Arabs riot in West Bank, Jerusalem
Shmulik Grossman
Published: 13.03.10, 13:40
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1. Which of Abbas men are behind this incitement? I suspect a
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.13.10)
number of them who are PA agents provoking unrest in order to avoid getting to the negotiating table at which time they will be asked: Accept Israel's right to be, to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people, based on UN resolutions, League of Nations decisions, etc.
2. There is no point in "Peace" anymore...
Nour ,   Palestine فلسطين   (03.13.10)
As it's very clear what the intentions of Israel complete the Naqba and ethnically cleanse the area of its remaining indigenous population (Arab Palestinians). Gloves are off, pens are down...Time to play the old fashioned way! Don't say you were not warned, even the US is disgusted by your greed and deceitful tactics since 1993. PS. Ben Gurion said it "If I were a Palestinian I would not seek peace with Israel, because Israel took their country".
4. Old Arab trick when its is time for peace start a fight.
nero ,   jerusalem   (03.13.10)
How many time have we seen this diversion. Whenever the Arabs reach a point hat they must sign a peace agreement or make a decision on recognizing Israel they chicken out and start riots to stall the process. Again and again and again. They dont want peace except under their terms, and there is no sense negotiating with them. Is there even an Arab word for compromise?
5. Thank Clinton and Biden for that
Frank ,   Canada   (03.13.10)
These morons are igniting a new intifada by supporting all Arab "demands" even the most dangerous one.
6. #2, your memory is short
yehoshua ,   usa   (03.13.10)
The arabs where already given a deal by both the goverments of Barak and Olmert. These were refused. Israel left Gaza unconditionally and the responce was Rockets. The only peace the arabs want is the distruction of the Jewish state. Oh, and the arads have aready ethnically cleaned most of thier Jews and Christens from their land.
7. US Anti-Israel Attitude Result Typical
Dallas ,   Canada   (03.13.10)
The US's siding with the Pals without insisting that they lift a finger towards anything but 'resistance' mentality emboldens the Pals' knee-jerk reaction towards their ultimate dream of an Islamic Judenrein "Palestine". Shame on the USA, as smug Abbas gets mileage and more reason for advancing the victim mentality (justifying more "int'l aid" for his coffers and villas).
8. To #2 Nour
Dallas ,   Canada   (03.13.10)
You are playing into the US/PA game. How about more creative solutions than throwing up your hands and saying that it's no use?? Hint: read what other folks are saying regarding the Pals' steps necessary to the creation of a Pal state. The steps do not include violence. Can you share the brainstorm with us and perhaps inspire confidence that the Pals really do intend to nation-build and not just grandstand and "resist"? Create for a change, don't react all the time.
9. You Don't Firebomb Your Own House
emanon ,   uSA   (03.13.10)
More proof the arabs don't really live in Jerusalem: they have no fear of destroying the very land they are trying to claim. Jews seek to PROTECT their land, arabs seek to DESTROY other people's land.
10. Arabs want to live in peace with Israel!
shrinkDave ,   Miami USA   (03.13.10)
If you believe that, then you might also want to toss the very concept of history and truth, and live in the delusion that Islamists and non-Islamists can live in harmony, and that all Israel has to do is go back to 1967 borders, and all will be well. There was no holocaust, Arabs want peace with Israel, the sun revolves around the earth, and building apartments in East Jerusalem (where Jews were forbidden to visit) is the problem. Delusion is an immature device used by immature people to get their way, regardless of the truth. This situation keeps on going, and strength continues to rule. Weakness only gets you a free ride on a cattle car. I choose life.
11. Nour - show us where Fatah wants peace. I don't see it
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.13.10)
Nour - if Fatah wants peace why don't they say so officially? I looked around the Fatah website and could not find anything about a two-state solution, nor peace negotiations, nor "peace with Israel". However, I did find this: which is the conclusion of the Fatah conference in Bethlehem last year and is official Fatah policy. It's scary reading, because it shows the true Palestinian intent: war to get rid of Israel. Read it for yourselves. Then, Nour, you can show us how we ethnically cleansed Gaza so that all the settlers could live there in peace. We've had enough of Palestinian liars and your propaganda war against us.
12. Israel owns Jerusalem and must protect it sternly.
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (03.13.10)
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