J'lem deputy mayor endorses Jewish presence in Sheikh Jarrah
Ronen Medzini
Published: 09.03.10, 16:16
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1. "Arab residents..
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (03.09.10)
went to court and were eventually rejected." They went to an Israeli court that seated jewish judges... the outcome was predictable.
2. Why even think of preventing Jews from moving into ...
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.09.10)
... a neighborhood only because they are Jewish? If this is a form of anti-Jewish racism in America, why should it not be viewed as anti-Jewish racism in Israel...?? Sadly, some of the more "progressive" forces abroad support this anti-Jewish racism!!
3. Arabs squatters - get out of Shimon Hatzaddik neighborhood!
avraham ,   nyc   (03.09.10)
4. matter of time
eddie   (03.09.10)
its only a matter of time for this illegal existence to seize to exist.
5. re#2 Eitan
Cali Cal ,   Los Angeles, USA   (03.09.10)
You're assuming the world actually recognizes your ownership of any land in East Jerusalem. But they dont and they recognize it as OCCUPIED territory. And tell me Eitan, it its okay for Jews to sue to get their land rights back, are Palestinian East Jerusalemites allowed to do sue for their rights to the land and houses they owned in West Jerusalem?
6. why can't they live where they choose?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (03.09.10)
If the Jews let Arabs live in their lands, why can't the Arabs be democratic and let the Jews live amongst them?? Some one explain it to me again>
7. Jews AND Arabs should be allowed to live in all parts of Jer
David G   (03.09.10)
I do not understand why this is such a hard concept. Granted, Israel has some way to go to make sure Arab Jerusalemites can live in every part of West Jerusalem , but that should ideally be the goal for both sides. Concepts of Jewish and Arab neighborhoods should be purely historical and not political, anything less is bigotry plain and simple.
8. #1 #5
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.09.10)
#1: read carefully: the Arabs have been paying rent since the neighborhood was liberated from the racist apartheid rule of Jordan in 1967 which does not recognize Jews as humans. It is only in the last few years when the Arabs, incited by political elements, decided not to pay rent. #5 "the world" recognizes that all of Jerusalem is Jewish (mandate given to the British) but suggests that Israel should surrender to Arab territorial demands after these failed in their genocidal wars in '48, '56, '67 and '73. "Occupied Territories" is a fictional term used by racist countries like Saudi Arabia and the extreme-Left.
9. Make Jews living on pre-1948 Arab lands pay rent
Adam ,   Canada   (03.09.10)
Make Jews living on pre-1948 Arab-owned lands throughout Israel pay rent. And if not, allow these Arabs to expel the Jewish squatters and reclaim their homes. It should work both ways.
10. Hey Adam, make Canadians residing
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.09.10)
on pre-1850 Indian land pay rent! Wait, your admonition only applies to Jews in Israel. My error!
11. ++2
Yaniv ,   Israel   (03.09.10)
You talk about these so called "occupied territories" which you know nothing about. lets forget for 1min whos right and whos wrong, what about all the middle eastern jews that was expelled from Arab countries in the last 100 years which owens more land than the size of israel today but the Arabs will not even discuss this and refuse to even compansate for this and yet today we have nearly 2million arabs living freely in israel. Jews are not even allowed to visit most arab countrys yet alone claim back to what they own. Arabs should be thankfull that we let them live in israel, but it will never be enough for them till every jew is out of israel.
12. Sorry talkback 11 is a msg back to 5
Yaniv ,   Israel   (03.09.10)
sorry Eitan
13. A lawless people.
Ussishkin   (03.09.10)
What a joke. We love to declare that we are a democracy, and a law abiding nation - the only one in the region. Then along comes a guy with a kippa and a smile and flagrantly encourages breaking a Supreme Court order. Hypocite? Or does he answer to another higher order - the settlers' version of the Almighty and one that too many politicians are gutless to face down.
ABRAHAM ben JACOB ,   CANADA   (05.05.10)
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