Old City synagogue opened amid heightened tensions
Shmulik Grossman
Published: 14.03.10, 20:38
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1. wasn't supposed to be tomorrow
mike   (03.14.10)
I thought that it was Monday not Sunday. So does that move Armageddon back one day?
2. Mazel Tov ! From strength to strength!
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (03.14.10)
Build, restore and settle the land
3. Thousands at dedication
Jeremy ,   Jerusalem   (03.14.10)
4. Alaqsa is inside all of us, You will be amazed from our
Massalha Shady ,   Dabburiiya   (03.14.10)
response... Alaqsa is not Iraq, Its a mosque that Our prophit Mohammad told us to take care of it... because the come-back of islam will start in it.
stude ham   (03.14.10)
6. they used napkins! The OUTRAGE!!!!
Golan ,   modiin   (03.14.10)
the celebrating Jews insulted the Americans and infuriated the Arabs into violence due to the undiplomatic use of napkins at the event. Muslims from all over the world are up in arms! This is an outrage that might end the ongoing peace process.
7. Jerusalem Buikding
Shmaya ,   Houston, Texas USA   (03.14.10)
Sorry, BHO Israel and Jerusalem belong to the Jews. And Jews will decide what to do. Go Ben!!!
8. What unity, Jerusalem is divided more than ever.
Realist   (03.14.10)
9. @4,no mosque in Jerusalem in mohamed time
Trumpeldor ,   eurabyeh   (03.15.10)
Sorry ,you mistook it for yathrib ...
ITS NOT NICE TO DESTROY A HOUSE AND TO BUILD ANOTHER ONE JUST ON IT. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE IN PEACE. COUNTRIES OF OWNERS CHANGE IN TIME IN WARS. BUT IN PEACE ! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. we must find a way to build the house without hurting the other one. understand ! *** there must be a way.
11. Ha ha...Saladin is coming baby!!!
Husam ,   Atlanta, USA   (03.15.10)
12. The Byzantine Church
Ralph Haglund ,   Lund, Sweden   (03.15.10)
that was lightly modified 80 years after the death of Muhammed, and then called Al Aqsa, reasonably the Christians should ask for a share there.
13. east jerusalem
dani   (03.15.10)
there is no need for a palestinian capital in east jerusalem for the creation of a palestinian state. israeli diplomats must separate the two issues. 1) israel supports demilitarized palestinian state. 2) israel opposes division of jerusalem. why? -- division of jerusalem is not necessary for a palestinian state -- division of jerusalem will place many sites that were systematically destroyed or desecrated from 1948-1967 back at risk. -- muslim sites in jerusalem are today administered by the waqf, which even now -- despite israeli control of the city, is recognized by independent authorities as conducting a archeological massacre on the historical remains of "whatever" lies underneath the al aqsa mosque through the underground expansion of the mosque without any care as to what they are digging up. -- division of jerusalem will stop jewish development of the city. ultimately, the peace process should allow for both jewish and palestinian development in the city, which is the largest jewish city in israel.
14. Sorry, Aksa Means Nothing To Me ... !
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (03.15.10)
I am a secular Palestinian Arab . Islam, Kor'an , and the so-called " holy mosques " no longer mean anything to me ... ! How impudent of the PA to ask us to barricade ourselves in the Aksa Mosque so that we could be sacrificed very easily . Let the head of the PA and his top aides set the example to others by barricading and sacrificing themselves and only after that would I consider giving a thought to what they call for ! It is extremely much more than enough that the PA itself is terribly corrupt and has an exceedingly-foul smell ... I am not going to make any more sacrifices . Let me just take care of myself ... !
15. No. 10 Atilla
Eli ,   Ramat Hasharon   (03.15.10)
If you think that it is not fair to destroy to build, you have to know that the Al Aksa Mosque is built on the jewish temple of David. Secondly Aya Sofia Mosque in Istanbul is built on a church. The muslims changed the churches and synagogues into mosques, all through the history.
16. The Muslim-Arabs destroyed, erased the place twice:
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.15.10)
one time in the 19th century and the other in the 20th century. ha-Horvah is now standing tall again, a reminder of 'Am Israel's (the Hebrew/Israeli/Jewish people) history whom its enemies attempt to erase, wipe off the face of earth in every generation, yet it too rise up and stand tall, asserting itself and demanding it rightful place on this earth. Yishar Koakh to 'Am Israel and to those who brought the Horvah from its horban (destruction) to life.
17. No rights to Arabs on Jerusalem.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (03.15.10)
Arabs and/or Muslims have no historical rights on Jerusalem. In the days of Muhammad, who died in 632 c.e., Jerusalem was a Christian-occupied city within the Byzantine Empire. Jerusalem was captured by caliph Omar only in 638 c.e. About 80 years after Muhammad died, Malik's son, Abd el-Wahd ‒who ruled in 705-715‒ reconstructed the Christian-Byzantine Church of St. Mary and converted it into a mosque, he named it El-Aqsa, so it would sound like the one mentioned in the Koran as described at :
18. Just as Expected
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.15.10)
You will not rest until you turn the conflict into a religious conflict which will lead Only to more bloodshed, wars and religious hatred, which will not end.:( Do you think that a billion Muslims will remain in a coma forever?!!!!You want to destroy the future of generations to come....unfortunately this is what you're doing
19. To Salma #18. Cornerstone bad. You KNOW there should be a
Adam ,   Israel   (03.15.10)
Synagogue on the Mount. Until recently, whomever was the majority didn't matter in relation to the question of who rules. These are progressive trends which Palestinians base their pre - 1880 claim upon. HOWEVER, with the same principles that Palestinians lobby on, there should be religious freedom at sites holy to more than one religion and the Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism. STOP being a HYPOCRITE. Sincerely, a secular Rabbanite.
20. Now Let's Rebuild The Temple!
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.15.10)
Maybe we can find some cheap Arab bulldozer drivers to begin the work?
21. #18 Salma
Hal ,   Usa   (03.16.10)
Salma, if you were my daughter, I would send you to your room for spreading such lies and trouble making. The fact that religion has been used in this conflict is a result of desperation on the part of your political leaders who have run out of tactics to foment more violence so that they can continue to rob you blind. From Haj Amin al Husseini through Yasser Arafat to Abu Mazen the tactics have changed according to the results. In your case, the results have never lived up to the hype and you yourself are an example of the frustration that comes from being led by the Arab Mafia that is the PA, PLO and Hamas. Back to the drawing board! Behave Salma or go to your room!
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