Israel wins 1st place in Berlin tourism fair
Published: 14.03.10, 17:39
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1. yes, we put on a good show
if we had spend that much money on actually making the country all that it could be instead of spending it on "shows" and smoke and mirrors to make it look like one, things would have been much better.
2. Well done!
Center-right ,   Germany   (03.14.10)
Yesterday I happen to have beers with a girl that said that Israel became her second home: 6 visits in last 10 years. She's planning her 7th visit in May and very excited as the first time.
3. ITB
esther ,   Israel   (03.15.10)
First of all: congratulation for having received this award! As a professional visitor at the ITB for years I always loved to be at the Israeli stand. But, on the other hand some years ago when I turned up as a prospective buyer beeing interested in a house at Caesarea the lady in charge refused to give me any information, but asked for a bank guaranty ...... but in the meantime we are owners of a wonderful home. And another but - if Israel wants to be successful in incoming tourisme, there will be many things to do concerning cleanliness in the cities, on the beaches and even in the hotels (which more or less are not of an European standard)
4. I'm very surprised, but give credit where it's due
Jhan   (03.16.10)
It's amazing an Israeli government ministry would do a good job like this, but ok, well done. Try not to lie so much about visitor statistics and perhaps there can be a real improvement here...
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