Hamas bans men from women's hair salons
Associated Press
Published: 04.03.10, 21:59
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1. because Gaza women can't cut men's hair
observer   (03.04.10)
2. doesnt it make you sentimental & want Israel back?
zionist forever   (03.04.10)
They hated Israel & life wasn't always easy but they had alot more freedoms. People can go to the movies see anything they like, women were not obligated to wear headscarfs , you could get your hair cut by who you want and where you want and lots of other freedoms now gone. Just goes to show the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence and Gazans are finding that out the hard way.
3. What a laugh. Hair salons are now obsolete in Gaza.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.05.10)
Since the hair is hidden away all the time there is no need for hair salons. A pair of scissors in the hands of a child will suffice. Maybe the men can cut off the hair of the females in their households. It is said that nuns just used to chop it off themselves and they are none the worse off for it. Better yet, shave it off with an electric trimmer. I would do that to my missus if I lived in Gaza and save myself some money too.
4. An old Chinese proverb: "Be careful of what
Skeptic   (03.05.10)
you wish for". The Gazans got what they wished for. Now they have to live with it. I shed no tears for them.
5. Weddings in Gaza
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.05.10)
Don't think that the Gaza administrators are complete "spoilsports". If you go to the following website, you will see an outrageous video of 450 grooms from the Jabalia Refugee Camp marrying 450 brides: // The men, all dressed identically in formal black attire, are all in their twenties. The females are all girls under the age of ten all dressed identically in white all with garish make-up applied to eyes and face. It is truly frightening. This is not an indictment of all Arabs nor Palestinians, for that matter, but a genuine warning for what's in store should Hamas ascend as a viable government. "Depraved" is not a strong enough word. // will provide the Reader with much needed commentary by Paul L. Williams, PhD.
6. National customs
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (03.05.10)
You characters who a laughing at some of the customs of others should take a good look in the mirror. Some of the sights one sees around Israel are truly freakish, bizzare and more appropriate to a circus.
7. What...
walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (03.05.10)
Muslim women have hairs... I am going to go sleep less idiot tonight...
8. the sharia law of amputation in Nigeria
rachel ,   usa   (03.05.10)
This is what is soon to come for gazans : they will beg Israel to invade them .
9. Gazan
Hal ,   Usa   (03.05.10)
This is just another way that Hamas ruins the moral and spirit of their people. Another day and another confiscation of the dignity and freedom of Gazans. Hamas has to much time on it's hands. What about trying to be civilized and ready to build a society? Too bad. Very sad. Since there is no redress in Gaza and no possibility for a new election, these poor souls are stuck!
10. before 60 years
hala ,   jerusalem   (03.05.10)
there was only one salone which was directed by a woman ..she was a cristian woman ... miss mary ... in cristian square .. many women did not like a man to cut their hair .... now in evry salone there is men or women for dressing the women ... and many women choose a woman .. women are skillfull hands to make up ...
11. so what
Helen ,   Edmonton Canada   (03.05.10)
I go to a salon that does not cater to men.and i live in Canada. really you are bowing this out of proportion. there are lots of places that don't have men hairdressers or serve men, whats the big deal!! I like going someplace where i don't have to worry about men seeing me get my hair done. and I know many women who do. so get over yourselves, there are many women who wear scarves just for that purpose. are you going to tell them to stop wearing their scarves as well!! some people need to get a life!!
12. Really Robert?
Duke ,   London Canada   (03.05.10)
Really robert are you telling us that this could not have been somehow photo shopped? Since your so smart, can you explain to us why the Talmud says it is ok to take the virginity of a three year old goyem child? is this why most westerners call jews Pedophiles?
13. Maybe not cutting women hair, but honor killings still allow
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (03.05.10)
allowed in Gaza. Now, this is a free society.
14. They can still beat them, make them slaves to "men."
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.05.10)
15. Hamas imposes a radical Islam.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (03.05.10)
Hamas regime was not elected as such. Yes, it won an election but then seized total power by a bloody coup against the PA. Now, it imposes a radical Islamist regime on its unfortunate subjects. Hamas has no policy for creating jobs or raising living standards. Its educational system doesn’t teach useful skills or civic virtues but indoctrinates children with the ambition to become suicide bombers. It believes the deity insists on its victory. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how many die. Its educational policy isn’t aimed at training productive citizens but rather future suicide bombers. More at :
16. No cutting of her air, but cutting of her thrown is OK by
Anat   (03.05.10)
the Islamists of Hamas. This too is the face of Islamism.
17. "to not expose hair is unlike exposing the whole thing in
observer   (03.05.10)
mikvahs", the rabbi said
18. #12 Sentiment from your sick mind
Ron ,   US   (03.05.10)
19. #6
such as????? please document with videos and enlighten us all about, oh , those freaky israelis. hameed aboughaze, iranian
20. The point is freedom to choose
JO   (03.05.10)
what hairdresser you want, or to be an observant Muslim or not, and how much tradition you keep depends on you. An option Gazans are slowly losing. In the end it will be the Gazans who have to change this , only they can. I imagine the ceremony one talkback spoke of is a kind of engagement contract, the actual marriage(and intimacy) will not be until the girl is of age, maybe 15 or 16. though I could be wrong. This age is not abnormal in traditional Muslims societies and this is a custom in many traditional Arab countries.
21. Jo #20
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.05.10)
I hope you are right, Jo, and no intimacy takes place until much later in life. Nonetheless, the garish make-up on the girls' faces and the choices made for them before they themselves came of age do make me cynical about your explanation but, nonetheless, I hope you are right. By the way, did you actually watch the videos?
22. #12 liar ...This is what the koran says:
rachel ,   usa   (03.06.10)
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