Biden says Palestinians deserve 'viable' state
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Published: 10.03.10, 15:42
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31. Palestinians deserve a state
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (03.10.10)
Give the Gaza strip to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordan, and let them take care of their brethren.
32. Good Idea Joe
Benny ,   Gush Etzion   (03.10.10)
So why don't you gibe them Delaware?
33. YES!!
Takan ,   Elat   (03.10.10)
Arabs already got 70% of what was Palestine under the British mandate. The rest became Israel. How about settling the Basques, the Kurds, the Tibetans, the Native Americans, the Australian aborigines and so on. If the so self-called Palestinians deserve a second state, they sure lay far down the list of priorities. Biden, give back Washington to Geronimo and resettle all North Americans to Europe, where they came from. How does that sound to your colonial ass?
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (03.10.10)
Lots of people deserve.I deserve to be fabulously wealthy ,a multi-millionaire.SO F.....NG WHAT.
35. Well i for one think is really nice of israel to build
ezra ,   london   (03.10.10)
Palestinians some new homes in east jerusalem, after all the right wing racist settlers wont stay in those houses under PA administration so they'll go back to israel, leaving them t the rightful residents, the Palestinians.
36. Deserve??
alan ,   texas   (03.10.10)
NO they don't!!
37. What have Biden+Obama done so that Pals accept Jewish state?
Sam ,   Canada   (03.10.10)
Biden and Obama forced Netanyahu to accept Palestinian and Jewish states. What have they done to get the Arabs to accept the Jewish state? It's clear that Biden+Obama want to appease Muslim terror with a Palestinian state but it's also clear that they are helpless in getting the Arabs to accept a Jewish Israel. The Palestinians are not saying that stopping construction or any other variable will lead to acceptance of a Jewish Israel. They are just milking US and EU fears to get concessions for nothing.
38. "Palestinian faith in new peace negotiations"
Ram ,   London   (03.10.10)
Pay attention to the continuous hammering of the words "contiguous", "Jerusalem" and "Palestinian State" by the arabs, EU and the US. They talk of a peace plan when all it is is a "hudna" they are after, a temporary truce in which to bolster their efforts in making even more demands and fortify themselves to try and totally destroy Israel. In an ideal world peace would be the most welcome goal but can Israel allow itself to believe in this kind of wishful thinking when they know well this goes totally against the Islamic ideology? Let us ask ourselves: " what have the Palestinians "ever" done to deserve all this international support"? Be careful Israel - be careful Netanyahu!
39. Hey Biden -
Paul ,   Rhinebeck USA   (03.10.10)
Maybe someone should tell Biden and Obama that they ought to read the latest posting of Palestinian Media Watch.
40. # 19 Eddie: its people like you
Kareem ,   USA   (03.10.10)
that makes any 'terrorism' committed by palestinians justified. When you justify Genocide, then 'terrorism' is also justified. What needs to happen is for both side to condemn both. America might have stolen native Indian land, but that does not make genocide justifiable. Just because someone did it 300 years ago does not make it justified for someone else to do it today. For we live in the 21st century. When you write something everyone reads it, Terrorists have access to the internet too. So when you say genocide is ok, guess what some buy from South Lebanon is going to read it and you know what he's going to think, he's going to think, well in that case, I'm going to guy more weapons from Iran in order to defend my people. You see you can't morally justify one side of the argument but deny the opposition to it. This is why One needs to condemn both the genocide and the terrorism. However you need to recognize by your own words too, that it was Genocide that came first, not terrorism. That does not justify terrorism but it does make one think twice before calling those people as terrorists. Its wrong what they do sometimes but perhaps its not terrorism. Had Israel wanted the Arabs to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, Israel will stop its land expansions in the west bank because land expansion means more genocide. You can't expect a country to continue to commit genocide and expect the natives to recognize it !!! If the country stops expanding and keeps whatever it got in 1967 and then apologizes to the Palestinians for the harm it had done to them. Then that country would be seen as a serious partner and one that is repented of its genocidal tendencies upon which it was formed. Nevertheless, had the country continued to refuse to stopping land expansion in the west bank, then you can expect anything from the Palestinians as a form of self defense (suicide bombing, rockets).. all that would be still wrong but perhaps a bit justified as a form of self defense against the invading occupying and genocidal state of Israel. May there be peace, may all people try and not use violence, may the Palestinians stop trying to use violence. However much more may the Israelis stop their genocide which is the root cause of the conflict.
41. #19: one more thing eddie
Kareem   (03.10.10)
The land grab occurred before the formation of the US. The US constitution was still not there. The USA as a nation was still not formed. The USA as a nation will never commit genocide. The US was formed in 1787. the Indians were pushed out in 1500s/1600s. One of the reasons that the US was created in order to protect against such sort of practice and not in order to support it!
42. No land for Peace will ever work
ik ,   USA   (03.10.10)
"Palestinians" whoever they are, have a state. It's called Jordan, Iran, Lebanon and Syria- all who disown them except when it comes to getting a piece of the state of Israel.
43. 6 Golani
ik ,   USA   (03.10.10)
Fabulous remark. Exactly!
stude ham   (03.10.10)
it isn't peace they're looking at. it's territorial grabs from the israelis... the more the better. biden has sunk any hope of conflict resolution. PS... biden will never make it into the white house.
45. Deserve what?
Shimshon ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.10.10)
Well after years of terror they should really get their state - terror seems to pay!?
