Abbas: Israel creating provocation
Ali Waked
Published: 09.03.10, 20:10
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1. Jeez-Torpedoed again!Just when Peace Bells sounded round M.E
Alan ,   SA   (03.09.10)
2. OUR Capitol, NOT theirs
Dan ,   Titusville   (03.09.10)
Jerusalem is the undivided and undisputed Capitol of Israel. The Palestinians have Gaza or their ancestral homeland of Jordan. Are we going to stand tall and end this nonsense? The West Bank and Jerusalem are LOST TO THE PALESTINIANS.
3. what is wrong with the Jewish nation
Barney ,   USA   (03.09.10)
building in its capital?
4. No peace, well who would of guessed,
Ken ,   Switzerland   (03.09.10)
Perhaps the U.S. made a small mistake. Perhaps if they would guarantied Palestine's security and supplied it with F16s and defence missles Israel would have a change of heart?
5. Israel, Keep building, it is your right.
Ely Greenhiut ,   Tzfat Israel   (03.09.10)
6. oops
Settler of Ramot ,   Jerusalem   (03.09.10)
last I looked out the window, my lovely settlement of 90,000 people and the settlement of RS are west northwest of the center. East indeed.
7.  Are there any Israelis here who fear for their Security?
Ken ,   Switzerland   (03.09.10)
8. This Elihahu Ishai is crazy...And the government is acting.
Ari ,   Romania   (03.09.10)
As a ship without a captain. Every body is rowing in different directions There are some sensitive issues, even if this belongs to the Interior Minister's area. This was no coincidence, it was mere stupidity. The guy thinks people are stupid? The government drags the decision for three years for the construction of 1600 house Units, and precisely when Biden arrives Elihahu Ishai decides to talk? Don't get me wrong I am against freezing any proyect in East Jerusalem or it's boundaries. But why in the hell they did not talk this 2 month ago? Why a stupid provocation to the world? We are cornering the USA, without reason. They are also between the sword and the wall. Guys like Ishai cannot make these anouncements without cabinet approval. These are security issues not only Interior Ministry Issues, Barak compromises the State presing for peace talks and willing to sacrifice settlements and maybe part of East Jerusalem, Ishai makes a stupid provocation. The MK from the Likud uncovers secret talks with arab enemy countries regarding a strike in Iran. What the hell is going on how many Prime Ministers we have ? Where is the discretion and security matters. Or is everything plan this way. and in last moment Nataniahu will jump in the arena and will say anything to fix any doing wrong doing if the scandal is to big. Since he is the PM he has more decision power that the rest of cabinet members. Some of our politicians are just Jockers.
9. Good, there is nothing to talk about.
Wise Saba ,   Eretz Yisrael   (03.09.10)
The arabs are squatting on our Jewish land.
stude ham   (03.09.10)
so the palis are only looking for ways out of any real peace with israel, while at the same pretending they are desirous of peace and israel scuttles all attempts at peace. which pretty much is their modus operandi.
11. #8 - What's the problem?
Eyal ,   USA   (03.09.10)
So they said it now and not 2 months ago, who cares. Jerusalem is Israel's capital and we can't divide it. The Palestinians already know Israel won't freeze in East Jerusalem? Why is it such a shocker for them? The Palestinians which ever you look at it, do not want to negotiate on compromise, they want to demand on the 67 borders, including East Jerusalem. When you say negotiations, what negotiations? It is either what they want or forget it...hehehehehe For some reason they think we have more to lose?
12. Expel the Arabs!!
David ,   USA   (03.09.10)
That is the real goal of the Israeli government...not peace.
13. True - and Santa is riding a flying sledge !
Jaacov Baumann   (03.09.10)
Why does Israeli media prints all the propaganda of their muslim enemies ? You support the enemy ! Call it by name : Propaganda of Israels enemies who want to destroy the Israeli nation ! Dont be cowards !
