small group of fanatics thats are condemed by other RELIGIOUS JEWS against your ENTIRE "NATION" that is happy with our deaths. please shut up
19. #13
ghs   (03.04.10)
Why Sherlock, another mystery solved! Have you ever heard of the concept of "being inside a house".
20. Perhaps an amplified recording of clanging
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (03.04.10)
oven doors will quell the exuberant settlers' singing. BTW... was the Goldstein family home bulldozed into rubble as other terrorists' residences.
21. different opinion
Jackson ,   chicago   (03.04.10)
I think he is a hero.
22. Thank you Ynet for the beautiful video
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (03.04.10)
B"H - It shows that there some good Jews out there with not completely ruined value-systems.
23. Talkbackers
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.04.10)
All of you guys froth at the mouth at a few people with whom you don't agree. Do any of these people have any influence on Israeli policy? Do they represent anyone but themselves? The answer is of course no. Yet all of you are silent when the most moderate "elected" Arab leaders dance and celebrate the deeds of Arabs who murdered Jews. For your information, people like Fayyad and Abbas make Arab policy. and before you also join the party, Abbas and Fayyad did not honor a terrorist who murdered a "settler" but murdered people like you in the part of what you call Palestine conquered in 1948.
24. to #19 so you let anyone inside your house
ghostq   (03.04.10)
can I go to your place just wondering. I want to travel, just make me a strong koffee and make sure the dvd working I want to watch some videos. I promiss the empty can of beer will go to recycling.
25. to #9 that verse talk about jewish enemies
ghostq   (03.04.10)
y non chritians think they know better.kinda silly. and that part of jewish history is more updated. than the old testament that's y they call it new testament. duh.
26. Great! Soon they won't be able to tell the difference .....
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (03.04.10)
between us and racist moslem fundamentalists.
27. #24
ghs   (03.04.10)
ghostq, an enlightened comment as always. read the context of my talkback. #13 was mystified as to how they could hear voices but see nobody on camera singing.i was helping them understand how this was possible. as for you, i have no idea what youre trying to say, but i can only assume it made sense to you when you typed it. sure, come over any time. youre more than welcome.
28. Sheikh Jarrah Jews and Sheikh Jarrah Jews
John ,   Sheikh Jarrah   (03.04.10)
There are three types of Israeli Jews who regularly come to Sheikh Jarrah. The ultra-orthodox (particularly, I believe from their clothing, Lithuanians). The leftists who protest on a Friday. The settlers and (increasingly on a Friday to counter-protest the leftists) their supporters. The first group have been coming from their own nearby neighbourhoods to worship at Shimon Tsadik for well over a century. They rub along nicely with the local Palestinians (by and large - very occasionally some nasty little shabbab chucks a stone in their direction. There is about one such incident every six months.) You can see them washing their hands at the tap in the local Palestinian petrol station. They walk around in ones and twos and are a part of the scenery. The second group are good, decent people. They could probably wash their hair at the petrol station tap a little more often. But it's nice to see them standing up for the rights of others. The third group (particularly those that come on a Friday now in support of the settlers) are unpleasant nutcases. They are heavily armed. They spit at or attack any cars that drive on Shabbat. The settlers danced on the roof of the house after they evicted one family including a wheel-chair bound man in his eighties. They celebrate terrorists. The presence of the third group sadly threatens the very good existing relations between the first group and the local Palestinians. Sheikh Jarrah is turning into Hebron. Soon these extremists will have imported their own brand of Jewish fundamentalism into the heart of Jerusalem. That really is in no-one's interest (but their own). And in so doing they are attracting a fourth group. Islamic fundamentalists. The Northern Islamic League is holding a rally in Sheikh Jarrah tonight. The state of Israel needs to act now to stop Jerusalem becoming hostage to fundamentalists from all sides.
29. They are not a fring and are # 1 threat
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (03.04.10)
They are a reall representation of the jewish settlers community... they are israeli raised jewish terrorists making the number 1 threat to Israeli's security and future...
30. #10 u got it right! it is OWER precious jewish land.
Rehavam ,   Isarel   (03.04.10)
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