H&M hysteria, haredi style
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 14.03.10, 17:35
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1. Glatt kosher?!
Israeli ,   Israel   (03.14.10)
There is no such thing as glatt kosher ice cream unless it's made with meat. Otherwise, pretty funny story!
2. Everybody loves ice cream
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.14.10)
3. Missing what others Jews have long enjoyed - even created
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (03.14.10)
Jews in Italy centuries ago enjoyed glace. The Orthodox in the US have enjoyed Breyers for decades. Jews created Haagen Daz and, of course, Ben and Jerry are both Jews. Even Tofutti (tofu ice cream) was created by an Orthodox Jew. Yet only now are Israeli haredim discovering ice cream? It shows just how isolated they've become. And typical of Neturei Karta to show up and impose their modesty standards. Apparently, where free ice cream was concerned, folks didn't otherwise concern themselves with the matter.
4. Where do you come up with this stuff??
shmuel ,   Jerusalem   (03.14.10)
I love it..."the rabbi rushed to a nearby stairwell to lick the delicacy in private, so as not to be seen – God forbid – enjoying one of the pleasures of life." Do you KNOW he is a Rabbi? Do you realize there is NOTHING wrong with eating ice cream? But maybe he was fulfilling a Jewish custom of not eating in the street....not hiding!!
5. Disgusting
avi ,   tel aviv   (03.14.10) embarrassingly primitive.
6. #5 You want disgustingly primitive?
Betty Avon ,   Tel Aviv   (03.14.10)
I'll give you disgustingly primitive. Check out the opening of Tel Aviv's H and Mstore. THAT'S disgustingly primitive for you. Compared to that, the ice cream incident is pale and parveh
7. Over exaggeration by ynet on all the details
Yoni ,   Tel Aviv   (03.14.10)
where is the video? "rabbi hiding in the stairwell so as not to be seen enjoying the pleasures of life G-d forbid" That is clear propaganda by ynet to demonize religion. Judaism promotes enjoying the pleasures of life in every sense. Just not the depravities of life. The fact is that there is plenty of kosher ice cream out there and there is no such thing as glatt kosher ice cream once again ynets ignorance on the religious issues rearing its head.
8. sick article - unless satire
izzy d   (03.14.10)
I was passing by there. this guy is a sicko. I can write up a few articles that would turn a simple event in tel aviv into an orgy, satanic ritual. what a sick sick sick author. I am disgusted by the lack of professionalism. unless it is satire (which I have a hard time believing it is not)
9. I don't understand
jen ,   modi'in   (03.14.10)
Seriously, is this a satire? There is no such thing as glatt kosher dairy. Maybe it's poking fun at the H&M opening event? It's kind of funny read as a satire. Does anyone know if it's true?
10. A very appropriate headline
Raptor   (03.15.10)
"Hysteria" is an apt word to describe Haredim and their antics.
11. I thought
Sagi   (03.15.10)
it was a mortal sin to eat ice cream. Didn't "God" forbid it. Men and women standing in the same line and for the same reason ? Something wrong there !
12. isn't true
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (03.15.10)
There are plenty of ice cream parlors in Mea Sharem. I know, I frequent them. and as for long lines on Friday of rabbis and yeshiva men..... I was there, and did not see it. I think this article was writen by a PR man....
13. Glatt kosher? You mean Halav Yisrael
Golan ,   modiin   (03.15.10)
That means a Jew milked the cow but an Arab drove the truck. Another stupid bull crap from the haredi world.
14. #11 Why did you get your TB printed and mine not!
Talula ,   Israel   (03.15.10)
I said the same thing! I also said they can stand for SIX hours for free ice cream but won't go and and work. What happend to Torah study? doesn't it exist when there's free ice-cream? Pathetic!
15. its the word "Free" that attracts them
Avi ,   Israel   (03.15.10)
They cant help it, i mean lets face it they live off our tax money so why not get a free ice cream while your at it ?
16. Sick journalist, comparing food with name tagg clothes
m   (03.15.10)
17. What is this? Anti-Religious Marxist Propaganda?
Michael ,   Toronto   (03.16.10)
18. The author is a haredi-hating MORON. Not first Kosher IceCrm
L ,   Israel   (03.15.10)
and there's nothing wrong or against the Torah with "enjoying the pleasures of life" (the opposite of this idiot's unprofessional op-ed, "G-d forbid" quip in an already stupid an ill-informed article). Why did anyone give this guy a platform to gnash his teeth and foam at the mouth in such an openly bigoted way?!?
19. Why is this article under "Money" and not "Opinion"?!?!?
...Or just under "Jewish" with the usual nonsense haredi-bashing rants like Kobi Nahshonis? Replace the word "Haredi" with any other minority group that finds favor with a liberal crowd and imagine the flack this article would get by the usual suspects (Sagi, Avi, Talula -- same people and [non] opinions really, just different incarnations). Really, can you imagine an article that was blatantly anti-.....anyone else: gays, falashans, etc?
20. The difference !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.16.10)
They were waiting six hours for a FREE ice , in Tel Aviv they were waiting to spend money .....
21. worst. article. EVER.
bar emet ,   israel   (03.16.10)
pointless, full of hateful rhetoric, glaringly opinionated to the point of absurdity... perhaps this article is a joke, and ynet has done a satire of its own shoddy reporting... one thing is for sure: this kind of article is fodder for self-loathing jews such as "avi" (#5, #15 &tc), and if ofer petersburg wasnt intentionally mocking himself, he has reason to be deeply, deeply ashamed... keep up the anti-judaism articles ynet, der sturmer & al sharq al awsat would be proud....
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