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Yeshiva University honors UK chief rabbi
Published: 11.03.10, 08:08
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1. Rabbi Jonathan Sach- TO Heal The Fractured World ...
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (03.11.10)
Shalom Aleichem Congratulations !
2. Bad Choice - Sacks not pro Israel
AB ,   Brooklyn USA   (03.11.10)
Rabbi Sacks has a long history of controversial disagreement with Israel. He labeled Jenin a 'massacre' in the world press and stood by it while promoting a book. He had his father label the historical jewish territories' immoral, occupation', andmuch much more.. Many 'love' him for his titles, his eloquent accent and writingings. For many that remember the harm he has caused he doesn't even pass the smell test. What is YU thinking?
3. sacks is not anti israel
jeff ,   uk   (03.14.10)
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