Trial begins over death of US activist in Gaza
Ahiya Raved
Published: 10.03.10, 15:04
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1. This is no Defense. Could have arrested her?????
JO   (03.10.10)
Rachel Corrie worked was an activist with ISM, who are the ones who should be sued. Do you know how blindsided you can in a bulldozer - and that is why you don't go near one. IDF should have arrested her a defense (i.e.keep her safe) Come on, she was part of a demo of ISMrs who never listen and provoke violence. They will not win this court case, it is a lousy argument (try going to ISMrs demos today, see it all) and stupid. Rachel Corrie did not use her common sense and expected to be safe? (safe distance from monster trucks) . That this is being used for Palestinian PR shows how low you go. Do ISMrs sign a liability waver when they work with them??? Yes, they do.
2. Investigate the ISM
JPS ,   Efrat   (03.10.10)
The ISM is known as a Fatah funded front for incitement against Israel. You'll notice that ISM members never go on record condemning Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. Most ISM dupes will spew the standard Palestinian propaganda line of "legitimate right to resist the occupation" and be speechless when told that Palestinian suicide bombings of Israeli civilians are war crimes and crimes against humanity. Note that ISM members are definitely not human rights supporters, since that would involve supporting the human rights of Israeli civilians as well. ISM members are nothing more than ignorant pawns in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Corrie, sadly, was just another ISM dupe who was made a fatal mistake.
3. Counter-sue
Yonason Herschlag   (03.10.10)
These groups cost the Israeli taxpayers money. They cause us financial damages with their security breaches. Now they are continuing to cause financial damages with baseless court costs. Counter-sue them for damages!
4. Justice will be served
Umm El Kul Naqba   (03.10.10)
For the crime of supporting the terrorists and fighting against the necessary protections of Israelis against Palestinian Terror, I find Rachel Corey deserving of death and her parents deserving of nothing. Suing of Caterpillar and Israel shall prove to be a futile effort that will have cost them a fortune in lawyer's' fee and enormous time and effort for nothing.
5. Don’t give them a shekel
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.10.10)
It is highly rich of Corrie’s parents to demand damages when they have actually saved a small fortune as they will no longer have to pay or their daughter’s college fees, deposits on apartments, wedding and so on. Corrie’s parents can make do with the return on their daughter’s travel insurance which would have covered death. No nation in the world would pay a cent to the parents of a dead terrorist sympathizer and neither should Israel.
6. wow the original claim was higher,
ghostq   (03.10.10)
before the trial they wanted more, but now the amount is lower. btw the 6 people outside r not enough for rally.
7. What was she thinking?
Mike ,   Kibbutz Israel   (03.10.10)
Talk about a candidate for the Darwin awards, I bet her last thoughts were something like this: "I like so relate to these Palestinians, they are like so repressed, like I think I will lie down in front of a bulldozer, like maybe it will be my friend......oh #$@!. "
8. We Never Needed Rachel Corrie
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (03.10.10)
What kind of dual justice is this ? Thousands of innocent people on both sides get murdered and nobody cares a bit , and yet that American Rachel Corrie rashly and irrationally and knowingly risked her life by going to a "combat zone" where violence could hurt armed as well as unarmed people, and decided to defy an Israeli court order by challenging the bulldozer face to face from a close distance and ultimately lost her life without contributing anything to the Palestinian cause ! She willingly took the dangerous risk and paid her life as the price for the risk she took ... Young adolescents like her could never be of any help to Palestinians unless they serve the Palestinian refugees as teachers,nurses,or social workers .Otherwise we simply do not need anyone,especially outsiders, to commit follies and waste their lives in vain in the name of Palestine . If her parents win the case it would be because of tremendous US pressure . If it were a Palestinian who got killed I am sure nobody would have even bothered to care ... ! Just tell me about justice ... !
9. ISM & Corries should pay court costs!
Mari Zinger ,   NY, USA   (03.10.10)
She was a criminal & commited suicide. End of story!
10. It is money
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.10.10)
Rachel Corrie was a racist who targeted Jews for her hatred. She died because she flew all the way from America to hide behind a wall in a building she knew was being demolished. Her "grieving" parents are just trying to make some money off of their dead daughter. Next they will be selling the movie rights. Disgusting.
11. suing for $ will bring justice?
yoni ,   tel aviv   (03.10.10)
the fact is that she put herself in front of that bulldozer risking her life. In other words she was grossly negligent. There is no Israeli soldier that would look at a left wing protester and just run her over. IDF soldiers are 18yr old Israeli kids doing the work they are told. They take orders and it should be a crime what she did.
12. Rachel
jeremy ,   Hula Valley kibbutz   (03.10.10)
If you are stupid enough to go to a war zone you risk getting killed. Rachel"s parents are idiots for letting her go to Gaza in the first place. The case should be thrown out on merit or I should say lack of. We should counter sue Rachel's family and ISM for all the damage they have caused.
