White House condemns east Jerusalem building
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Published: 09.03.10, 23:00
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1. make washington capital of palestiian state
zionist forever   (03.09.10)
If they are worried about provocation why not offer the palestinians a capital in Washington DC. Obama & Biden love the arabs so much so do something really nice for them and make Washington the capital of 2 states. This would also make Israeli building in Jerusalem not a provocative thing to do and everybody is happy.
2. Biding his time
Gloosecap ,   ca canada   (03.09.10)
Yes indeed!!! Mr Biding should really be just 'bidin' his time in his own foul business and not Israel's. Jerusalem belongs to Israel, not just part of it. For sure the US is against that fact because it gets in the way of them cozying up to the so called Palestinians. Build in east Jerusalem and all of Jerusalem!!! It's yours and really doesn't belong to the US or anyone else but Israel. Isn't it really a shame that Bidin' is so upset!!!!!
3. biden and obama opinions are not the opinions of americans
david ,   new york   (03.09.10)
this is a far left administration and few americans think the way they do. thank goodness that obama's approval rating has tanked. i think we'll get som pro-israel republicans in power come the 2010 elections. obama's days are numbered
4. But naming a square for a terrorist doesn't mean much
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.09.10)
The PA has violated ever single provision of every agreement that they have ever signed and yet this has never once been brought up why? How about getting the Arabs to fulfilled their obligations? They have never done that either.
5. Build 11,600 or even 111,600 new units
Steven ,   San Francisco   (03.09.10)
Those who have the arrogance to tell Jews where and when they can build in their own land ought not to visit.
6. |Bidern's condemnation of East Jerusalem Project
Spencer ,   Israel   (03.09.10)
Israel has always maintained that the capital if Israel, Jerusalem will never again be divided. This being the case, Biden has more than a cheek criticising Israel for building in her OWN Capital.
....DACON9   (03.09.10)
AS LONG AS ISRAEL WANTS USA PERMISSION TO EXIST and how to exist..... I WILL NOT make aliyah. I will remain in the USA who is dictating the rules. As long as iSRAEL THINKS IT NEEDS USA TO EXIST... THEN ISRAEL is not ready for ME I need to live where GD is recognized as the helper ,the salvation , MY ROCK AND MY REDEEMER. i need to go to the land where MOSES BEGGED GD TO VISIT I guess my move will be slowed by ISRAELS current dependance on 'other gods' and idols' I WILL CRY FOR ISRAEL JUST A LITTLE LONGER THANK YOU DACON9 Brooklyn New York ( who is in galut? )
8. Jerusalem is not a settlement!
Ephraim ,   United Jerusalem, IL   (03.09.10)
The PM of Israel is reluctant to formulate Israel's position when talking to the Americans. Obama and his "man of power" should understand that Jerusalem is NOT a settlement but a united city and according to the Israeli Law, the capital city of the Jewish State. If they (the Americans) want to please the Arabs, they can offer them half of Washington DC as a compensation!
9. Biden
Jeff ,   Dallas, USA   (03.09.10)
Its so sad that Obama sent the Vice Idiot in place of himself, the First Idiot to handle peace...dont trust either idiot and keep your land that God gave you. God Bless Israel
Yaniv ,   Israel   (03.10.10)
stude ham   (03.10.10)
if the US had wanted to be trusted in these so called indirect (euphemistically called proximity) talks, then biden would never have uttered such one sided critical remarks... demonstrating the BO tilt to the arabs... lock stock and barrel. this is one highly offensive diplomatic offensive that israel must scuttle for its own safety.
12. Biased Media
Dallas ,   Canada   (03.10.10)
Amazing how the world media, even Haaretz, call this a 'settlement', and many articles worldwide are calling it a 'new settlement'. Obama of course would be too embarrassed to return to Israel after calling it indivisible during his campaign. He really should visit and support his own words, face Israelis instead of keeping them as some abstraction in his mind.
13. Ahmadinejad slams US policy
conspiracy theorist ,   Essex, UK   (03.10.10)
Ahmadinejad denies 9/11 Obama denies Armenian Genocide. So Biden slams Jewsih building in their own capital, so what?
14. Lets be REAL here
Alon ,   Israel   (03.10.10)
As a Israeli, I can't see why construction can't stop for several weeks. No one is expelling people from their homes. The only thing that can come out of this is the GOOD that it will bring Israel both domestically and internationally. Let's be real and honest here people - enough with the "kick palestinians out" and "they have jordan". Realistically, they are here and we must deal with it. Everyone who thinks otherwise is A) being foolish or B) denying the inevitable. Hold an olive branch in one hand and a sword in the other. Don't be afraid of negotiations, if you want to see a Jewish Israel in 40+ years.
15. Speaking of trust building
Frank ,   Canada   (03.10.10)
Obama and Biden must prove first they are reliable and stop appeasing Arabs and living in the Lalaland. Arabs must prove that they can be trusted by real actions on the ground. Israel has nothing to prove, only Americans and Arabs have to prove their reliability.
16. U.S. condemnation not worth the paper
Katherine ,   Canada   (03.10.10)
This U.S. condemnation is not worth the paper it was printed on. The U.S. has been "condemning" illegal Israeli settlement construction for years, but has NEVER taken any concrete action to prevent it. The Palestinians should question American sincerity in achieving peace. Allowing the Americans, with their 100% pro-Israel bias, to hold a monopoly over the talks is a big mistake. They are not a fair and unbiased mediator, they are on Israel's side 100%.
