Child's testimony incriminates soldiers
Anat Shalev
Published: 12.03.10, 09:47
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1. If this is true...
Zoe ,   Jerusalem   (03.12.10)
If it is not true, then it will only be one of the libels against Israel, and there is no lack of them. But since the IDF is actually accepting the indictment and actually prosecuting the soldiers, we can assume they've done their homework and part of it at least is true. Now I think all our soldiers are heroes - except the ones who do things like that. In Cast Lead, my friends put their own lives in danger to treat kids and civilians who needed help. Those soldiers who did this to a kid are traitors in every sense of the way: this is treason to our values, our jewish values, our moral values, and our military values. If proven true, they will bring immense damage to our country. Shame on them!
2. I agree it is a shame
Ilana   (03.12.10)
if true. Bad things happen in war and not every soldier is moral, I do believe that most are. It is wrong and we have the courageto say that. We do not say it is legitimate and that they are the enemy. If the situation was in reverse and the arabs were those soldiers, all those women and children would long be dead. And they would never regret it. It is their goal in life to kill us no matter how young or old. They claim it is legitimate. That is the difference.
3. Zoe, where have you been?
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (03.12.10)
" If proven true, they will bring immense damage to our country". You write as if this is an isolated incident. Far more significant events than this have happened to bring damage to your country.
4. these soldiers are arsim
Moshe ,   Tel Aviv   (03.12.10)
Hopefully they will get the punishment they deserve.
5. #3 Robert
Zoe ,   Jerusalem   (03.12.10)
I've been here, actually, unlike you... Yes, this is an isolated incident. The IDF is investigating on Operation Cast Lead, and the fact it is prosecuting those soldiers means that when there is evidence we're actually looking in the mirror and taking punitive actions against our men. This soldiers shame our army, but most of the soldiers of the IDF have conducted themselves with moral standards above and beyond anything in the field. Yes, there have been other things bringing damage to Israel, except most of the allegations made are unfounded and unsupported by any documents. SO YES, IF PROVED, this is terrible.
6. Sderot kid 6000 times-
DaniEl ,   CA USA   (03.12.10)
"I thought Hamas would kill me" If the Pali's have their kids running around in a war zone, it's safe to assume they are being used as scouts, etc. and anything that befalls them is on Hama's heads. They train these kids for this as soon as they can walk and we all know it. They boast in it, then complain about it when the MSM shows up. What's worse are rags like Ynet playing the shameless game.
7. #1 Zoe
Alan ,   Israel   (03.12.10)
Your hatred of Palestinians is so self consuming that you can not even envisage that Israeli soldiers are capable of killing innocent people. Oh excuse me, all Arabs are terrorists right ? They don't have blood in their veins and they all have horns, right ? The children are not children but terrorists in the making, right ? I wonder how you would feel if your child was treated this way ? Unfortunately Israelis only have tears for themselves, when their blood is spilled. Others in this part of the world don't have any rights to live.
8. Pallywood at it's best (worst)
Asaf ,   Holon, Israel   (03.12.10)
The child's memory is so rife with details, exact locations, directions numbers that he had clearly been carefully coached according to a script. He remembers the exact number of soldiers in the building, their attire and appearance, what they said and how they laughed all this seemingly under great stress - a feat even a combat veteran would find difficult. Also, he is mentioning the "red light" coming from the weapons though the IDF uses mostly Trijicon/MARS type of sights that doesn't project any laser on the target (there's however infra red laser which is invisible to the naked eye). All in all I'd say 5% truth 95% lies. I don't buy this BS. reminder:
9. DaniEl #6
Dan Judelson ,   London, UK   (03.12.10)
"Safe to assume?" Assumption is the mother of all f***-ups, and using a kid to check for booby traps is certainly a moral issue. Even accepting your premise, if it's bad for the "Palis" to use kids as scouts, what makes it OK for Israeli soldiers to use them as human shields. But in fact your premise is demonstrably false - the soldiers stormed a building where Majd & others were trying to avoid "running around in a war zone". Then to cap it all you make like an ostrich when Ynet - presumably part of the MSM, no? - tells the story. Your talkback is so full of logical holes I think you must be a Hamas agent provocateur!
10. #8
And if it is the truth. One day when they're all gone (Holocaust survivors), there will be more that will call the Jewish Holocaust Jewood and so on. Recognize the truth. At least the Germans had the courage to realize what they did, as does the IDF in this case and other unfortuante ones as well. Maybe Asaf, you should as well.
11. How nice of Ynet to have this arab
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.12.10)
propaganda. This kid gives more details than a dozen adult witnesses together.Did he also sketch the soldier's faces too? This is arab lies and any normal country would have struck the terrorists and civilians hard after the first rocket was fired. We should have used more force and made sure the palis learned a deadly lesson. Better all the palis should die instead of one of our soldiers being lightly wounded. Did any group ever listen to the children of Sderot and what it was like to have thousands of rockets and mortars falling on them without much warning or none at all?
