'Price tag' against leftists in Jerusalem
Ronen Medzini
Published: 11.03.10, 12:24
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1. The wonderful taste of Champagne
Was it Teitel? GSS agent Avishai Raviv? Or maybe the police will arrest some underage orphan and accuse him of this "crime". In the meantime, Ms. Vardi will be screaming "Juden Raus"
2. Request for Information
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.11.10)
How do I contact those that sprayed the Graffiti? I know of other full-time leftist agitators, both foreign and home-breed, infesting the German Colony with love for Jihadist rights and bleeding-heart sympathy for the poor, disadvantaged, hostile Arab puppets, and UN/EU/Vatican/Arab League-type disdain for Jewish rights.
3. She should live in the Gaza Strip
Yoel ,   Raanana   (03.11.10)
I made my Alyah because I'm Zionist, with a Jewish Soul loving Israel. People who don't like this country have nothing to do here, and must leave the place for its sake, and to keep it sacred. I'm wondering where she was when Qasams fell on Sderot, or Grads on Beer Sheva and Ashkelon. It's time to protest against those leftist who make a bad reputation to Israel all around the world. The world becomes more antisemitic because of people like her. Go to live with Arabs if you love them more than your fellow Jewish brothers!!!
4. End the Vardi Occupation
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.11.10)
What is she doing living on 'occupied' land ? The left are ignorant that all land Jews live on WITHIN THE GREEN LINE is occupied by non Muslim infidels. No matter how hard she works for the enemy ,she will be the first one killed by them for her effort. Jews who betray their nation and people and help the goal of Islamic domination are the useful idiots of Islam.
5. Leftists: take your "class consciousness" and shove it
Eitan ,   Chicago, USA   (03.11.10)
You can be sure that just as Karl Marx refused to enter a factory to see for himself economic reality, these leftists have never bothered to read the Qur'an. Sartre urged his fellow communists to ignore the fact of Stalin's GULag camps in the interests of maintaining the French proletariat's morale, Foucault praised Khomeini's atrocities for their "political spirituality," and B'Tselem and Peace Now have in turn made it their mission to facilitate an Arab conquest in order to assuage their guilty, self-hating group conscience. The answer is very simple: for seditious activities, throw the leftists in jail for lengthy interrogations over their involvement in anti-government actions. As far as their silly identity crisis goes, you can swap your Che Guevara shirts for a kaffiya scarf, but the Arabs will still see you as a Jew that deserves the Khaybar treatment.
6. Vandals
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.11.10)
What else can you expect from vandals? Spray painting on walls is typical of them.
7. Vardi, your living in occupied terr also. Move out
Sammy ,   Jerusalem , Israel   (03.11.10)
Was the German colony not and Arab neighborhood before they lost it in 48?or maybe your house belonged to "zee Germans"?? If you hate Israel and Jews soo much vardi, MOVE TO SYRIA
8. Doomed to repeat history
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (03.11.10)
When the Nazis came to power in the 1930's, they painted such slogans on Jewish homes and businesses and 'invited' Jews to move. Apparently the right-wing, with applause from Israelis feel the same way about 'leftists' and 'Arabs'. Funny how the activities you hated most, when Jews were victims, are the same activities embraced by those who 'love' Israel.
9. the irony is Sahar father is the head of the shin Beit
ghostq   (03.11.10)
the only reason she is doing that cause the relation with her father is probably not good rebel at young age. but palis really thinks she cares. oh dear tell them that isn't the case.
10. to #7 the german coloney was a german coloney
ghostq   (03.11.10)
builds were belong to germans, duh but the Brits kicked them out and as compensation for the holocaust act the brits transperd it to the Israel gov in 1947, the documantation is in the German archive btw.
11. Leftist treachery must carry a very high price tag.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.11.10)
The time is long overdue for Israel to cease tolerating leftist treachery. Largely funded by foreign Jew haters, many Israeli leftists promote evil positions which are indistinguishable from those of our deadly enemies. The revealtions about the NIF's collaboration with Goldstone Report hatemongers is only the tip of the iceberg. Leftist treachery must carry a very high price tag.
12. an occupied city is a divided city so build, build, build
zionist forever   (03.11.10)
Right now there is no occupation in Jerusalem it is a city united and freedom of movement for everybody, one authority ... here people are equal. The left want to create an occupied city by dividing it because its what the arabs want. A divided city means one set of ruled for people in the west and another set of rules for people in the east. These left wingers care nothing about religion, history or even Israel itself. All that they care about is happiness of the arabs ( the enemy )
13. Why keep Jerusalem buildings low?
Ricky Rabinowitz ,   New Jersey, USA   (03.11.10)
There is a serious housing shortage in Jerusalem. Environmental groups shot down plans to expand Jerusalem to the west several years ago. Now Jerusalem painted itself into a corner by insisting that buildings be kept low. No wonder there's an East J'lem building controversy out there. What's wrong with building skyscrapers in the Holy City? Mmm?
14. Send the wall writers now to Ben Gurion University!
eli ,   omer   (03.11.10)
Where are the graffitti writers whenever we REALLY need them!
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