Plan to fight brain drain approved
Roni Sofer
Published: 14.03.10, 15:13
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1. Sorry, too late. I'm already on the way out...
Alex ,   Israel/Austria   (03.14.10)
...and I don't regret it. What I do regret is that I've waited so long.
2. Ain't work, brains don't support an Apartheid Israel
Mandela   (03.14.10)
3. Why should I come back?
Expat ,   Canada   (03.14.10)
Knowing that a large part of my taxes won't benefit my family at all; knowing that my kids can't get a proper education in Israel anymore but will have to serve, with the haredim getting all support and won't even serve. No return until the social injustice is fixed!
4. What a stupid plan
Taxpayer   (03.14.10)
Getting a 1000 back and making another 2000 leave who will with their highly taxed income ultimately pay for it. Or do you think that the religious will make any significant tax contibution to this plan?!
5. Bottom line is salaries or wages. If you want to keep the
Rivkah   (03.14.10)
people and bring back expats who are paid more elsewhere, Israel has to raise the pay. When a friend in Israel had to ask me to help with the cost of truck repair because the wages barely cover food and an apartment rent and other necessities with no luxuries, it is understandable that people leave Israel. It is not that they don't love Israel, but that life gets to oppressive unless the people are happy with necessities with no hope of more than that. I visited a taxi driver's apartment to meet his wife and children who helped me look for a place to stay. It was shocking how little they had. A small couch and chair, a small tv, one enlarged wedding picture photo on the wall in a simple frame. A small coffee table and kitchen table and a few chairs. Where was all their stuff? They didn't have any.
7. to 4
sama ,   jerusalem   (03.14.10)
taxpayer ????as if it is a job or univercity degree ??? once my son told me that these soldiers on check points are nothing they are about 20 years old they must be on the seats of univercity but they do nothing only to look on our ientity and say --eftakh bagage -- they do it not fore the safty of israil it is only to get money it is the routin of the life here .. so as a taxe payer you do not know the benifits of knowledge or science to the state ... it is not a melitary state it is only to get money to live
8. First stop haredisation.
jewish ,   EU   (03.14.10)
9. You stole $76 ! I will nor forgive
Raoul ,   NZ   (03.14.10)
I sent baby pieces of clothing as a present for the birth of my twins grandchildren. No shame like a third world country who used to tax a hair dryer or better smuggle it from Cyprus, you taxed the presents $ 76 USD. This costs you all the tax I am supposed to pay for my income and royalties if I were living in Israel because I am not coming back until you abolish this sort of shnorer's duty. Why a goy can drive a Porsche anywhere in the OECD countries for peanuts, while you tax it as luxury car? Why a 2bedrooms should cost 2million Shekel plus?
10. Show Me The $$$$$$$$$$$
Yoni ,   Naharia   (03.14.10)
There are hundreds of thousands of great and talented Israelis living everywhere else because Israel compared to the world has sub-standard wages and higher taxes. If Israeli's have higher than average intellect you certainly can't lure them back with a plan developed by people with an IQ of forty. Lower taxes and bring wages up! All of the expatriates will be home if you give them an honest salary and fair taxes.
11. This sounds nice...starting a PhD soon and would be great
The Dude   (03.14.10)
for a Postdoc opportunity and possibly Professorship...
12. Way to late; I am out next month
David ,   Jerusalem   (03.14.10)
Ive seen wages go down, taxes go up, prices go up and the fact that I see no return on my taxes is making me move back to Canada.
13. Stop with the "putting out the fire" strategies already...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.14.10)
If you spend your time and efforts improving what we've got maybe then the "brains" that left might just come back on their own. It's probably better to give grant money to the "brains" that are here in order to do research or start a business then trying to track down everyone that's gone. Even if you do manage to track down many of these ex-pat brains and lure them over here, they'll likely leave again once they see the up hill battle they're in for. You can start by putting these brains in the knesset. God knows some brains are desperately needed there. Teachers should make more money than maids. Try censoring all western media that promotes laziness, violence and moronic glorification because it's spreading a little to fast for comfort. Force the ultra-religous school systems to teach courses on rational thought and behaviour too. I'm sure that sector of our society scared more than a few brains way.
14. More money
Jew ,   Israel   (03.14.10)
If we'd stop giving tons of money to the Jewish Agency who brings us so many non-Jewish olim, we would have money to pay Israelis who stay here decent salaries, so that they won't go elsewhere.
15. They're right.If I were them I would go back to my homeland
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.14.10)
How can these scientists and Brains to stay in "Israel", which involve religion in everything
16. Wrong policy
sagi   (03.14.10)
You do not give incentives to special groups, you make the whole country more attractive. I love this country and I am not going anywhere, and believe me, I can go where I want with ease, but I have lots of complaints about the quality of life here. To put it in a nutshell this country "stinks" in comparison to other Western countries to which we prefer to compare ourselves. High and impossible to swallow taxes on income and expenditure, immoral taxes I would say. The social injustices are simply ridiculous and at the top of the list is the Haredim. Why in the name of sanity should a professional individual live here and pay high taxes in order to support parasites. The ecology of our country stinks and this time the word is not in inverted commas, the industrial and household waste is polluting our rivers and streams, garbage is everywhere to be seen, builders dump their waste as they please. The use of the horn in traffic for no apparent reason is an ecological disaster. People sitting under no smoking signs and smoking. Out of twenty people sitting in a train carriage 18 are talking loudly on the phone with their dirty shoes on the seat covers.I could go on and on. The only way that educated and successful people will return here or come here to live is if we change our attitude towards ourselves, that means we have to change the quailty of life, from bottom to top, from the very depths of the poor and underprivileged all the way up to our most ridiculous system of Government. The time has come when the People of this country must decide what is good for them and not the so called politicians. Change must and will come from within. Incentives do not work.
17. you are going to invest a billion
Heifait ,   Haifa   (03.14.10)
to return those that left for good? Why not to try and absorb these that have stayed here - BEFORE they leave? Do you know how many russian scientists are working underpayed and with no social conditions in the israeli academia? Hired for a semester, fired on vacation. For years and decades. Who'll blame the youngest and most mobile of them for leaving?
18. Brain drain
roxie ,   K.HaimIsrael   (03.14.10)
Forget about the brain drain, what about improving the educational system here to begin with,improve our universities so that our college bound students do not seek to go abroad for their education to begin with! Without a good educational background to begin with you don't need to worry about a brain drain,first you have to have the brains here!
19. Dream on
Bkap ,   Tel aviv/ Houston TX   (03.14.10)
Israelly academia, high tech and biothech industry has nothing to offer to bright young scientists. In addition the life outside of academia is simply unbearable. I and my husband are both scientists, and we are on our way out never to return again! So long and thanks for all the fish
20. why bring these leftie loonies back?
Jahn   (03.14.10)
they love Arabs so much, let them go to other Middle Eastern countries if they miss the humus
21. Brain Drain
Suzanne ,   Tel Aviv   (03.14.10)
Why are we giving expensive university education away for nothing to people who leave? There should be forms of indentureship all along the way even if it takes more time to complete the qualification. If they had been born and bred in the US they would be paying through their noses for this level of education.
22. Science
Alfred ,   Munich   (04.24.10)
I am working in Germany as a scientist for many years now, and I am grateful and thankful to Germany that did offered me such a great opportunity to work in a research lab. Israel has no research infrastructure at all, and I think they have to think about the future generation who are now sitting at school level. Thank you again Germany.
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