13. UN IGNORES Egypt's Kidnapping of Christian Children
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (03.12.10)
EGYPT KIDNAPS CHRISTIAN CHILDREN The world is shamefully silent over the Egyptian government and Saudi Arabia involvement in the kidnapping of Christian Egyptian girls in Egypt. Kidnapped Christian female children are violently converted to Islam and forcibly married/raped to adult Muslim males. Does the uncaring, mainstream media not report this because telling the truth about Islam would make Islam look bad? Protecting Islam is considered more important by Western mainstream media and government leaders than protecting the lives of desperate, defenseless innocent children! ASSYRIAN INTERNATIONAL NEWS AGENCY 8-11-2009 Abduction and Forced Islamization of Christian Coptic Girls Continues in Egypt (AINA) — The systematic abduction and forced Islamization of Coptic minor girls in Egypt is a frequent, dangerous and a rapidly escalating phenomenon. Coptic Pope Shenouda III, December 17th, 197: “there is pressure being practiced to convert Coptic girls to embrace Islam and marry them under terror to Muslim husbands” and demanded that the abducted girls be brought back to their families. Abductions are done in cooperation between Saudi-funded associations and the Egyptian State Security. …in the majority of cases, the State Security is the one who masterminds the kidnapping plans.” The U.S. gifts Egypt with 2.2 billion dollars every year. ‘He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.’ Bible, Exodus 21:16 Saudi authorities shred all Bibles found on anyone at the airport in Saudi Arabia. Bibles that contain the unchangeable laws of G-D.
14. UN IGNORES Christian Copts persecuted in Egypt
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (03.12.10)
Long ago, Egypt was a Christian country invaded by Arab Muslims. The fate of a country invaded by Muslims is horrifying. Many centuries after the cruel Muslim conquest, Christian females are regarded by the modern-day Muslim Egyptian government, as booty to be seized and horribly abused. See: Abduction and Forced Islamization of Christian Coptic Girls Continues in Egypt Christian in Egypt: "They Try to Kill Us" Fox news Coptic Christians Protest for Freedom and Equality STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST COPTS IN EGYPT.wmv Copts Under Siege 1/2 Copts Under Siege 2/2 GLORIFYING the MURDER of INNOCENTS: Jihad is an obligation in Islam!
15. true combat and undying hatred
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (03.12.10)
In the intensity of ongoing combat in enemy territory, these things will happen. That's why the NCOs and squad leaders are vital to these missions.These leaders obviously failed their nation. While the 'testimony ' of this child seems obviously rehearsed, I'm sure there is at least a kernel of truth to the allegations of endangerment. Israeli soldiers must demoralize and frighten the civilian into following direct orders, without protest that inevitably stall movement. The methods used by the IDF are doctrine. As in all wars the hatred and fear involved, have a tenancy to obliterate reasonable caution and demand the ultimate discipline. While despicable to read, it could have gone alot worse than a slap and some kid wetting his pants. When urban terrorists have no problem planting bombs in homes occupied by civilians and using human shields, the IDF cannot put on kid gloves. In war, it's me or you. I didn't see 'testimony' of any children Hamas guerrillas used as shields, even though it's well documented. Why not? Probably because ANYBODY that did so would be killed. Man, woman or child. War is hell. More coming, Stay tuned
16. ashamed
Elie ,   Montreal   (03.12.10)
i'm just ashamed... but mostly because of those hate comments above me, because of people SO ASHAMED THEMSELVES that they can't even handle the truth and treat it as a lie, because us jewish people, who have certainly suffered the most in our history, can't recognize the same pain that was inflicted on us but that we are now inflicting on others... shame...
17. Robert, # 3
Golani ,   Deal, USA   (03.12.10)
Robert, I served proudly in a combat unit of the IDF. Have you? Do you have any idea? This incident is very isolated. I am sure that it happens, but like I said, very rare. Israel does not cover these things up and Israel is a free democratic society with freedom of the press, so even isolated incidents such as these make the front page in Israeli newspapers, as they should. Unfortunately, people such as yourself take this kind of thing and run with it to show your anti-Israel, anti Zionist bias, and no, Zionism is not a bad word, but a just movement supporting a democratic, free nation of the Jewish people in our homeland. Do you even question how Israel’s enemy’s treat Israeli prisoners compared to the way Israel treats captured enemy combatants? Look deeply at yourself and question, why you come out with comments like you do, especially coming from Australia, now know for the “hit and run” incident.
18. soldiers knew Pals are sons of darkness
observer   (03.12.10)
military rabbis told them that Palestinians are Philistines. Palestinians, whether 9YO or 90 YO had to be annihilated in order to bring around full redemption, the Jews had been yearning for for years.