14. Why prevent Jews, only because they are Jewish, from ...
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.09.10)
... residing in certain neighborhoods of their own capital city...?? Doesn't it smells of racism? Anti-Jewish racism in this case...??!! Jerusalem has never been the capital city of any people or any state but that of the Jewish people. And now that the whole of Jerusalem is part of Israel's sovereignty, those who truly wish to achieve an accommodation of peaceful coexistence with the Jewish people and its nation-state of Israel must appreciate this fact of life.
15. What could be better than torpedoing talks with the PA?
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.09.10)
As if torpedoing the "peace talks" with the PA is a bad thing. The PA wants Jerusalem. It wants Judea and Samaria. It wants to trim Israel's waist to eight miles. It wants to flood Israel with hostile Arabs. It wants to place every Israeli city and town within range of terrorist rockets. What could be better than torpedoing talks with the PA?
16. Jerusalem was never up for negotiations
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.09.10)
There has never been a freeze on Jerusalem construction. Yet another Arab excuse to avoid talking. When are the Arabs ever going to fulfill any part of their obligations?
17. kinda stupid, isn't it??
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (03.09.10)
When building in Jerusalem becomes a provocation, I think it is time to tell the Palestinians to go to hell. Why don't they reciprocate once? I do not believe that the Prime Minister of Israel is seriously considering this or else I will just put my head in the ground and leave the world.
18. Jerusalem is our capital.We are allowed to build wherever we
Israeli   (03.09.10)
like there. Like any other capital in the world.
19. Ken, #4
Golani ,   Deal, USA   (03.09.10)
Ken, quick question? Why should Israel have to have a change of heart. Israel represents Counter Terrorism and the Palestinians mostly represent terrorism. Good guy vs bad guy..... Looks like you don't get it. Would you send arms to Al Queda too?
20. Ken #7
Golani ,   Deal, USA   (03.09.10)
Great question. Do Israelis fear for their security? Let's take a look at Gaza. Israel gave up the entire Gaza Strip, and we see what happened in Gaza and what came out of Gaza. Should Israel give up additional Israeli land to the Palestinians, maybe we should begin to fear more for our security. Should we give up any more land? No way, we have seen what can happen. Have you ever been to Israel Ken? You would feel very safe there. Have you been to the Gaza Strip? Not so sure how safe you would feel there, in particular if you were a male hairdresser.
21. Lets be REAL here, once and for all!
Alon ,   Israel   (03.10.10)
As a Israeli, I can't see why construction can't stop for several weeks. No one is expelling people from their homes. The only thing that can come out of this is the GOOD that it will bring Israel both domestically and internationally. Let's be real and honest here people - enough with the "kick palestinians out" and "they have jordan". Realistically, they are here and we must deal with it. Everyone who thinks otherwise is A) being foolish or B) denying the inevitable.
22. Jerusalem is part of sovereign Israel and as such no one may
Jonathan ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.10.10)
tell Israel how to conduct its internal affairs and the internal affairs of its municipalities. For those who truly want to reach peace, this case should play no role at all, unless of course they wish to continue blame Israel and refuse to accept its very legitimacy.
23. Housing
John ,   Sunbury USA   (03.10.10)
Our vice president forgets that Israel owns E Jerusalem. It's ours not the Arabs. It''s time that Israel stood up for her own rights.Go build and while you're at it take the Temple mount also.
24. “The struggle with the Zionist enemy is not a matter of ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (03.10.10)
“The struggle with the Zionist enemy is not a matter of borders” Attempts to solve the Arab/Israeli conflict regularly fail because of the refusal to acknowledge that this dispute has never been about borders, territory or settlements, but about the Arabs refusal to recognize Israel’s right to exist. “The struggle with the Zionist enemy is not a matter of borders, but touches on the very existence of the Zionist entity,” declared an Arab spokesman. To be informed :
25. borders
Michelle   (03.10.10)
I would disagree. Zionism is all about borders and territory. The very existence of the "Zionist enemy" then becomes a problem when motivations lean toward annexation, expropriation and displacement.
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