Clinton: Israeli move insulting
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Published: 13.03.10, 09:00
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1. Obama/Clinton....
CJ ,   Paris. France   (03.12.10)
Is a one term job. No need to take them seriously they are on their way out. Keep building in Israel,. Regards from Paris.
2. Hillary Clinton
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (03.12.10)
Perhaps should somebody tell Mrs. Clinton that Benjamin Netanyahu is not her husband.
3. When I am King...
I will clear up the Left and the Right and unify the country into one Unified Party. No American or Russians allowed. Only those who are Truely Israeli and have served the Country may Join.
4. Who are you shouting at Hilary?
Lippy ,   Israel   (03.12.10)
Shout at your boss before shouting at others. Your boss broke his promises on Iran. Is that nice?
5. Hillary's Rant is a Disgrace to we US Jews
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (03.12.10)
She is the dog in the dog and pony show, staged by her boss, Obama. From Mullen, to Mitchell, to Hillary and Obama, it's all the same line, Israel must acquiesce to Abbas pre-conditions (Jerusalem), or else no talks, direct or otherwise. He forgets that he is the party that wants something..from Israel., not the reverse. Yet, Jews love the Clintons, both Hillary and her erstwhile husband. Why in heavens name do we give the Democrats money I ask repeatedly. There are Jewish Republicans who want a strong US, and a strong Israel. We know who are enemies are..something Hillary doesn't seem to appreciate. To stop construction is to give up sovereignty, and that is the Pales goal. The housing issue is just a blip on the entire conflict..but made into an Israeli fiasco. Biden is a jerk. He wanted to split Iraq into 3 parts remember? He is pro-Israel, like Mubarak and Hussein are. Israel owes the Pales -0-. They (Jordan) attacked in 67, and paid the price. Had THEY won, we would not now be talking. To Israel: stop the talks immediately, end the freeze (do Arabs stop building). Tell the Pales that Israel will retain control of the disputed lands for 100 give them time to reflect. (The US didn't give back lands taken in WW2 for 50 years). Russia stayed in Germany from 1945, til it was disadvantageos. Israel cannot afford to make a mistake. Iran is making cruise missiles..and putting nukes on their Shihab Missiles. That is the real problem for Israel, not 1600 1200 sq foot apts for the Orthodox. What silliness, what a disgrace.
6. clinton is more upset with biden!
OZ   (03.12.10)
who stole her crown ,by appearing in public as the "new" m/e crown prince... with all that is taking place in the world ,with the new nazi regime in teheran acquring nukes, america is on a brink of bankruptcy, is this really what's imortant? a few housing units that won't make any difference what so ever? it goes to show how hypocritical and anti - israel obama, chelsea's mama, and bidenerama are. tfu on all of you!
7. I must have missed"so-called spirit of Biden's M.E.trip
Alan ,   SA   (03.12.10)
8. This land is more ours than US is theirs
Raphy ,   Montreal   (03.12.10)
Ok, Ms. Clinton, time to brush up on your Jewish History. The Jews have been in Israel for over 3,000 years. Why would we not be able to build on any this land? Time to say it loud "This land is our land". 2 ancient Temples stood here before Islam or was born. We have all the proof in the world.
9. abraham was from iraq, thats the jewish homeland
chilem ,   arlington,usa   (03.12.10)
abraham was from iraq, this is a proven fact, thats means the jewish homeland is in iraq, not palestine, and show me one true palestinian and jew and i bet u cant tell the difference in the two. if u read the bible it is clear abraham was not the first person to settle in palestine, and whatever happen to abraham's parents grandparents and kinfolk that he left in iraq are they not jews too.