13. Other innocent civilians sould sue
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (03.10.10)
Other families (palestinians or others) who lost innocent memebers during demolition should sue
14. she was just another self righteous useful idiot
rachel ,   usa   (03.10.10)
look at her parents ...the same ....
15. When you play with fire...
Avi ,   Tel Aviv   (03.10.10)
16. she was made a shaheed by the Arabs ...
rachel ,   usa   (03.10.10)
You ISM and supporters watch out with whom you associate ...this is a dangerous game you are playing with fire
17. More Pallywood against Israel and jews
rachel ,   usa   (03.10.10)
18. ..You get burned.
Avi ,   Tel Aviv   (03.10.10)
I have a hard time find sympathy for these blind "Yafei Nefesh". Get an education before you decide to become a human speedbump.
19. Suing the Ministry of Defense for NOT ARRESTING HER!
Len ,   Rehovot   (03.10.10)
They are suing the IDF - who, according to her daughter's organization had no right to be in Gaza in the first place for NOT arresting her. Not the people who put her there - not the ones who arranged her visa, paid for her trip, gave her the vest and told her to sit in front of a bulldozer (as if they didn't know the driver wouldn't be able to see her) - but the ones who didn't arrest her for protesting what they were doing. So I guess that means the IDF should start arresting ISM members? How about we start with these two opportunistic anti-semites who are wasting Israeli taxpayer dollars with their frivolous lawsuit. I hope that when this sham is eventually thrown out of court here, the Israeli government should sue the Corrie family to recover the costs of their abuse of our court system.
stude ham   (03.10.10)
lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit... and sue sue sue... they get no sympathy.
21. by the way
oferdesade ,   israel   (03.10.10)
why arent they suing the ISM? surely they dont send these kids out to where they send them out without some kind of insurance?!
22. Family not different than mothers of suicide bombers
William ,   Israel   (03.10.10)
Both throw their kids into dangerous situations, then try to extract money for losing them. The Corries are acting from pain and hatred, the "palestinians" are acting from greed and hatred. Not much difference here in that BOTH are ignorant of what it means to be a parent.
23. Sarah B.
Libneniyyeh ,   Canada   (03.10.10)
You are mentally unstable.
24. #8 - YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
William ,   Israel   (03.10.10)
Finally, a sane voice among the "palestinians". I am happy to hear someone stand up for basic logic and an honest end to this tension. BTW - always great to hear from you Abdel. Glad you're back posting. Please bring more like-minded people.
25. You're looking at the wrong person for healing
William ,   Israel   (03.10.10)
To the Corrie family - healing begins within, not from outside. Perhaps you are more comfortable with the process of finding blame with someone in order for you to move on with your grieving... but your own statements show you can't handle the truth despite asking for it. Because of your own hatred and racist nature which supports your daughter's own racism, you cannot accept any "truth" that does not conform to your own belief system and agenda. The truth is - your daughter, an ideological naive misfit, traveled to a war zone and stood in front of a military bulldozer. You wouldn't let her play near a street with heavy traffic in Seattle, would you? So why allow this?? Your daughter made a mistake and you condoned it. War sucks and kids make stupid choices based on a false sense of invincibility. That's the truth, and you must acknowledge it if you want justice and healing. Suing someone else only steals from you real justice.
26. #19 - The "palestinians" attempt this weekly
William ,   Israel   (03.10.10)
"Pal" families get upset and try to sue the Israeli govt for not arresting an armed terrorist despite the fact that soldiers call for the terrorists surrender and get fired upon. Then if apprehended, the "Pals" claim their human rights are violated for being arrested. The truth is - and this cannot be conveyed enough to the Arabs - once you lift a weapon, anything - a rock, a gun, a knife, or smuggle a pipe bomb - your rights are GONE!
27. #13 - Define "innocent", Rami
William ,   Israel   (03.10.10)
Is this the innocent gunman who stays inside the house ignoring calls to surrender while taking shots at IDF soldiers outside? You won't find any civilians who were crushed by demolitions (provided gunmen weren't inside using them as human shields) because they are always arrested and moved out by soldiers before action is taken....and this is AFTER receiving eviction notices.
28. Parents of war criminal sue us?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.10.10)
What kind of a world is this. Rachel Corrie committed a criminal act by lying to authorities in entering Israel. She was a member of a terrorist support organization. She was acting to protect a smuggling tunnel and hid from the authorities. In short she was totally responsible for what happen to her.
OZ   (03.10.10)
if naything , corrie's parents(seem to be a real pain in the tuches, like their daughter) should sue the ism and anyone else invovlved in financing this insane ism... george soros for one!
30. what was she doing there the IDF sould be sueing her famil
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