1,600 housing units in east J'lem approved
Ronen Medzini
Published: 09.03.10, 18:13
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1. "timing coincidental" No, an o-BUM-a alarm clock, wake up!
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.09.10)
2. provocation
mordechai taub ,   jerusalem   (03.09.10)
Ms. Ofran speaks of approval of building homes in Jerusalem as a provocation. That there are any Jews in Jerusalem is a provocation to the same individuals. The decliration of the State of Israel was a provocation. If this is a provocation, All power to provocators
3. 1600 units
jack ,   brooklyn, ny   (03.09.10)
With all due respect to Dr. Margalit and Hagi Ofran, stating our enemies position is unnnecessary and harmful. Peace will not come when giving our enemies every piece of Israel. Wake up they want it all.
4. End talks now
Rami ,   West Bank   (03.09.10)
Israel is not serious about peace. Abbas must end the talks now.
Nour ,   Palestine   (03.09.10)
THANK YOU SETTLERS. This is one of the happiest days of 2010 thusfar. Good doing business with you. Secular Israelis: Thank you for your continued and cowardly silence!
6. #4
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.09.10)
I guess living in Paris on the west bank of the Seine you don't know what is happening. Talks have brought you many successes. Because of talks, Israel let 400,000 foreign Arabs immigrate into Gaza, Judea and Samaria, armed them and gave them control of territory. Without talks, Israel would have never ethnically cleansed the Jews of Gush Katif and would never have lost Lebanon II or Cast Lead. Without talks, Jews would now be allowed to build homes.
7. 1600 units
YANIV ,   ISRAEL   (03.09.10)
Thank you Eli Yishai i hope there will be many more approvels in the future. Its about time israel has a goverment in place to secure the land of Israel, instead of giving up land in return for terror. When will those so called peace activists understand that the muslims dont not want peace but only for the jews to be washed to the sea.
8. #2 - i agree
david ,   new york usa   (03.09.10)
our being alive is the peak of chutzpah. weren't we all supposed to be ashes up a chimney?
9. Israeli's Land Grab A Crime
Jasmine ,   Toronto Canada   (03.10.10)
How sad that Israel, a people God once used to give the world His most basic commands of charity and respect of neighbour through Moses, continues to STEAL and COVET land and hold a people captive like they were once held captive. They justify their nationalistic behavior by acting they are above the Mosaic law, simply by insisting they are God's only chosen people and therefore entitled to land once given Jews long ago. This is the most unspiritual and non-charitable behavior not characteristic of the God of Moses, the creator God of all humanity. All this behavior and justification by present day Israelis indicates they are no longer the "spiritual" children of God by their very deeds and acts of inhumanity. Shame on those who call themselves God's chosen people and yet act evil and in complete spiritual contradiction to God's character and the law through Moses. God will one day say "enough" to these hard-hearted, worldly people who make outrageous claims on Him, justifying their evil as a right. God will act according to His justice and spiritual laws set down by His servant Moses. God is not partial and will chastise anyone who will use His name and authority to do what is evil in His sight.
10. To Response #9
Ezra ,   USA   (03.10.10)
According to the Torah, the covenant with Israel is FOREVER. For your information, most of Israel was bought by the JNF,...the land was purchased. Several years ago, the gentile nations surrounding Israel tried to kill all the Jewish inhabitants. Where were you then Ms. Righteous? We were out numbered, outgunned and had to steal rifles from the enemy to survive. Our savior HaShem carried us through the war to defeat our enemies. The fact that we are still here is a miracle in itself. Israel has already paid double for its transgressions. Instead of criticizing Israel, why not do something for the love of HaShem. Plant trees, feed the orphans,...etc.
11. building in East Jerusalem
love Israel ,   Israel   (03.14.10)
In my opinion, there are still places in Israel that are not yet developed. Let's build and develope these places and stop playing with our luck and good Amerecan friends. Enough is enough.
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