Syria suggests Israel planted nuclear traces by air
Associated Press
Published: 04.03.10, 16:58
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1. funny stories
DanLondon ,   London   (03.04.10)
I had to check the calendar to see if it wasn't April 1st... First, the Saudi Prince compares his 'progresive' country to 'religiously driven' Israel. Presumably, some women in his country might disagree (if they were allowed a say of course). Now, a farce from Syria. What did Israel do, send over a nuclaur armed crop-sprayer plane over? Who needs a comedy channel on cable with these clowns around.
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (03.04.10)
IAEA experts inspected the Dair Alzour site in June 2008 but have been barred from revisiting since. Damascus also has turned down requests for visits to three linked sites which have undergone major landscaping work since those requests were made ."Over the past two years, we have noticed a troubling pattern in Syria's behavior," Chief US delegate Glyn Davies told the meeting. "The more evidence the agency uncovers that Syria was engaged in serious safeguards violations, the more Syria has tried to actively hinder the agency's investigation." IT BEGINS TO BE VERY OBVIOUS THAT BOTH IRAN AND SYRIA HAS TO BE STRIKED MILITARILY, AGAINST ALL THEIR NUCLEAR FACILITIES Arn..
3. Those Israelis !
Paul ,   Rhinebeck USA   (03.04.10)
I'm sure that Israel has nothing better to do but bomb "empty" warehouses in the desert. It must be true - Iran backs them up ! Hey Goldstone, we need you !
4. the thing that gets me
dani   (03.04.10)
do they have no shame in making up these wild stories? israel dropped uranium particles from the air? i mean, if somebody finds nuclear bombs in iran, are they going to say israel planted them there?
5. Syria denies concealing nuclear activities
Robi Nagyhasi ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.04.10)
Blames Israel. The Arabs are the best... they blame Israel anything and everything. Traffic accident in Budapest was laso caused by Israel, earthquakes etc all adone by Israel. Arabs are just a bunch of IDIOTS
6. Brilliant!
Brad ,   USA   (03.04.10)
Leading up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the trucks going into Syria from Iraq, must have been filled with Korans, huh. The same applies to Iran. After all, we all know that the totally innocent Saddam Hussein would never lie or cheat, by removing his nukes to other countries. Ho ho ho.
7. Israel sprinkled uranium
Barney ,   USA   (03.04.10)
particles? along with fairy dust? i think the only thing the Israelis could have possibly sprinkled is stupid, ignorant, terrorist dust
8. Arabs lie?!
Oron ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (03.04.10)
Why I never!
9. That was a nusic school!!!!
smith   (03.04.10)
10. pssst... did you hear the one about....?
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (03.04.10)
11. secret info
menachem ,   switzerland   (03.04.10)
For the Syrian Chief: it is very secret.. not only that israel droped it, the built the reactor. But mr. Syrian chief keep it secretly only for you. Shalom
12. 1000 and one nights....
Andy ,   Jerusalem   (03.04.10)
I was going to suggest that someone review the fascinating, imaginary news items our Arab neighbors have dreamed up over the past 50-10 years and collect them into a book. It would be an whopping best seller. You must admit - there is no place like the Middle East for story-telling. The Arab part of it, that is. Cheers.
13. Police chief Tamim says Israel drop U235 on Babymilk factory
Alan ,   SA   (03.04.10)
14. be reminded!, Israel denied bombing a Syrian site
observer   (03.04.10)
in case Israel denies dropping the suspicious uranium particles found at a Syrian desert complex, Israel will be found guilty of the bombing. The state of denial is Not always good.
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