Poll: 46% of high-schoolers don't want equality for Arabs
Yaheli Moran Zelikovich
Published: 11.03.10, 10:42
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1. :: No surprises here
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (03.11.10)
This survey only reinforces the observation that Israel has become a racist state. Israeli society has become a hotbed for the rearing of self-ignorant and racist children. It is also no surprise that the ‘religious students’ where more prone to a racist mindset than those from a secular background. “82% of religious students responded that they don't believe Arabs should be granted equal rights as Jews” This is like saying 80% of American practicing Christians believe that they are superior to Muslims and as non-Muslims they deserve greater rights. Nearly 50% of ‘religious students believe that the sentiment “Death to Arabs” (‘Arabs should be killed’) is a legitimate statement. So much for Judaism being a religion of peace and tolerance. Can poster here tell me what other religion has such an intolerance for people of a different faith? On another 10 years or so these young people will be part of mainstream Israeli society and their bigoted and hatful mindsets will commonplace setting back Israel’s aspirations to be come ‘a light to all nations’ by another 100 years.
2. Typically israeli....
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (03.11.10)
What else did you expect from the CHOSEN ONES. The apple of gods eyes. LOL. I wonder where they came up with these nonsense in the first place. So much for learning from their past. A past that is filled with nothing but being hated by others. They learned alright!!!!
3. more results from the poll
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.11.10)
The same poll showed that 70% of Israel Arabs identify themselves as "Palestinian Patriots" meaning they do not recognize Israel and support the ethnic cleansing of Jews from their homeland. Given this, it is surprising that 54% of the Jews were not against giving these Arabs the vote.
4. read between the lines folks
izzy d   (03.11.10)
saying that arabs should not vote is not racist when you do not answer: why? if they believe that if arabs were to vote then they would vote in a destructive manner then it is matter self preservation. this is a shoddy report of the polls findings. and please, don't use the racist card indiscriminately or it will end up meaning nothing,.
5. Poorly written article
Carmiel ,   Israel   (03.11.10)
This article is a terrible representation of the results of a study. Virtually all of the statistics are represented negatively (e.g. 43% said they would refuse orders VS. writing "57% said they would accept orders"). SO: what is the agenda of the author? The article seems quite inflammatory to me.
6. Concerned
David ,   USA   (03.11.10)
This is not the Israel I grew up admiring. There is something wrong with the school system that fails the students. Where does this hate come from? Arabs, Soviets and Ethiopians are all children of God. Kids should be thought love and respect.
7. to #5 (Carmiel, Israel)
MG ,   A   (03.11.10)
My dear Carmiel... First of all, the article is meant to show studies concerning an increase in racism in Israeli youth. Hence, the studies are about that! Second, if the article was written on the positive side, any reader (well, almost any reader) would be able to figure out that the rest answered the other way! If the article had said that 57% would not refuse orders, it is obvious that the remaining 43% will refuse (or at least might).. I hate to shock you, but a percentage means "out of 100", and people out there can subtract!!
8. What do you expect from" America's best friend"?
Ken ,   Switzerland   (03.11.10)
9. The dark comedy of "Matty Groves"
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (03.11.10)
"So much for Judaism being a religion of peace and tolerance...Can poster here tell me what other religion has such an intolerance for people of a different faith? " [Matty Groves] Holy cow, Matty. Were you able to keep a straight face when you wrote that. Last I checked, Israel (<1% of planet earth) was at least 20% Arab/Muslim, whereas the 25% of the planet that constitutes the Arab/Muslim world is essentially 'judenrein'. Jews are 'persona-non-grata'. And don't give me some lame response like "look at Iran". Sure, there are a few thousand token "Jews" in Iran, but they are so oppressed and out of their element that they don't even really understand what a Jew is. It's not like they can shop at kosher meat markets and attend Israel Independence Day parades, for crying out loud. So much for your "peaceful, tolerant" people. Christians and Jews the world over have no problems with Arabs/Muslims in their midst. But just look at Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, UAE, etc., etc., etc., etc. Those places, with very very few and negligble exceptions, are for MUSLIMS ONLY! Such a wonderful, peaceful, tolerant people you are. You wouldn't know "tolerance" if it bit you on the leg. Your perverted "religion" isn't a religion at all. It's a dark cult, whose only reason for existence is to kill.
10. Wonders where are all the "regular" Zionist talkbackers are?
Kim   (03.12.10)
Hmmm, gee, seems to be resounding silence from the "regular" Zionist talkback posters, who normal post appalling racist material on Ynet.... gee, wonder why that is?
11. Wonder where are all the "regular" Zionist talkbackers are?
Kim ,   Australia   (03.12.10)
Hmm, there seems to be resounding silence from the "regular" Zionist talkbackers who usually post appalling posts on Ynet list defending Israel racist policies and advocate hatred against Palestinians.... Gee, wonder why they are so silent now? Why they are not jumping up and down to defend a society devoted to Zionist ideology which produces such racist and undemocratic tendencies amongst its youth?
12. poll result
abex ,   Addis, Ethiopia   (03.12.10)
This is shocking! What a racist country?! These kids are a clear reflection of racist parents, racist government, racist system. Where is the hope for Israel?
13. as hope decreases, hate increases
Shahar ,   Israel   (03.13.10)
In the late 1990s there was a feeling amongst most Israelis that the war will soon end. We want peace! In 2000 Israel offered Palestinians their last offer of a state with close to pre1967 borders. The response was another attack called the second intifada. Busses, cafes, concerts were bombed and the far majority of Arabs supported this betrayal. After the intifada of 2000 very few Jews in Israel maintain hope the Arabs will finally accept us and let us live in peace. Now very few Israelis trust Arabs with control of the West Bank. Many more support colonizing and settling there than ever before. The once strong Israeli peace movement has crumbled and racist right wing politicians have gained a lot of strength. So world, we can look at the symptoms and ignore the cause but we cannot find a cure this way. Not too long ago, Jewish Israeli rasism was tiny compared to now. Jews have been waiting and hoping for decades. It takes 2 to Tango, and if everytime Jews try to do the right thing, we get attacked for it, we'll stop trying. This is what is happening now. The cure? If most Arabs begin to accept us and let us live in peace, making sure to stop extremists in their midst. Until this happens the situation will continue to get worse.
14. Roots of the problem
Tomy ,   Serbia   (03.21.10)
In Middle east where arms and legs are being amputated on religious islamic bases,in the region where honor killing,child marriage are being inforced by Muslim Arabs and where woman are still stoned to death this results are not suprising. After thousands of slaughterings in caffes pizerias,disco clubs, after 10 000 rockets fired on this youngsters after having seen every day someone killed and leaving in constant fear from Islamic terrorist everyone would behave identical like this young people.All those jihadist wars which killed milions around the globe from Darfur where 500 000 people died to Indai when 100 000 died, just inforce the hate toward Islamic ideology and their representatives
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