19. Hoorah for the children int'l defense.
Dura   (03.12.10)
Isabelle Gittar, you are a genius. Thousands children die every day in the M.E, in Africa, from starvation, from mutilation, from rape, from slavery,and more; but you have discovered one in a million child prodigy who remembers EWERYTHING, to the smallest detail At 9 years of age, he surely would put Einstein to shame..Of course with a ' formidable" brain, due to the fact that he was hamas born and like ALL their children are trained from kindergarten on to fight, to kill, to maim, to blow themselves up in their famed summer camps; pushed by their depraved parents, by hamas, by islam, by their despicable god, by their koran, to immolate themselves. I should add that these children NEVER suffer from trauma, except when touched by a Jew.(Madj is a good example). My question is : should we check with France 2 (the experts) and make sure that this is not another " Dura " Affairs. The French know. ( # 8, Assaf is right) ---- To Alan # 7: Yes you are quite correct, ALL arabs ARE terrorists. Those who do NOTHING to curb their islamic brothers to slaughter at will, are accomplices, are terrorists. And you ere quite right as well; the children are born, bred, fully educated in the art of terror in their classrooms staffed by trained professional killers - teachers? Once more you are correct: Israelis have only tears for their beloved children. THEY, the palis, the parents, friends, officials are full of joy. full in their delight, extasy, to witness one of their children blow himself up. As always, under the watchful eye of allah!
20. child's testimoney
Frank Mazuca ,   lakeland, Florida, U   (03.12.10)
Time for people to wake up and realize that young children are used in war against the West and Israel and if the allegations are true it is deplorable but so are thousands of crude missiles sent into Sderot. I would like to see one ounce of outrage by the pro-Arab factions on the indiscriminate assaults of civilian population of Israel compared with the tons of condemnation these people rain on blessed Israel.
21. Nice play on the heartstrings
Agent 007.5 ,   USA   (03.12.10)
Nice play on the heartstrings but the Palestinians must realize they are the cause of their own misery and reap the unintended consequences of an idiotic struggle that has no historical justification whatsoever. If they choose to refrain from terrorism and attacks against Israel, and choose to live in peace with Israel, they would benefit from Israeli science, technology and more importantly an improvement in their quality of life.
22. rubbish
soludo   (03.12.10)
Ok, so he shouldn't have hit the child. I see nothing wrong with anything else here. So what if an enemy child was scared? So what if he was asked to open a couple bags in his family's/group's possession?
23. even-though what happened is true. its just a show
Joy ,   NY   (03.12.10)
IDF did much much worse things than this, but they will remain hidden under the carpet. this just a show to say "we investigated the goldstone claims" and this nine year old is the result. what a joke
24. Actyally Zoe, this is not an isolated incident...
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (03.12.10)
That is why Israel refused to cooperate with Goldstone, and why they still refuse to appoint an independent investigation. The problem is that incidents like these, or worse, are seen by knee-jerk apologists as somehow defamatory to the myth that the IDF and Israel can do no wrong. Every action must first be denied. Then, when the denial becomes untenable it must be somehow excused. Then when it turns out to be inexcusable, the critic or witness must be defamed. Finally, when nothing else works, the apologist will play his final card: the activities are somehow to be applauded because of the Holocaust. It would be bizarre if it weren't so sad.
25. where Sderot is, there was a village called Najd
observer   (03.12.10)
Sderot is built on the lands of Najd, a Palestinian village ethnically cleansed by Jewish militia in 1948. It was home to about seven hundred people, most of them small farmers. Two days before the declaration of the State of Israel – that is, on May 13th – Haganah forces expelled the inhabitants. Its residents fled into the Gaza strip. why rocketing? two-day fraud doesn't expropriate the right of Gazans to resist.
26. war is terrible.
PG ,   USA   (03.12.10)
he Palestinians are liars.....leave the soldiers alone!
27. the real lesson
dani   (03.12.10)
why are the hamas and palestinians shooting rockets at israel? are they stupid enough to really think that this will destroy israel, these little rockets? of course not. they know that through these attacks, they will provoke israel to invade/attack. when this happens, civilians will get hurt. mistakes will happen. stupid soldiers will do disgusting things like this, and one day make a big mistake, like killing whole groups of civilians. this will energize the international community. the ultimate goal - a kosovo like situation in which israel is forced to give in after a humanitarian disaster (or made up disaster). it may be unlikely, but it is the only hope of a very weak (for now) enemy. this is why after operation defensive shield the cries of 'massacre' in jenin were so loud. the real lesson is to understand why and what the goals of the terrorists are, and NOT to fall into traps. think before pulling the trigger.
28. Israeli heroes
Albrecht ,   N.O.   (03.12.10)
"Fighting" against defenceless people. Do you feel great?
29. To #12 Look you anus
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.12.10)
The kid was prepped and told what to say by those who want him to lie. The JAG is a bunch of cowards that would sell their mothers to win a case. They, like you do not know what combat is. It would have been better if all your relatives would have died before they started to kill us Jews starting 2,000 years ago. By the way, what do you resist? Zionism? The Jews right to live in peace? You are a puny little mental case and you do not even write your address. What rock are you living under? What cesspool do you call home? Better we should rid the earth of the islamofacists and their allies like you now!
30. :: Linda Rivera
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (03.12.10)
Your pathetic attempt to divert attention away from IDF war crimes is laughable. You are truly one sick puppy.
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