Egypt cancels unveiling of restored synagogue
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Published: 14.03.10, 15:29
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1. typical doing something and take it back.
ghostq   (03.14.10)
they do that also to peace agreements they sign papers but take it back.
2. What a joke
David ,   USA/ISRAEL/EGYPT   (03.14.10)
Why is Egypt restoring Jewish Synagogues, when they expelled all the Jews in the early 50's including my family. Oppression of Muslims ??? Who are they kidding. Chief Zahi Hawass is a real hypocrite. They are the masters of oppressions
stude ham   (03.14.10)
so what else is new in this decision. the arabs have reawakened their anti-semitic past and desperately trying to make this form of hatred sound reasonable. as for mistreating muslims... that goes for all of the islamic countries.
4. Mubarak can play a more positive role
Roland Seener ,   London England   (03.14.10)
President Moubarak,who has never visited Israel,has no right to judge a state which has to satisfy "ALL" its citizens.His restrictions on the inaugaration ceremony of the Synagogue demonstrates little knowledge of the Israeli "temporary ,enforcement "of law against unruly elements who claim sole right of worship They happen to be from his Religious Persuasion.Moslem.Let him acknowledge "Freeddom of Religious Expression not only by Moslems and he could play a more positive influence.Will Hilary Clinton will be there with him to further embarass P.M.Netanyau,as if he hasn"t got enough troubles already ? It is an ideal opportunity for her not to miss too !
people ,   in israel   (03.14.10)
6. Yawn! Why in the world should we (Jews) care?
soludo   (03.14.10)
We have enough shuls in Israel, I couldn't care less if they leveled this one.
7. have Jews paid the bill of restoration of synagogue?
observer   (03.14.10)
the bill should have been doubled because restoration has been completed amid fierce anti-Arab PR, while No single synagogue was destroyed or converted in the Arab world after 1948. Most of the Arab Jews (Mizrahim) who made it to Israel left in the 1950s.
8. Who cares?
jsm   (03.14.10)
Its not like any jews will use them.
9. #7 observer
Hal ,   Usa   (03.14.10)
You observe much and see nothing. "No single synagogue was destroyed or converted in the Arab world after 1948". "Most of the Arab Jews(Misrahim,so nice of you) who made it to Israel left in the 1950's". So for you 1948 was "cordone sanitaire" in the sordid historical time line of Jews in the Arab and Muslim world? Arabs pissing on the "Wailing Wall" until 1967 is a more beneign desecration? The Waqf breaking their necks to obliterate any vestige of ancient Jewish artifacts from under the Temple Mount is a passive response to what? Observer you are either blind, ignorant or a cynical hater. You go on to imply that in 1948, Jews left for Israel, the ones that made it. Mighty Arabian of you to turn truth on it's ear and create fairytale from it. Before 1948, Jews were under pressure thoughout the Arab world as you call it. After 1948 when the five Arab Armies that attacked Israel were defeated and thus humiliated in the process, Misrahi ( Arab ) Jews were punished. They lost their jobs, property and in many cases their lives. They didn't voluntarily leave as you imply. They were forced out at the threat of death by govts and mobs of whipped up gangs, a familiar tactic in the Arab world when they feel humiliated. The whole notion of a "right of return" for Palestinians was a tactic to absolve the Arab world from it's Nazi inspired cleansing of Jews from their lands. One, in todays world, cancels out the other, paid in full! Observer, your glasses are in need of a new prescription or optometrist and you of a new occupation!
10. What a joke Mubark and Eygpt
Mike ,   Toronto   (03.14.10)
What about Eygpt closure of the border between Gaza and Eygpt, is that not opresing the Muslims? Do as I say not as I do. Eygpt continues to opress on a daily basis its own and others. This is simply an excuse, Eygpt has never respected others.
11. #9 Hal!, I challenge you to name one synagogue destroyed
observer   (03.14.10)
According to a book by Dr. Meron Benvenisti, of the 160 mosques in the Palestinian villages incorporated into Israel under the armistice agreements, fewer than 40 are still standing. What is unusual about the case of Mash'had Nabi Hussein is that the demolition is documented, and direct responsibility was taken by none other than the GOC Southern Command at the time, an officer named Moshe Dayan. The documentation shows that the holy site was blown up deliberately, as part of a broader operation that included at least two additional mosques, one in Yavneh and the other in Ashdod.
12. #9 Arab Jews
observer   (03.14.10)
Mizrahim (Arab Jews) had lived in North Africa and the Middle East for millennia, and the vast majority were opposed to creating a Jewish state in Palestine. The Iraqi Jewish leadership, for example, cooperated with the Iraqi government to stop Zionist activity in Iraq; the chief rabbi published an open letter denouncing Zionism. In 1920, Palestinian Jews signed anti-Zionist petitions denouncing Ashkenazi rule. The Mizrahim who arrived in Israel ended up in agricultural work, 10-12 hours a day in conditions of disease and squalor. Their high death rate was explained by one Zionist official as a “common and natural thing”. Today Mizrahim constitute around 50% of the Israeli population. Palestinian Arabs make up another 20%, so the total non-European population is about 70%. Arab Jews were seduced or forced by Zionists to leave their homes, while the Palestinians were expelled by the same Zionists.
