PA won't honor terrorist, for now
Ali Waked
Published: 10.03.10, 22:08
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1. Naming a square after a terrorist like
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.10.10)
her does not engender harmonious relations nor trust. How can we have a partner in peace which honours a person who attacked and blew up a busload of civilians?
2. After Biden leaves
Golani ,   Deal, USA   (03.11.10)
You can be sure that once Joe Biden leaves, shortly after, the Palestinians will have a celebration and name the square. I wonder if this will be condemned in the media. I wonder if the media will even pick this up. Timing may not have been right to announce the 1,600 housing units, but hey, at least Israel is honest and building in our capital is not only right, but it is logical how any sovereign nation is justified in doing. Can we tell the Palestinians not to build in Ramallah or Gaza? I don't think so.
3. Gold Mier Was Right
emanon ,   USA   (03.11.10)
"There will be peace when the arabs love their children more than they hate us" What kind of people set up a public memorial to a MURDERER? Certainly not a people interested in pursuing peace. These are the same people that WANT their kids to die and CONSIDER IT AN HONOR!
4. for now ?
5. When they do so the world will know.
JO   (03.11.10)
The heroes of the PA and Palestinians say quite a lot to the world. I dont think this will go away and it is well worth publishing it when they do so., which they will, again. Next time invite Biden to the ceremony, he will be amused. Talk of humiliation.
6. Statues
Hal ,   Usa   (03.11.10)
I'm puzzled as to why th Pa in it's infinte wisdom has yet to erect a statue to the father of Arab Palestine, Haj Amin al Husseini, Arafats relative and Hitler's man in Jerusalem. I'll bet the park pidgeons are wondering where their perch is on the drawing board at this time as wll.
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