Qassam falls on western Negev, no injuries
Ilana Curiel
Published: 11.03.10, 16:20
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1. Damage or no damage ?
Martyn ,   Argentina   (03.11.10)
Damage or no damage ?
2. "only a few war crimes"?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (03.11.10)
deliberately firing at civilians is a war crime. why isn't the Israeli ambassador to the united nations demanding an inquiry, each and every time hamas commits a war crime?
3. Oh Goldstone...
Paul ,   USA   (03.11.10)
I'm sure that Goldstone and Biden are on their way to inspect the damage !
4. It's not "Qassam" it is GOLDSTONE rocket
Rehavam ,   Israel   (03.11.10)
5. Bisect Gaza strip and control flow between halves.
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (03.11.10)
Quarter Gaza if another attack. Eighth, sixteenth, etc.
6. Hamas, PRC or Al-Qaeda....who cares?
William ,   Israel   (03.11.10)
They all seem to be using the same weapons cache which means collusion.
7. What will Biden say?
Oh nothing, dead Jews don't matter to him
8. Time to end the war crimes
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.11.10)
Announce that in light of the continual war crimes coming from Gaza that all crossings are closed and the power, water and fuel will not flow anymore.
9. What does the world community have to say about this ...
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (03.11.10)
oh of course a BIG FAT NOTHING, as it 's only Israel. Israel must destroy the entire gaza strip and put a end to the terrorist scum.
10. They will pay for it, as they should!!!
Anat ,   Haderah, Israel   (03.11.10)
11. To # 1
Dave ,   Bs.Aires-Argentina   (03.11.10)
Sr. Martyn, in the first paragraph of this article, it´s clearly readable the statement that the bulding was damaged, without (In this fortunate case) any personal injuries. By the way - Do you know that during eight (8) (OCHO) years the civilian people in Israel was attacked, in some opportunitties almost in a daily basis by missils, mortar shells, and Snipers fire? And more - Do you know that there are a lot of israeli people dead and also maimed and with severe both phisical and mental discapacity, as a ressult of hits of these merciless rockets, bullets and mortars? May be, if you consider HONESTLY this facts, you don´t need to ask if it was "Damage or no Damage" in this recent case, because, as a matter of fact, it is a drop of water in the ocean of cases involving several types of weapons fired from Gaza against the civilian people and facilities in Israel. A final point :This firing from Gaza is clearly a blatanl violation of the International Laws, because Israel has whithdraw ALL his Armed Forces and Civilians from Gaza several years ago. Respectfully Dave - República Argentina
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