46. #19 Hey Eddie-It Was Your Mishpucha That Stole The Land!
David H ,   Marietta USA   (03.10.10)
American lands were seized by imperialist Britain. We just revolted, and won the fight. My family came over much later, like 125 years later. Don't blame me! God Save The Queen!
47. I deserve a state too.
Alfie Knowkes ,   Golan   (03.10.10)
But you're all welcome. No dress code.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (03.10.10)
There once was an old man named Biden; With the arabs he liked sidin' '; This dumb old fool was just a useful tool ; I just cannot abide 'im.
49. Two States
Isidore   (03.10.10)
There are only two states in the world today the USA and Russia.
50. Of Course, They Should Have a State
Aryeh ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.10.10)
And they do. It's called Trans-Jordan. It covers 78% of the original Palestinian state and has a Palestinian majority.
51. US/France don't Hide their Venomous Jew-HATE
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (03.10.10)
Anti-Jew VP Biden and America's Muslim President Obama have disgraced and shamed America with their continual attacks on Jews. Their demand for freezing communities in the Jewish ancestral homeland because the communities are Jewish and not Muslim is despicable and evil. How can the Prime Minister obey the wicked commands from Washington and freeze Jewish communities in Biblical Judea and Samaria - the punishment for not being Muslim? 10,000 Gaza Jews were forced into poverty and homelessness for Islam! The US/EU/UN are determined to achieve Muslim conquest of all Israel. The Palestinian Authority declare all Israel is occupied; continually incite Muslims to jihad against Jewish infidels and honor and glorify savage Muslim killers of Jewish innocents. This barbaric behavior makes the PA Muslims deserving of a viable state according to the U.S. The MURDEROUS genocidal 'peace' international ruling elite Jew-haters seek for Jews. How many years are left before G-D brings down on America all the terrible and evil things that Washington seeks for Israel's Jews?
52. What have the Arabs ever done to deserve anything?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.10.10)
They invented political aircraft hijacking. They have stolen our lands, our history and our culture. Their only industry is genocide. After all that they DESERVE a state? Well that's nice they can have one EAST of the Jordan River
53. Not possible: a 'viable' PA state
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.10.10)
Too much corruption, greed, power struggles, Islamic fanatics, etc. The PA has shown BY ITS DEEDS that it cannot control its citizens, and indeed, promotes demonization, martyrdom, and jihad against Israel. No sane person would ever consider that a PA state is viable with the current leadership.
54. Obama Hussein the muslim is destroying the US and now
obama hussein is a ,   trojan horse in WA   (03.10.10)
wants to destroy Israel!
55. Kareem 40-41
Eddie ,   london UK   (03.10.10)
Kareem, I am not justifying genocide at all. I am mocking Biden and Obama. Especially since they are trying to block a vote recognizing Armenian genocide committed by Turkey. Fact: The British and Spanish conquistadors, basically murdered the native Indians in the Americas, and then built what is now America - N+S. Kareem, you seem like an intelligent fellow. The 1967 border was not accepted by any arab state, nor the PLO. The 67 war was not about recovering any of these territories, since they were occupied by Egypt, Jordan etc. The 48 war was not about borders - it was about destruciton of the new Jewish entity, whatever the borders. I never justifed Genocide, you are not reading me correctly. Those who back Turkey are justifying i - or denying it. Ahmadinejad is now denying 9/11. would u agree with him? Now here is the point that evades many critics of Israel. they justify the occupation of Israeli lands by successive regimes, eg roman , Arab, Ottoman etc.. Yet they condemn Israeli moves to rectify those occupations. Arabs have plenty of land. The Palestinians are foregin imports into Israel - they are not the owners of that land. they can return to their native lands, eg Turkey, arabia. The compensation has to be paid by the occupiers, eg Ottoman, Arab saffavids etc. Roman empire started this mess, hence EU and Arab or MENA can deal with repatriation. The land of Israel is Israel's, and Jerusalem is its capital.
56. #41 Americans may not support genocide and expansion but
Ken ,   Switzerland   (03.10.10)
It supports Israel who does. Last time I checked more Americans were " settling" on this expansion than Palestinians.
57. a message from here
shamless act ,   USA   (03.10.10)
as a US jew ,Israel's actions are making our life miserable here ....we are always on the defense ,and we are losing our argument here . 2 states ,it is becoming impossible for the palestinians . one state ,will make israel an aparthied state . intemarriage and assimilation is something we can't control ...but we can lower the hate and the anti-semetism in the world by following a common sense actions . let us start with stopping to humiliate our guests ... you did it to the turkish envoy and now to the US vice p. what is going on ?? force and stubberness will never bring you peace .. even the stupid people calling for Jordan as a homeland for the Palestinians ...this will not bring poeace only shifts the front line few miles east. that is all . Humiliating our VP will carry grave consequences ,how shamless .
58. keep the good work, you will never learn from your history
haddad ,   [palestine   (03.10.10)
reading israelies takbacks on any article related to us palestiniians makes me feel sorry for you, i do believe that you are human beings like us but bad for you, you dont read your history and when you do you never lean form what always happend to you.
59. biden/obama!
OZ   (03.10.10)
you ain't our mama... thisis by far the most vial anti -israel administration in decades... it makes lbj's and carter's seem benign..... but , fear not israel. in 2 little short years these 2 clowns wll disappear into history's garbage bin ,and usess and impotant...
60. Palestinian Arabs have a state
alan ,   texas   (03.10.10)
Its called Jordan
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