Estimate: De-facto freeze in J'lem
Roni Sofer
Published: 15.03.10, 09:25
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1. Obama demands Israel Surrender
SyrianNationalParty ,   Homs, Syria   (03.15.10)
One could not but have respect and admiration for Israeli, they have repeatedly offered to meet any Arab rulers and have invited all Arab rulers to come to them. They even did that for President Assad of Syria. What more do you expect from them to do for issuance of peace in the region? Surrender their sovereignty, the land, the places holy and reverent to them to Arab leaders who are too busy in London, Monaco and at the Palm Casinos VIP roulette rooms to deal with this Middle East issue beyond the Arab League ultimatums they fight each other’s bloody to manage for an issue of it. What evidence the Palestinians have shown since Arafat landed in Ramallah that they are capable of living peacefully with Jews in the land and have the means to develop a basic state and economic institution that can sustains them for some decades. None whatsoever, so anyone in Washington expect Jews in Israel to oblige to all these unreasonable demands incessantly made to them is a fool. The game is obvious, The Crusaders of Malta and the Vatican Bank used Israel to rob the Middle East of trillions in cash, Israel accepted the help from the Crusaders that evicted them from Palestine and scattered them all over the world, oppressed them and treated them lesser than human out of desperation, now they no longer needed. Israel is in position to say no, our land, our sovereignty, the places we reverend gets the priority of our policy, it is above and beyond having to compromise with the Christian genocidal who in any intelligent person opinion are gonner, faces a dead economic and social end.
2. The only answer...........
Wise Saba ,   Eretz Yisrael   (03.15.10)
Tell the Americans to go to hell! Jerusalem is, was & will always be the undivided capital of Am Yisroel & Eretz Yisrael. Presidents come & go & so do Prime Ministers. Eretz Yisrael is eternal.
3. dear ynet-was this a news story?...
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.15.10)
or just some wishful hoping? If Bibi touches the Holiness of Jerusalem, he endangers himself as did Ariel Sharon. Jerusalem will NEVER BE DIVIDED! Bibi can be a hero or villain, but Jerusalem WILL remain UNDIVIDED! Like the Purim story - Mordechai admonishes Esther that salvation will come with or without her help. But better with her (Bibi's) help.
4. Obama hussein and biden are the ENEMY!
Time Magazine July 5, 1982 Senator Joseph Biden, a Delaware Democrat, jabbing his finger at Begin, warned that U.S. support for Israel was eroding. Begin shouted back: "Don't threaten us with cutting off aid to give up our principles!
5. islamization
eli ,   Jerusalem   (03.15.10)
Stop the islamization of the world now! Is has already reached the US government.
6. Netenyahu is a mistake
golan ,   modiin   (03.15.10)
and I will not vote Likud because I learned from Wye. I hope my friends will earn from this and not vote for Likud either. There are other parties to support.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (03.15.10)
As long as the same clique of power sharing people continui their chair dance in the knesset, it will make no difference who is in the PM's seat. An indicating factor of a dictatorial sytem that is in place, is that the state has no connection to its people and blindly follows its own doctrine. For our Herzelists there is still no understanding that this is a religious war and not one about a nation. To Islam it is an insult that despite their ever expanding power, there still is this tiny Jewish nation, in their own back yard. The fact that not to long ago Islam almost conquered Europe and was only stopped at an enormous price in Vienna Austrisa of all places, is long forgotten. As long as our Herzelists keep on stumbling around blindfolded, they will be pushed around by the world and will have no say in any place of our land.
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.15.10)
There is no choice for slaves .but Israel has a choice. It seems the majority in Israel have returned to slavery to Pharaoh Obama in Egypt. Grasshooper Jews never remain in the promised land.
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