IDF strikes targets in Strip
Published: 12.03.10, 07:26
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1. Why Israel won't place IDF all along the Gaza-Egypt border?
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (03.12.10)
Gaza would thrive with Israel controlling the border between Gaza and Egypt. Goods, services, and people would flow easily, while weapons and terrorists would be filtered out. What am I failing to understand?
2. Air strikes uin Gaza
Robert Cabitt ,   Boston, MA, USA   (03.13.10)
The rockets will continue to rain on Israel until they elect a prime minister who has the will and the courage to drive the Palestinians and Hamas out of Gaza and the West Bank. When George Bush gives back his Crawford,Texas ranch to the Native Americans is when peace will come to Israel. To the victor goes the spoils. Americans killed thousands of Indians during the conquest of the United States. The Indians that survived were placed in concentration camps euphemistically described as reservations where alcoholism and unemployment reigns. Since the Bureau of Indians Affairs has granted gambling casino licenses, some Indian tribes have prospered. Maybe gambling casinos are the solution for the Palestinians
3. #2 Stop encouraging ethnic cleansing.
Adele ,   Toronto   (03.17.10)
It's against international law (which Israel violates a lot). "To the victor goes the spoils. " Sure, if you were around in the 19th century. This is the 21st century were laws have been enacted to prevent such rigid logic. America does not have to return anything where as Israel must leave and return the occupied territories to their recipients (ex: the Palestinians and Syrians) as stated in the Geneva convention and UN resolution 242. There is no other answer.
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