New Iran destroyer test fires missile
News agencies
Published: 09.03.10, 17:24
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1. Fireworks rehearsal for a Nowruz celebration
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (03.09.10)
nothing else and militarily meaningless
2. Ha! A missile named Nour?
Chatich   (03.09.10)
Does it barge into somebody else's country, dig in and call itself indigenous, then start serial-posting lies on its host's internet news sites?
3. EXCEPT WHEN IT HITS.....................#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (03.09.10)
The target,the way it hit off the coast of Lebanon.:)
4. #3 Iranian Nintendo radar directs hits backwards..........
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (03.09.10)
towards Tehran most of the time and sometimes by mistake into Mecca, but never as their and your propaganda boasts. Any proof that their bi-weekly pronouncements have any merit? If it did Iran would have outpaced the US and the entire world combined several times over in the production of the most sophisticated weaponry. Top this reasoning if you can!
5. What Destroyer?
Arik ,   Israel   (03.09.10)
That PT boat is considered a Destroyer? I wonder what their version of a battleship would be, 50 man frigate?
6. NO COMMENTS AT ALL.....................#4
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (03.09.10)
Having deviated from the subject,your chellenging the Iranian achievements does not bother me at all.That is why the fingers have been on the trigger but no one dares to pull it(Referring to Barak's statement) You also appear to be personalising your talk-back which is rather stupid of you.But I am sure that as time goes by,you will refine your thinking and thus learn to comment on the subject.
7. some really good Photoshop work, they are getting better...
lol ,   iran? better? rotfl   (03.09.10)
8. That's what I thought #6..................
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (03.09.10)
Muslims are their own worst enemies. They always bring upon themselves the worst disasters and leave scorched earth behind in every single place they invade and conquer. Look at the sorry state of all majority Muslim countries today, and how much mayhem they unleash where they are still in the minority, India, Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, UK............ It is good that you have no comment, Al Takiya tactic is recognized right away and not appreciated.
9. another threat to the gulf arab states
zionist forever   (03.09.10)
Another provocation to the arabs. Iranian ships firing missiles in their backyard able to sink their ships if the mullahs get upset. They have already refused to allow use of Iranian airspace to anybody who calls the region the Arabian Gulf rather than the Persian Gulf. Its doubtful that the Iranian anti ship missile is a threat to the advanced US ship defenses so their carrier fleets should be safe but the arab merchant fleets do have to worry. This one though Israel doesn't have to worry about because it doesn't have ships in range and any naval vessels it might send there would be submarines.
10. 5
zionist forever   (03.09.10)
The article does say its THE FIRST IRANIAN BUILT WARSHIP OF ITS TYPE Maybe this is what Iran defines as a destroyer .... cute isn't it Maybe its a new born baby destroyer.
11. #3 Ben Alofs
Hal ,   Usa   (03.10.10)
You may not be aware of this, but Mahmood is a military affairs conultant for Pakistans ISI on loan to Iran Shoooosh! Don't tell anyone Ben! He and his co-worker Peter from Vienna are pouring over all the publications they can get their hands on to report back to Amad and his organ grinder. Mahmood has read and re-read Janes Big Book of weapons so don't go around argueing with him. He knows things !!!
12. #6 Rocket Man
Hal ,   Usa   (03.10.10)
Are you for real? "having deviated from the subject". "challenging the Iranian achievements does not bother me at all". "That is why the fingers have been on the trigger but no one dares to pull it:. Mahmood, are you writing a spoof spy novel? I thought Tayfun the Turk was on the product, but you may have him beat! Refining one's thinking in your case is wishful thinking. Your type, coupled with some of the other history buffoons that post their own versions of reality are great poster children for why Israel will not casuially enter into any aggrements with her treacherous neighbors. You need to read your posts before punching the send button. They're positively wacky. The more you post, the more demented you seem. Tell your doctor that you're worried about all the meds and think there might be a problem of pharmacological poisoning. It's never too late Mahmood! Really! Get help.
13. Destroyer. I am looking at the picture and
leo ,   usa   (03.10.10)
trying understand how much this destroyer can destroy. No, seriously. I suppose if we are to accept that anything can destroy something then it is a destroyer. However, from practical point of view it is very expensive destroyer of passenger and cargo ships. Somali pirates do it using much cheaper tools.
14. This is a Fishing Boat with addition of Plastic Toys on top
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (03.10.10)
That fire smoke behind the gray painted wooden arrow is what we used to do in kindergarten with a tin can, calcite stone and a glass of water poured over it. The only difference is that Iranian Revolutionary Artistic Unit added bigger fins at the tale of the arrow in the photoshop.
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