Dozens injured in Jerusalem riots
Ynet reporters
Published: 16.03.10, 13:42
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1. It's exactly what Bibi + Lieberman wanted
moran   (03.16.10)
For one year they were running around with matches, making sure the fire keeps on burning.
2. all predictable...
Rafi ,   US   (03.16.10)
Bibi and his cohorts, with their recent national heritage site and new housing pronouncements - like Sharon and his Temple Mt walk in 2000 - have needlessly poured fuel on a smouldering fire. Others, including Border Police and IDF, will pay the price. But what does Bibi care? He's reaped the political benefit with his constituencies. Let's be clear - Bibi and company do not act in Israel's overall national interest... only in their own interests.
3. Islamist-Jihadist Violence
Brod ,   USA   (03.16.10)
There would never be violence being sparked there had Biden and Hillary not spewed their crap. They should be shameful for their acts. Adding fuel to the furnace only emboldens the Islamist-Jihadists to intensify their belligerence and aggressions. The puppeteer behind the two should be held accountable for this violence too. Israel must be united, resolute and strong in confronting and countering these challenges. Israel must never again allow any foreign leaders to come to Israel only to instigate the scoundrels to instensify their violence against Israel. Israel must protect its sovereignty. No foreigners including Obama, Biden or Hillary should be allowed to play king of Israel. Israel should now focus squarely on the Iran nuke threat which is an existential threat to Israel.
4. Isee,now Arabs say US and Biden are "honorable!
Alan ,   SA   (03.16.10)
No US flag burning in Jerusalem anymore! Soon theyll even be singing the "Star Spangled Banner " in Teheran when their A bomb is ready!
5. Where Is American Condemnation of Arab Violence?
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.16.10)
Arab violence is the antithesis of peace. Arab violence is the true obstacle to peace. Let us hear Mrs. Clinton's angry indignation - today.
6. Another BB Liberman Shas triumph
Avi ,   Israel   (03.16.10)
Whats next, be handing out clubs and bear skins and teaching the citizens to shout yab adaba do ?
7. #1
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.16.10)
Netanyahu betrayed his voters, made Barak DM, came up with the racist building freeze, and sent special Jew-hunting units to Judea and Samaria. At the same time, he has improved the Arab economy and started building a new Arab city. Instead of getting credit, he is insulted, humiliated and pressured to make more and more concessions. Your name is quite suitable.
8. Obama hussein and biden are TO BLAME FOR INTIFADA!
they took the arab ,   side   (03.16.10)
9. to #1 not realy the arabs just look
ghostq   (03.16.10)
for excuse to riot, Muslims r still allowed to pray in the mosque yet they make violant riot, stop making excuse for people who use violance to get their way, and can hurt innocent people who just walk in the street. the inciting for jihad is something that need to be stop, and it got nothing to do with Bibi cause no building was built yet they barely got blueprints. so put things in the right prespective.
10. Cleansing
Simon ,   Jeruslaem   (03.16.10)
The Arab leaders quoted here havent read the history of Cambodia or Rwanda if they think this is ethnic cleansing. It's an insult to their own people, an insult to the Israeli authorities and an inslult to opressed peoples around the world that middle aged men and hormonal youths are using the situation to advance their careers/vent their rage.
11. The judazion of Jerusalem ?
Paul ,   USA   (03.16.10)
I love this phrase ! Has anyone bothered to tell this fool that Jerusalem is a Jewish City ? Once again, say or do whatever it takes, no matter how stupid they sound, to deny the jewish heritage of Jerusalem, and all of Israel.
12. Arabs want freezes+withdrawals until they can defeat Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (03.16.10)
What the Arabs want are Israeli freezes and withdrawals until they can make Israel disappear. This goes against the Jewish wish to settle historical Israel. The fundamental problem is that whereas the West and Israel accept Jewish and Palestinian states, the Palestinians don't. The Palestinians whisper sweet nothings into the naive American leaders' ears about wanting peace but Jews hear nothing except the Palestinian desire for Palestinian states only. The Americans pressed Netanyahu to publicly accept Jewish and Palestinian states. Let's see them do the same to the Palestinians.
13. Far-right policies have potential to inflame entire region
Ronen   (03.16.10)
Continued occupation and settlement activities (what freeze?), national heritage plan and all other failures that aimed at torpedoing any chance for peace may put entire region ablaze. Nethanyahu and his right-wing government have become Israel's biggest security threat - homemade.
14. That much about Bibi's economic peace plan - DAO
JJ   (03.16.10)
15. Just confirms that Jerusalem is already divided
Moti ,   Israel   (03.16.10)
16. Palestinians clearly want war, question is why
JPS ,   Efrat   (03.16.10)
On the verge of resuming talks, the Palestinians instead choose violence. Why? Forget their propaganda rhetoric about saving the Al Aqsa mosque and drivel about ethnic cleansing. It's part of the campaign of lies to cover up for the rioting. Al Aqsa is staying right where it is, and the Pals are staying in their homes, nobody is throwing them out. So the question is: Why are they rioting? Why didn't the PA want to go back to the negotiating table? Are they truly on the verge of being exposed in their own community for the corrupt crooks they are? Do the polls show that Hamas would win the next elections? And why is the Obama administration going overboard in covering for the Pals instead of demanding both sides show up for talks? Very troubling questions indeed. And, of course, the bizarre double standard that the Pals can launch rockets and blow up buses and they'll still be welcome at the negotiating table. The Israelis build some houses and they are public enemy number one. Maybe it's time that the State Department stop sucking up to Arab oil and demand that the Palestinians obey the law too? But that might be too much for the politically incorrect team working for Clinton...