ISSY DYKMAN ,   ISRAEL   (03.12.10)
....DACON9   (03.12.10)
>ISRAEL ALWAYS HAD THE LAND >ADAM WAS CREATED ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT >JACOB SLEEP THERE >ABRAHAM WAS SACRIFICNG ISAAC THERE 3 TEMPLES in a way. King David first ''reigned'' in Hebron. Dig Dig and Dig more what you find are Hebrew artifacs,not arafarts and his mythical terrorist organization, not jordan not fatah not hamas not arab palistinianian
12. No Respect
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.12.10)
You do understand that the bankrupt and amoral US is playing to the wealthy Arab field Israel don't you ? The more you showed loyalty to the US and abided by their fractured peace agenda the less respect you receive from the bullies in Washington.Now they refuse to respect all of Jerusalem as the eternal Capitol of Jewish Israel. Your allegiance to your American pimp's has paid off in ways you did not expect. Stop playing the lap dog,vassal state and make the US respect your sovereignty NOW or NEVER.
13. :: When was the last time...
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (03.12.10)
“US Secretary of State Slams Israel” “IDF use child to check for bombs” “Israel continues imprisonment and collective punishment of 1.5m civilians” “Illegal Israeli Squatters Continue to Attack Defenceless School Children” Each day, seven days a week, every major news media carries a news item about Israeli’s illegal and belligerent occupation of the Palestinian people and a bottomless laundry basket of dirty linen ranging from human rights abuses to moral depravity. Can anyone remember the last good ‘News Day’ that Israel had? Was it that Israeli Mission to Haiti Photo Op? The truth is that a ‘Brand’ (ie; Israel) is only as good as the actual ‘Product’. If 9 out of 10 Product Users say it is crud then there must be something wrong with the Product. I would also add that Yuli Edelstein’s Ministry for Public Diplomacy has recently gone to great lengths to instruct people like the rabid pro-Israeli wingnuts (the unofficial champions/ambassadors for lily-white Israel) how to conduct themselves when engaged in hasbara/BS on behalf of the Israeli state: It’s not that hard all, apparently all you have to do is: 1) First listen - then speak. 2) Don't preach. 3) Ask questions. 4) Answer points raised (you need a lot of help with this one). 5) Stick to two or three messages you want to convey. 6) Maintain a sense of humour. Apparently if you stick to these guidelines you have a strong chance of winning over even the staunchest adversary so get with the programme guys.
14. neither ُEast nor ًًWest Jerusalem recognized as Israeli
observer   (03.12.10)
No country has so far recognized Israeli sovereignty in either West or East Jerusalem. With regard to West Jerusalem, the European states have de facto accepted the applicability of Israeli law. The case of Yossele Schumacher; this young ultra-Orthodox boy was abducted in the 1960s by his father from Jerusalem to the United Kingdom. The British court applied the law in force in West Jerusalem, i.e., Israeli law. Interestingly, foreign states have not claimed that the law of occupation should apply to West Jerusalem." Another example is the Regency Hotel, formerly the Hyatt Hotel on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem. It is partly built in an area where there was an Israeli enclave from 1949 to 1967 and partly outside it. When official European representatives come to the hotel they go only into those parts located on land that belonged to this enclave.
15. #11 we all come from adam so i palestine belongs 2 all of us
chilem ,   arlington,usa   (03.12.10)
dacon9 if u say that adam was in israel and because of that thats the jews homeland, well i have news for u, we all supposedly come from adam so i guess that makes israel the homeland of humanity, but i would like u to answer this question, yes or no, was abraham born in iraq and when he got to cannan were there other people already living there
16. preconditions just to start talking
Dov ,   USA   (03.12.10)
18. poor dear - just a figurehead...
tz   (03.12.10)
who the heck cares what she has to say...not even her husband pays attention...crawl back under your rock little itch!
19. Here we go again...
Paul ,   USA   (03.12.10)
Hey Biden and Clinton - how would you like it if BiBi started telling you where to build, or not build, in the U.S. It embarrasess me as an American to see our Israeli friends treated in such a maaner. The next presidential election can't come soon enough !
20. One has to wonder just how seriously...
J.B.Doom ,   Beautiful Gate   (03.13.10)
Israel is taking America's request not to strike Iran militarily, the true "spirit" of Biden's visit.
