European Parliament backs Goldstone report
Associated Press
Published: 10.03.10, 19:13
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1. We need to sue Judge Goldstone
Eyal ,   USA   (03.10.10)
For slander and lies. I am sure we will find several Millions of Dollars in his Swiss bank account for his report. Take the psychological war to them. Jerusalem is ours, including the West Bank and Gaza. Anyone opposing this can frankly go to hell. The Palestinians need to start moving far far away.
2. arrogance
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.10.10)
This is only just the beginning, but our arrogance prevents us from seeing that
3. what else do you expect from Eurabia ?
rachel ,   usa   (03.10.10)
4. A good Jew named Goldstone
Marcos ,   Massachusetts, USA   (03.10.10)
This old Jew is glad that Europe has endorsed the work of a good Jew.
SACHEL TOV   (03.10.10)
6. Don't worry, our great Foreign Minister will fix it
Avi   (03.10.10)
7. Israel's foreign relationships severely worsening
Observer   (03.10.10)
It's a trend since the right-wring government is in power - their politics are suicidal.
8. Europe must arrest European served in IDF during Gaza&
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (03.10.10)
Lebonan wars. War crimes are not committed in Gaza but also in last Lebonan war. Those who breached international rules should be punished in War tribunals.Not only lower rank soldiers but all responsible administration. The same valid for other side, Palestinians or Lebonanese fighters if they commit war crimes as well. But I do not think there are any.
9. Tyfoon
Eyal ,   USA   (03.10.10)
Yeh and you Turks didn't commit Genocide either. Don't preach to the most moral army in the world. You are lucky they didn't blow everyone away in Gaza and in Lebanon. Next war though, be careful.
10. Our children's lives will not be swept under the carpet
Nour ,   Palestine   (03.10.10)
How precious is a Palestinian's life? How precious is an Israeli's life? How a human life?
11. EU should keep its nose out of Israel's business
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (03.10.10)
I wonder, did the EU Parliament also call on EGYPT to open its border crossings with the Gaza Strip? Israel is notl some colony of Europe whose behavior needs to be "monitored".
12. 300 Christians in Nigeria murdered by muslims and eurabia is
eurabia is doomed   (03.10.10)
worried about the fakestinians!
13. sigh
14. Nour, let me answer that
Eyal ,   USA   (03.10.10)
1 Israeli soldier = 1000 Palestinians Remember Gilad Nour? 1 of our soldier is worth 1000 of you. Does that answer your question? Calculator... 1 Jewish life = 1000 Palestinian lives. This is coming from your leaders.
15. Good first step.
Joy ,   NY   (03.10.10)
time to chase these war criminals and put them out of business for good
16. Goldstone and EU
tz   (03.10.10)
Is anyone really surprised?
17. What a surprise this news is !
Paul ,   USA   (03.10.10)
The EU doesn't have to worry about opening the door for more suicide bombers ( yet ), because it's only Israelis who will be murdered. Gotta love that Goldstone, though. Such integrity !
18. #10 Nour, Palestine
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (03.10.10)
"There were no such thing as Palestinians. When was there an independent Palestinian people with a Palestinian state? It was either southern Syria before the First World War, and then it was a Palestine including Jordan. It was not as though there was a Palestinian people in Palestine considering itself as a Palestinian people and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them. They did not exist." - Golda Meir (1969)
19. Not Europe
European   (03.10.10)
It may call itself the 'European' parliament but it can't speak for Europe. Most of Eastern Europe (Croatia, Serbia....) as well as Switzerland, Iceland and Norway are not part of it. And 335-287 is not that bad. You can't hope for anything better as long as Spain, Sweden and the UK are members. Ignore the vote, you're good at that.
20. #6 it is Barak, Not Lieberman, who says the most moral army
observer   (03.10.10)
21. EU survives the atrocities of WWII
observer   (03.10.10)
22. The EU parlement and their 'leaders
tiki ,   belgium   (03.10.10)
EU has no 'political cloud anywhere, except in the 'EU parlement building, so when there is a disaster they can organize help and blankets. The Lady FM is talking to empty EU halls. Her latest motion was to 'aquire a plane (like the US president) to fly around the world. Mr. EU President is nowhere to be seen or heard. As a matter of fact, the whole EU parlement with all those 'money grubbing parlementarians is not liked, so they need SOMETHING to 'upgrade their image, to show their importance......meaning to use Israel as a ''trial balloon to show how important and strong they are. But they are nothing more than a 'big balloon drifting in the EU sky. It's about time to put the EU parlement in it's proper place...., in Europe, to take care of the problems of THEIR citizens.
23. #10 Israel's business? War crimes are not internal affairs!
Corrector   (03.10.10)
zionist forever   (03.10.10)
The European Parliament it never gets anything useful done anyway. They have no power to do anything to Israel or Hamas but if accepting Goldstone makes them feel important then let them. Most respectable western countries have rejected it certainly in its original form.
25. Eyal USA: I think you may have
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.10.10)
misinterpreted Nour's post. According to my reading, he was mourning the loss of life be it Palestinian or Jewish. Surely, we can all relate to the loss of the lives of civilians and, especially, children, be they Palestinian or Jewish. It's important, during these years of stress, suffering and fighting for survival, not to lose our sense of compassion and humanity. There exist many tribulations experienced on both sides in which innocents have suffered. In this post, I am not pinning "fault" or "repsonsibility" on anyone, just reminding the good Readers that the repercussions of the struggles can be, and often are, malevolent.
26. Yes, someone please monitor the war crimes of Hamas!
realist ,   US   (03.11.10)
Do that and leave Israel alone.
27. #10 - Good questions.
Laurence ,   Tustin, USA   (03.11.10)
Nour, when cowardly arabs stop using women and children as sheilds, I'll answer your questions. Until then, save the crocodile tears: Your culture has demonstrated time after time that it thinks very little of life. As for sweeping things under the carpet, I think if you check there, you'll find arab collective guilt.
28. To Robert - #25
Eyal ,   USA   (03.11.10)
I agree with you Robert. Human life is important, even if they Arabs, but I must stress we are not the same? Let me ask you....Would you send your child to commit martyrdom against the Arabs (whether it's women, men or children)? Would you tell your children that the Arabs are apes and pigs everyday, so they embed this to the next generation? The loss of life could have been prevented over and over if the terror on the other side didn't hate us so much or determined to kill us? It's not like Israel says, ok how many Palestinians can we kill today? or teach our kids to hate Arabs everyday? or launch rockets at civilians without even thinking whether it could hit a baby or a child in kindergarten? Look, I wish I can say we are the same, but unfortunately we have better moral then them, even though we are both humans. If a Jew entered Gaza, do you think he will survive? Do you think they will think of human life? I wish they loved their children more than they hate us. Something to think about Robert and by the way, I really respect your posts buddy.
29. Europe enemies of the Jews since 2,000 years
Sami ,   New York, USA   (03.11.10)
Europe: Enemies of the Jews since 2,000 years.
30. Did Ashton also call for Egypt to end blockade of Gaza?
mike ,   uk   (03.11.10)
thought not!
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