17. Why can't Israel build inside its borders?
Andrew ,   Australia   (03.10.10)
Why does Israel insist on building settlements deep in the West Bank and in Arab East Jerusalem? Why can't Israel build inside of its own borders and leave the Palestinians alone? There is plenty of open land there. The answer is because Israel has NO INTEREST IN PEACE whatsoever. Just stealing more and more land from the Palestinians expense.
18. God made the US great - HE will bring it down !
Jaacov Baumann   (03.10.10)
Clearly the US - administration is playing games with Israel - for its own advantage, they would drop ( even attack) Israel ! Tragically, they forget who made the USA great and powerful - HE will also bring the downfall of the USA because they do not support Israel ! '' He who curses Israel will be cursed '' Its not fiction - the signs are clearly on the wall.
19. What is next
Dov ,   US   (03.10.10)
Even if construction comes to halt Palestinians will demand pre 1967 borders and will return Jerusalem into a closed city once more.
20. I'm ashamed of Biden
Ezra ,   USA   (03.10.10)
His character is truly inconsistent with my beliefs and values. He lives in a totally different world, and in my opinion he should keep his opinions to himself for the duration of his job.
21. Likud government jumps the shark
avramele   (03.10.10)
Israel is behaving like a middle aged Fonz who thinks that the tough guy bravado still plays...cut it out Bibi --its not cute and it certainly doesn't make allies. this and the Dubai incident make for a one two punch of idiocy.
22. I hope the Democrats are absolutely creamed in the midterms.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.10.10)
From recent polls, most of America is disgusted with Obama and the Democrats. Obama is polling some of the lowest approval ratings Gallup has ever seen for a president entering his second year in office. America is fed up with the Democrats' incompetence with the economy, jobs, taxes, the deficit, healthcare etc. Obama's contempt towards America's allies, especially Israel, and obsequiousness towards her enemies also disgusts Americans. I hope the Democrats are absolutely creamed in the midterm elections later this year.
23. What did you expect from the Pariah state?!
Alex   (03.10.10)
24. to the American taxpayers
observer   (03.10.10)
why American taxpayers are supporting indirectly, through the tax-exempt contributions, a process that the government condemns. why the Americans' tax money is used to feed the settlers and shelter them. Every dollar that goes to settlements makes Middle East peace that much harder to reach.
25. adventure of building on disputed land
observer   (03.10.10)
in November 1982, an entrepreneur completed a 326-room, $20 million hotel at Taba. The builder, Eli Papouchado, knew that ownership of the land was disputed, but says he went ahead with government approval. Born in Egypt in 1937, Papouchado moved to Israel as a teenager and began working in construction before switching to property, focusing on hotels. 50% of Israelis are Arab Jews (Mizrahim). owner of the Sonesta Hotel said he could never think of selling out. "You know, I built this hotel, and I love it.". why did the Israelis make no attempt to retain Taba when they overran and then withdrew from the Sinai following the 1956 war? In early March 1989 after a decade of argument and arbitration finally ended. Israel gave up and handed back the 750-by-150 yard strip of beach. Papouchado favors a Solomonic solution, suggesting that the two countries maintain joint control of Taba and that he be allowed to run his hotel in peace. Now, the resort community of Taba Heights is located some 20 km south of Taba. It features several large hotels, including The Hyatt Regency, Marriott, Sofitel and Intercontinental.
26. perfect timing for a "good friend"
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.10.10)
The decision to approve the construction of new housing units has angered Israels "good friend" Joe Biden - maybe he is no good friend of Israel, maybe he is just a hypocrite who should better back off and mind his own business.
27. Prime Minister Begin to Lord Carrington - Camp David 1978 :
Ron B. ,   Lod   (03.10.10)
“Open your Bible 'and read the First Book of Kings, chapter two, verse eleven, where you will find that King David moved his capital from Hebron, where he had reigned for seven years, to Jerusalem where he ruled for another thirty-three years, and this at a time [3,000 years ago] when the civilized world had never heard of London.'” As to rights and legitimacy :
28. biden condemnation housing
Lenise ,   Bersheva, Israel   (03.10.10)
There are no words to describe the audacity of the vice president of the land of the free and the brave, the supporter of the homeless and the weary, to refuse Israel the right to build homes for her people, and condemn her for doing so, in a recognized suburb of her capital city. Obama and Biden would be allowed to refuse permission to an American city to build homes for young couples with children, some with large families? Would this be acceptable in the USA? I think not, possibly civic riotswill result. I hate to say this but what they would not be allowed to get away with in their own country, they wish to allow to be done here in Israel. Time to start saying "Yankees, Go Home!!!" Until they show real concern for Jewish human beings in our country they should not be allowed to dictate to a sovereign country, Israel is not another state of the USA.
29. I condemn US meddling in inernal affairs of Israel
Meir ,   Miami, US   (03.10.10)
Good move by Yishai. Biden go home man and condemn over there what have you. Can you imagine an Israeli PM coming to NY and condemn construction at ground zero. Obama may be the messiah for some Americans, but not for us. Oh and neither was Jesus.
30. White House condemns east Jerusalem building
Logihead ,   Canada   (03.10.10)
Any Jew has the right to live in ANY part of Israels Capital City of Jerusalem
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