Dog attacks toddler in Tel Aviv park
Eli Senyor
Published: 07.03.10, 21:00
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1. the dog learned his tactics from the IDF
throw a rock at me and i will retaliate !!!
2. It is completely irrelevant that the boy
Sagi   (03.07.10)
threw a rock at the dog. This breed is forbidden by law in England for good reasons. A number of people have lost their lives because of this breed, I do not know if it is legal to have them in Israel, If it is then law should be enacted with immediate effect and all dogs should be confiscated and put down. In the 1950's I went to school in England and my neighbors left a baby, a few weeks old, in a pram in the garden, in the middle of summer. The family dog, an Alsatian, had a good meal and when they returned they found him licking his chops over a heap of bones. A true story, I swear. Dogs can not take precedence over humans.
3. Wild dogs in Israel
Daniel Breslauer ,   Jerusalem   (03.07.10)
Wild dogs are a plague in Israel. There are not so very many, but I see them frequently. In Jerusalem also, occasionally. But in the forests, you meet stray dogs now and then. In Petach Tikvah, there are quite a lot of them. Once, me and my wife went to visit family in Petach Tikvah and took our cat with us, on the bus. While walking from the bus to the house of our family member, wild dogs came after us - they wanted to kill our cat (who went crazy, of course). In the end, we had to put him inside a bag (he was in my hands before that - with a lace of course) and make sure the dogs wouldn't see him. I am very angry at the police for this, because if you call the police about stray dogs, they simply DO NOT CARE. Another time, about 6 months ago, we were taking a walk with our cat in our neighborhood in Jerusalem. Suddenly we saw a big German shepherd dog walking around the streets - all alone! We followed him, at a distance, and called the police. They promised to send cops to take care of it. We trailed the dog, at a safe distance, for MORE THAN HALF AN HOUR, during which FOUR police cars passed by - we tried to stop each of them, but they drove on. We called 100 at least five times, and each time they told us "the cops are almost there". After 45 minutes of tracking the dog, we went home. This big German shepherd dog (who didn't harm anyone incidentally - but he just might, at a later time!) was just walking around in our neighborhood. And nobody cares.
4. Dog's owner should be jailed
R ,   Israel   (03.07.10)
What kind of criminal lets an Amstaff free without a muzzle and leash? The owner should be tracked down and imprisoned.
5. #2 - Sagi - that story is a complete LIE....
AJ ,   Washington   (03.07.10)
Neither Amstaffs nor any other breed of dog actually eats humans. Moreover, the temperment of a dog has everthing to do with how it is raised and nothing to do with its breed. Breed specific bans are complete nonsense. There simply is no science behind the entire idea.
Jason Freely ,   Montreal. Canada   (03.07.10)
The dog's mind works like this: when a dog senses danger it defends all around him, the dirty little P artist threw a rock in the dog's face and the dog has every right to defend itself and as such it defended others. BRAVE DOGGY :>)) Now the mongrel kid should be locked in a mental ward and his drongel mother jailed for educating the dirty P to throw rocks at living matter. If the doggy wanted to kill the dirty P it would of, instead the doggy dominated the "kid" and that is something the mother should have done in her education. Sue the mother for vet expenses. Have a great day! This is my opinion.
7. # 5 I am prepared
Sagi   (03.07.10)
to swear on oath in any court of your choice. About three years ago on New Years eve in a city in northern England a young girl was attacked by the family dog and almost eaten alive, an Amstaff, she died. It received wide media coverage.
8. Feral dogs roam Moscow
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.07.10)
Feral dogs, huge ones, roam the streets of Moscow, but they are actually quite gentle. Nevertheless they are very intimidating.
9. #4 what kind of parent lets their kids throw stones at dogs?
rebecca ,   Modiin   (03.07.10)
The parents should be hysterical. They have allowed their little darling to attack a peaceful animal, and OH MY GOSH, the animal attacked back. I regularly see kids throwing stones at cats, with their parents watching. After animal cruelty comes human cruelty. These parents are breeding killer kids. PS hope the dog got his anti-tetanus jab.
10. # 8 Believe me Kyle
Sagi   (03.07.10)
Feral dogs roam the streets of Israel, they are huge and they are not gentle and they are intimidating. They are bipeds.
11. # 6 + # 9 Shame on you
Sagi   (03.07.10)
for your comments. You put a dog before your fellow human, a kid at that. Even if his parents are to blame why should a young child suffer because another wants to keep an attacker dog, Yes Amstaffs are known attackers as are Pit Bull Terriers and as I said before are outlawed in many countries for very good reasons.
12. #1
Tel Aviv ,   TA, Israel   (03.08.10)
What is horribkly sad is that the IDF works so hard to make Tel Aviv a safe place, and this is what people do with it - Keep your dogs on a leash and ban the Amstaff!