17. Netanyahu's settlement policy of Arab East-Jerusalem
Oren   (03.16.10)
It's just as crazy as placing Jewish settlers into the midst of Palestinian population centers like Gaza. We all know how badly that failed.
18. #1#16 Pals don't want Jews in large numbers
Sam ,   Canada   (03.16.10)
The Palestinians don't want Jews moving into their territory, especially not in large numbers. They tried to keep the Jews from moving originally into Israel and now they try to keep them out from East Jerusalem and the West Bank. When the Palestinians couldn't get a freeze and when the US couldn't get a freeze, they decided to riot and stop the Jews that way. Jews will have to decide where their interest is.
19. America, the best ally Iran ever had.
USA   (03.16.10)
Can this fiasco between Israel and the US can be interpreted in any other way than to give Iran cover and time to go nuclear? At the very least it is sending them a positive signal. Wake up Israel "Change has come to America"
20. oybama is diverting attention from iran's nuke-plain&simple.
debra ,   usa   (03.16.10)
21. to #18 should Israelis jews act the same toward her
ghostq   (03.16.10)
Islamic civilians? just imagin, since there r Muslims on the Israeli side should Israelis jews riot every time Bedoin grab public land in the south? I don't think so cause jews r not violant. on the other hand... well you get the picture.
22. is there a misprint?
guri   (03.16.10)
how can there be a clash and no one dies? deffective israeli arms? maybe this just a movie shoot? are arabs just throwing foam rocks? what gives with allowing arabs to own the temple mount and desecrate it with arab buildings, clear it out and build a nice temple. this has been the mistake since 67.
23. bibi and policies will save the situation leftist answers wi
ralph   (03.16.10)
defeat the jews. bibi is best answer to pals and racist obama. we now see the true color of obama baker and carter rolled into one with court jews. he'll be a one term wonder. and like carter the second worst president in history and most dangerous for the world.
24. #13, only bibi has the strength and foresight to prevent a w
ralph   (03.16.10)
war. any leftist approach will result in another war sooner rather than later. wake up my friend you have been deluded by the useful idiots in the leftist press.
25. This date was intentional
Joshua ,   Pittsburgh, PA USA   (03.16.10)
The more I think about it, I think this was intentional. Sure, the Ramat Shlomo announcement caught them off-guard, but it was clear to me that they weren't ready to riot that day. Instead, they waited for the rededication of the Hurva Synagogue, something that was known WAY in advance. Anyone with any knowledge of Jewish tradition knows that it will by Moshiach, not by human dictate, that the Third Temple will be rebuilt. The Arabs seize on something the Vilna Gaon says and call it gospel? Talk about their selective respect for Jewish history.
26. how high is the intifada threshold?
observer   (03.16.10)
49 injured Arabs is not an enough threshold. So, how many is enough? 2 or 3 Jews?
27. 37 heritage sites in WB; why Israel agreed to UN 47 partitio
observer   (03.16.10)
That means that Israel has converted from the phase of secular Zionists to the phase of religious Zionists. Religious Zionists are now annually and publicly renounce all vows.
28. Obama-Biden-Clinton gave the signal. Time to riot.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.16.10)
40 years ago, the Arabs wouldn't have put on such a display of violence. Fresh from the beat-down they took from the IDF in 1967, they knew not to mess with Israeli forces. But the Arabs now see that Israel can be squeezed, pressured, and humiliated. Once Obama sanctioned this made up crisis, and see that there is no comparable sanction on the Palestinians for *anything* they do, the Palestinians now sense a green light. And so they riot, knowing that Israel will be blamed for any consequences. All this was entirely predictable - except by the fools in the White House.
29. Good job obama, how much war can you bring to the world?
cody   (03.16.10)
start wars in the world and now in israel too?
30. 16
zionist forever   (03.16.10)
The man most responsible for this desire for war is Barak Hussain Obama. In the begining he led Abbas to believe that all he had to do was demand something and America would make sure he got it no mater what the demand. So instead of talking he has been playing hard to get demds or no talks. If Bush had been president one phone call to Abbas & another call to Bibi saying I want you guys talking and they would be talking directly. Obama hasn't been helping matters because everytime Abbas refused to talk even if Bibi was caliing for talks Obama would blame Bibi say Israel isn't doing enough. Everytime Israel did anything if Abbas complained then Obama complained to Bibi Now with the Jerusalem riots are over the synagogue the arabs think that now they have the US on their side they own all Jerusalem and it will probably only get worse. The US is not letting the Biden issue drop Clinton has drawn up a list of demands she knows Bibi can't deliver. The whole thing has turned into a justification for any arab violence in Jerusalem. Obama wants to topple Bibi, force an election and do everything he can behind the scenes to get Livni elected because he knows she will do as she is told and she is all in favor of dividing Jerusalem. The president who wanted peace as his legacy even if it was never going to be a lasting peace it seems is making it harder to achieve. The man is a fool and the sooner his presidence is over the better the whole world will be.
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