PA: Muslims, go to al-Aqsa
Ali Waked
Published: 14.03.10, 14:35
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1. Extremist Jews
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (03.14.10)
Extremist Jews for wanting to build the Temple? Makes you wonder what a moderate Jew is all about.
2. Lets build the Holy Temple
Mikha ,   Nai'   (03.14.10)
Now is the time to humbly accept the Almighty God's hand in His city Jerusalem.The Muslims aknowledge its a noble sanctuary but know not of the danger they pose to themselves.The muslims led by Obama,Osama,Joe,Clinton and Ahmedinejad are making plans while attacking Jerusalem,Israel's capital won't escape whats coming to them.America will fall and be defeated by the muslims it loves like the taliban is doing to them.Israel will face the deadly future not alone but with Israel's King and God.VICTORY is assured!
3. roads should be free..
Anna Maria Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (03.14.10)
Muslims should NOT be allowed to pray on streets,blocking people from walking.. is not correct to let Muslims do what they like.... Streets belong to everyone....
4. Arik Sharon came in "Peace "& no Cornerstone
Roland Seener ,   London England   (03.14.10)
5. we shoul remind the PA man..
Anna Maria Sedda ,   Rome-italy   (03.14.10)
that Temple Mount is Holy to Jews and Christians everybody let's run to Temple Mount and pray our God....PA can boss around only about Mecca...
6. and Abraham had other children too..
Anna Maria Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (03.14.10)
Mr PA need to know that Abraham had many other children when is wife died,so sorry but many more Abraham children,NO muslims at all will run in Temple Mount...So PA better make some space around ..
7. Happy Third Temple Day!
Raphael ,   Montreal   (03.14.10)
18th-century rabbinic authority the Vilna Gaon: March 16, 2010, construction will begin on the third Temple. His projection states that the auspicious day will coincide with the third completion of the Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter on Monday. Happy Third Temple Dedication week!
8. Extremists from all sides should leave the region
Logic ,   Israel   (03.14.10)
and set up shop on the North Pole.
9. oh so now Muslims doing jewish customs?
ghostq   (03.14.10)
baaaaaa they learn from jews everything, the pilgams you do to Mecca not to Jerusalem, it's not an Islamic custom, which bring the notion they will try to change their own faith just to justify any political move.
10. to #5 so true
ghostq   (03.14.10)
Israel let everyone pray in Jerusalem, but PA doesn't let other religion pray in her teritory, allready we see more Mosques than churches in Beith Lechem, that is the one of reason the Pope canclled his visit in the 90's, he didn't like what he saw, how they abuse Chritian to the point they even try to make them believe against their own chritian faith.
stude ham   (03.14.10)
12. TO #9 Who do you mean?!!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.14.10)
"they will try to change their own faith just to justify any political move". You mean the Jews without a doubt,yeah you are right, you must respect your religion and not used it in your racism policy
13. The return of the King ;)
David ,   everywhere   (03.14.10)
14. Affter the terrorist seal themselves in, turn off the water,
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.14.10)
electricity, the sewage system and wait for them to please be let out.
15. Jewish blood; myth or mess
observer   (03.14.10)
Jewish refugees from the Byzantium, Persia, and Mesopotamia regions, fleeing from persecution by Christians throughout Europe, settled in the Kingdom because the Khazars allowed them to practice their own religion. Over time, Jews integrated into the society and married Khazar inhabitants. At first, Khazars from royal families converted to Judaism. But other citizen from throughout the Kingdom soon followed suit, adopting Jewish religious practices including reading the Torah, observing the Sabbath, keeping kosher, and switching to Hebrew as the official written system.
16. Jewish blood; myth or mess 2
observer   (03.14.10)
Jews in Israel are either Arabs or Khazars.
17. If G-Ds Angel planted that cornerstone....
Galut ,   Selah   (03.14.10)
what would the reaction be ????
18. #17 me thinks
it will be like in the days of pharoah when moses challenged him.... the nations will fight against God till they are destroyed....
19. Jerusalem
jkrause ,   gt,usa   (03.15.10)
There was not a term or place such as Palistine until the Emperor of Rome placed the name on the country of Israel in 135 AD. the land of Israel was given to Israel (Jacob) by GOD long before that.
20. Hey Ho!
ADVOCATE ,   Castro Valley, CA   (03.15.10)
Hey! Ho! Let's Go!
21. Violence is not means to a peaceful end
H.Mad ,   Canada   (03.15.10)
Peace can not be achieved by violent hands. Fraudulent leaders on both sides should not be listened to: any provocations of violence will never achieve peace. Our rich history is being turned against us to create senseless divisions - we were born from the same mothers and fathers, and to this day our unity should not falter. Jerusalem is holy to all, and should be kept so. There is no holiness in violence. Let us share it as one, not as three; not as aggressor against aggressor; not as extremist against extremist.
22. Yes, let's build the Holy Temple
Leah ,   Springfield USA   (03.16.10)
I am an American but I am also a Christian. My family and I love and support Israel and the Jewish people with all of our hearts. We pray that God will intervene and protect you under His powerful wings of love now and always. We pray that you will soon receive your Holy Temple. Not all Americans agree with Obama and Biden they have ignored what God's word says...that Israel belongs to His beloved chosen Jewish people FOREVER!!! Jesus is Coming Soon!! Get Ready!!! We LOVE YOU ISRAEL!!!
23. to salma number 12
edward L ,   new york new york   (05.10.10)
you should learn better english than just knowing when to throw in poorly conjugated political buzzwords like racism. the fault here clearly lies with the PA who is seeking to stir up civil unrest in order to renege on the proximity talks with israel, to which it just agreed. the tell-tale sign of a made up problem is people protesting house construction with suicide bombing.
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