13. #12 Fabricator
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.15.10)
If they signed petitions against zionism it was probably because they were forced to defend themselves against being called traitors in their own countries. Over 850,000 Jews from Arab/Muslim countries escaped from these countries with their belongings on their back due to persecution. Nothing to do with Zionism. They left their businesses, homes, professions behind and had to start over to include learning a new language. Some of them founded or settled in kibbutzim and moshavim in Israel where they did work long hours to farm. Agricultural work involves long hard hours. They drained swamps and got rid of malaria. I don't know what conditions of disease you're referring to. You probably made that up like much of what you post. Mizrahim continue to live in Israel and make-up about 50% of the population. You can find them working in all strata of society to include business, the arts and various professions. The second, third, fourth generation had more opportunity. The Palestinians were not expelled. That is another myth. But it is a fact that no Jews from Europe or Arab lands were left behind in refugee camps. They were all resettled by Jewish communities throughout the world.
14. #13what do you call the process of de-Arabization of Mizrahi
observer   (03.15.10)
Mizrahim were spatially marginalized by the Israeli settlement project, whether in the isolated periphery or in poor and stigmatized neighbourhoods of Israel’s major cities. This has limited their potential economic, social, and cultural participation. The creation of the Israeli new identity involved the de-Arabization of the Mizrahim, the near total erasure of their cultures, the nationalization of their politics, and their assimilation into Israel’s economy and expanding middle class. Yet, Mizrahi identity has been preserved at the social and economic peripheries, not as a distinct cultural orientation, as a diffused sense of origin and solidarity, fueled by persisting marginality and hardship. The Mizrahi Jews "cannot be turned into an "other," nor can they be cast beyond the fence; at most, one can construct detours to bypass development towns and poverty neighborhoods". Recognition of the injustices done to the Mizrahim will force the Israeli left to reform itself as well and to relinquish its hegemonic position.
15. week ago,Jews from allover world attended unveiling ceremony
observer   (03.15.10)
On March 7, 2010 group of Jews from around the world gathered in Egypt's capital on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the rededication of a 12th-century religious school once used by one of Judaism's most revered figures, and a neighboring 19th-century synagogue built in his honor. The $2 million, 18-month restoration project of the Rav Moshe synagogue, in an area of Cairo once called "the neighborhood of the Jews," was financed by the Egyptian government. Newly-appointed Israeli ambassador to Egypt Yitzhak Levanon attended the celebration, along with the US and Canadian ambassadors and French embassy officials. So what? do Jews demand unveiling ceremony of a Israel's sovereignty over the Cairo synagogue?
16. Link to the Cairo Rambam Synagogue dedication ceremony
observer   (03.15.10)
17. Egypt!, Okay the synagogue, but NOT political Yeshiva
Over the years the Merkaz yeshiva grew to become the number one extremist Zionist religious training camp in Palestine, where trainees are nursed on the ideology that Palestine was a gift from God and that it is their religious duty to drive away the inhabitants of the land in the manner “God” demanded. According to the Rabbi, this was the ONLY road to salvation and redemption. The Merkaz was seen by many as ‘God’s gift’ to the Zionist Movement because (after years of being shunned by Jewish religious sectors) finally came someone who interpreted Zionism to be the long-awaited messiah. Kook taught that the messiah is an entity that doesn’t necessary have to come in a human shape, meaning that it could be an idea. It must be remembered that the influence of the settler movements in Israeli politics is by no means inconsequential. Rather, it is widespread through the many thousands of students who graduate from this Merkaz and others end up holding positions in government, military, academic, and many other facets of Israeli society. No Israeli government has been spared the wrath of this extremist movement whose influence is increasing day by day since 1974 up to the present and whose is one of “the State of Israel is the foundation upon which rests the Throne of God in this world”.
18. #11 observer what you want
Hal ,   Usa   (03.16.10)
Observer, you're the one that posted, " No single synagogue was destroyed or converted in the Arab world after 1948". After being your operative wording. " Most of the Arab Jews ( Mizrahim ) who made it to Israel left in the 1950's". Left being your operative wording. Then you challenge me to name "one synagogue" that was destroyed. You obviously have given yourself an "out" saying after 1948 and since you are freely giving out information supplied by Mr Benvenisti, you have drawn a conclusion to make a charge against Israel in regards to it's handling of Mosques. Observer, your cynical manipulation of facts don't meaure up to reality. Forget 1948 for one minute and consider your assertion that Mizrahi ( Arab ) Jews "left" for Israel in the 1950's. Left is your manipulation of the word "forced". This supplys you with the conclusion of the illigitimacy of Israel and to then say that Mizrahi's were against zionism is but the cherry on top of your thesis against Israel's existence. Sorry observer, you may think you are dealing with Palestinian Arabs that have been sold a fairytale to evoke pity and aid money, but your effort is a waste of time. Tell your facts to Egyptian Jews or Iraqi Jews or any Middle Eastern Jews that were harrased and persecuted from the end of WW1 until they were forced from their homes after 1948 soley because of the UN sanctioned establishment of the state of Israel. Ask them if Meron Benvenisti speaks for them. Also, the word "destroyed " should not be confused with desecrated and converted observer! Many synagogues were used as storehouses and worse. For Jews, that is destruction! Winston Churchill said that there are, " Lies, damned lies and statistics". Your statistics are misleading at best. Get other sources and get back to me obsever!
19. #18 facts by name, not generalization
observer   (03.16.10)
20. I thought this was a joke from the beginning ...
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (03.16.10)
there are NO Synagogues in Egypt!
21. #20 but now you believe it?
observer   (03.16.10)
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