Study: Only 13% of CEO positions in Israel held by women
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 08.03.10, 15:03
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1. how many women are willing?
golan ,   modiin   (03.09.10)
how many women are willing not to have kids or to simply pop them out and let some stranger raise them? How many women are willing to take the position that family and friends come last in the rat race? How many women are willing to give up on what we hear is "really important" on TV, in books, and from mom? I say about 13%
2. It's all relative
Hmmm ,   San Jose, California   (03.09.10)
Interestingly, Huffington Post has article today on the top 10 countries for women in business and CEO's. The highest percentage of women CEO's in top 10 is Finland - at 13%. (My guess is that they did not include Israel in the poll).
3. Yes but only 2% of prisoners in jail are women!
Jill ,   Haifa   (04.06.10)
So let's have some affirmative action quotas and double standards THERE! Enough with the feminist idiocy!
4. Stupid pseudo-data prove nothing
Shirley Levin ,   Tel Aviv   (04.06.10)
Suppose only 5% of those qualified and interested as serving as CEOs are women. Would mean women are over-represented and being hired by dumbed-down standards!
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