21. Hillary, the criticism is as unwanted,.
Yossi G. ,   Jerusalem   (03.13.10)
as it is useless.
22. where do jews come from?
tomu ,   sydney   (03.13.10)
moon? mars? check the archeological records (eg see bible unearthed) or ancient literature or scientific spread of Jewish DNA. Jews come from Judea. They were the canaanites from hills of Judea that formed a natiion there before the assyrians destroyed the northern israel and romans the southern judea. But jews have managed to keep some presence there ever since. By the way Arabs come from arabia and Palestine come from the greek word Philistine which is a european term for the region.
23. #13 More Ignorance on Display
Yaron ,   USA   (03.13.10)
The list of good news stories is quite long but in your mind Israel can never do right. Shall we point to the fields of bio-medicine, agriculture, nano-tecnology or defense technologies?
24. No peace talks
Fares ,   Jordan   (03.13.10)
It looks like Hamas may be right about one thing...peace talks with Israel are a waste of time. Israel has no interest in peace.
25. Israel does not want peace
Katherine ,   Australia   (03.13.10)
The problem is Israel has demonstrated no interest in peace. I think it is time for the international community to move past silly rebukes, and start imposing sanctions on Israel until they get their act together. Go build the settlements INSIDE OF YOUR OWN BORDERS. Leave the Palestinians alone. It is that simple.
26. I can tell you from talkbacks from these
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.13.10)
whiners in my country.....that anti semitic feelings are running high. I never thought I would see the day after WWII. I guess after a few generations all is forgotten, and Jews become the scapegoats for the worlds problems again. You won't receive peace by giving this land back. These people have no plans on peace. Hillary Clinton is a Bimbo just like Obama and her husband. I would go so far as to say that the United States might become Israel's enemy after some of the talkbacks and hateful speech I have read towards Israel. Lots of idiots have bought the Apartheid Urban Legend . How gullible Americans are when believing the Arab and Persian media. They are actually so stupid that they think Israel is the cause of 911 and all their problems in the Middle East. They don't see the cult religion of Mohammed as an occupying theocracy intent on occupying all nations.....including the United States. I would follow a plan that is good for Israel and the Jews. To hell with this government in Washington.
27. Time for Israel to learn where their place is!
Steven ,   USA   (03.13.10)
Israel without America is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing! Without our endless aid in the billions of dollars given to Israel for free, military aid, supplies, and of course having to back your rear end time after time in the UN. What do we get? Insults! What has Israel done foe us? Nothing worth while! You people remind me of that homeless prick making all sorts of demand while we feed you, cloth you, and supply you without not one single contribution. I would love nothing better, than to tell you, you want a war with Iran? Have at it, you want to ethnic cleanse the Palestinians? Have at it, but you will do it without one red cent from us, not one single bullet from us, I want to wash my hands and tell are on your own. believe me, we Americans grow more and more tired of you using us, and the trouble you cause us.
28. America commitment?
Frank ,   Canada   (03.13.10)
Clinton must prove that she is committed to destroy Iran nuclear infrastructures.
29. That's what I'm talk'in about!
Brad ,   USA   (03.13.10)
Excellent move. You have ticked off the wicked witch of the west, and the arab terrorists, and the infantile Obama administration, and the Russian backstabbers, and the child molesters in the EU and UN, all at the same time. Bravo! All you had to do was build houses on your own land, and you did it. Now, tell Hillary to get on her broom and fly away before someone drops a house on her. Perfect! God bless Israel!
30. Keep Building
Thomas ,   Texas   (03.13.10)
Hillary Clinton is liar and it's suprising she's been as successful as she. Obama and his administration sympathizes with terrorists who want to destroy the U.S. I guess you can expect his administration to also sympathize with terrorists who want to destroy Israel. What the U.S. really needs is a New President and administration. I can’t believe Israel’s biggest ally is not supporting them. And who is that decides what can and can’t be built in one’s country????? Screw off Hillary!
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