13. I am against this habit of having pets
Keren ,   IL-BR   (03.08.10)
I think this is a neurotic thing. Humans must relate to humans not to dogs. I find this a strange thing... I wish the boy recovers soon from such an horror,if he will some day...
14. Don't mess with Pit Bulls
steve from raleigh   (03.08.10)
It stands to reason you don't throw rocks at big dogs, baboons and bears
15. 8 Those Moscow Dogs are gentle as they believe in glaznost.
Alan ,   SA   (03.08.10)
They used to be rabid Communists but since Perestroika they all belong to a Russian Friendship league
16. #2 Sagi did you really go to school in England? because..
Jules Yarden ,   Tel Aviv   (03.08.10)
you would have learnt to spell neighbor, as neighbour.. (referring to your comments) I know my comment is off the topic but just an observation. But on the topic, why does a parent allow a baby to throw rocks at a baby...??!
17. To # 11
Watcher   (03.08.10)
By the way, in some of the countries this law is under scrutiny and will probably be reversed. In the Nederland’s it was reported that the number of severe Dog bites was unchanged even after forbidding the so called attack dogs
18. # 16 Yes Sir, I did
Sagi   (03.08.10)
and what's more,I have a degree in English literature. I am well aware of how to spell the word that you were so observant to point out, and others. I adopted, out of choice, the American spelling of all similiar words. If you take the time to look in The Oxford English Dictionary you will find that both versions are listed. I can not say the same for Webster's or Random House.
19. Terrible what happened, however
Talula ,   Israel   (03.08.10)
The kid threw a rock at the dog. Just shows you what kind of family he's from. And he's not the first - it's an all to familiar sight to see children throwing stones and mistreating animals here. Clearly he is another one who has not been raised to respect animals. I'm sorry, but I can't feel sorry for him. It's vile to see children abusing animals - makes you wonder what goes on in his own home. Moreover, I thought that breed was not allowed here? They are known to be vicious.
20. To #17
Daniel Breslauer ,   Jerusalem   (03.08.10)
I happen to be from The Netherlands. There are two reasons why the number of severe dog bites did not increase even further: 1) The prohibition against certain types of dogs is rarely enforced. Many people still have such dogs, against the law. This alone makes your claim baseless. 2) Not enough types of dogs are included in the prohibition. And Sagi - it's nice to see we fully agree on this. As for those who argue it's the kid's fault: Yes, Israeli kids behave horribly towards animals, and yes, this is disgusting and I hate it as well. However, it does NOT justify an Amstaff attacking a child like this. The child was only 3 years old. I have seen kids throwing items at animals (especially cats) plenty of times, and I always scare them as much as they scared the animal, or a bit worse. As some of you said, such kids are growing up to become merciless killers with very bad habits. The fact that these kids are from strictly religious (Haredi) households makes it even worse.
21. Family values
Dave ,     (03.08.10)
What kind of mother stands by while her child is throwing rocks at anything, especially a dog, and a potentially violent one at that. When I had my dog in Tel Aviv and kids were either throwing rocks or botheering him, I taught my dog to attack. He was not an attack dog so nothing ever happened. He barely attacked. The mother should have known better and stopped the kid from throwing rocks. At least now the kid will learn. As for the owner of the dog - where was he. If it was a stray dog, then the owner should be fined for allowing a dog to walk around with no leash and out of sight.
22. poor dog they blame him for acting like his nature
ghostq   (03.08.10)
people forget that if it was a man who got hit by rocks the reaction would as bad and even worse, so before you judge the poor pooch judge the children who raised to abuse animals and later on people.
23. Why was a 3 year old in the park alone?
israel   (03.08.10)
The whole story ties together and shows the ugly face of a dysfunctional family who think it's OK to let their kids run riot. And the worst thing is - they won't learn from this either.
24. Three types of kid in Israel
Yamit ,   Tel Aviv   (03.08.10)
It has been many years since I made aliya and there are still things that amaze me. There are 3 types of kids here: those, who will run to your dog (in my case two dogs) and start patting it without asking for your permission, those, who will throw stones (their parents normally are not around or are looking away), and those, who scream wildly and start running away, scaring the poor unsuspecting dogs to death. My dogs are always on the leash, so all the 3 types appear to me quite moronic. I am sorry for the boy's injuries, but the blame is with his parents and the dog's owner, who unleases it in public places with unattended kids running around. BTW, Amstaff is a wonderful and friendly breed, always willing to please you.
25. Taula, if you can't feel sorry for a 3 year old
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.08.10)
You are real twisted and sick person. A 3 year old can't be judged as fully competent and may have thrown the stone out of fear. After all an animal like that should never be off a leash or out of the control of it's owner. Either the owner was absent and criminally negligent or fled the scene and is guilty of a far more serious crime.
26. I very much agree!
Jen   (03.08.10)
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