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Haredim throw chairs at praying women
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 16.03.10, 16:07
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1. A correction to the article
Devorah Singer ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.16.10)
The article states that "The incident occurred just before 7 am when the first women of the regular minyan had already arrived but not yet laid tefillin or begun praying." I would like to note that NONE OF US lay tefillin while praying with the Women of the Wall. What people do elsewhere I don't know, but there is was not a set of tefillin among us this morning, nor last month nor the month before.
2. Stoning
Ariel ,   São Paulo - Brazil   (03.16.10)
Modern version of the stoning of biblical times. Intolerance is the mark of these people.
3. Curiouser and Curiouser
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (03.16.10)
I am confused. It's okay to hit a woman, kick a woman or throw a chair at a woman. But it's immoral to sit next to a woman on a bus or hear a woman singing. What kind of God do they believe in?
4. Haredi behavior
Batsheva   (03.16.10)
shame on them! Shame!!!
5. Both sides are completely bonkers
Rabbi A ,   Israel   (03.16.10)
6. Something stinks...
Golan ,   modiin   (03.16.10)
since when was there a problem with women praying at the wall? I go to the wall and pray minha all the time. And I do it alone thank you. I don;t need to join a Haredi, or any other group. Minyan shminyan.
7. There are many more chairs left.
Ariel ,   Europe   (03.16.10)
Kotel is an orthodox place of worship. Love it or leave it. All kinds of people - Jews of any persuasion or Gentiles are perfectly welcome to come - just follow the rules. I do believe this maxim to be true in any place of prayer - be it a synagogue, mosque or a church.
8. Shame on these women!
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.16.10)
If these were really Jewish women they would follow the Torah and stay at home, manage the household and raise their children instead they have gone against G-d and sinned by deliberately inciting the men at the Kotel.
9. #7 - which rules are you referring to?
William ,   Israel   (03.16.10)
I don't believe these women were dressed inappropriately, I don't believe they were mixing with other genders, they certainly didn't play loud music or violate G-d's name.... so what exactly is wrong here?? Though I am a Jew I support anyone who takes the time to pray and reconnect to our one G-d. The heredim are myopic and selfish, and believe they own the rights to G-d, the same way Imams and Priests try to dominate their own religions. This was a complete heinous act, both legally and spiritually.
10. Haredim generosity.
Shajan ,   India   (03.16.10)
Haredim threw chairs towards the women, because there were less number of chairs in the woman's section than the women who came to pray
11. Arabs throwing rocks = Jews throwing chairs
Aviva ,   Jerusalem   (03.16.10)
I am not a fan of the WOW, but throwing chairs? Please. Here is the best way to deal with the WOW. Smile nicely and say "Good morning!" It makes them crazy.
12. #7 rules?
Lisa   (03.16.10)
what rules and who is making the rules? I want you to know, I have never seen a Christian throw a chair or stone at a praying person in a church, nor any place of pilgrimage- don't you DARE even mentioning Christians in this discussion. If this is what Jews do to their own people- shame on you- you should be banned from the site forever- that would teach you to respect other people. This behavior is unworthy of a religious person- maybe that is the problem? Religious for show- not in your heart? God must be turning away in disgust at this!
13. Zoo
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (03.16.10)
Jerusalem is not holy... It's a zoo full of apes... Whatever if they are Arabs or Jews... Same fight
14. Mr. Hess representing the Masorti movement is incorrect.
rochelle ,   usa   (03.16.10)
While 1 of the 3 security stations has separate lines for men & women, there is no direct access to the men's section. Everyone passes through the upper courtyard. If anything there is much less control exercised at the kotel now than in the past. In the past women were required to don shawls and skirts provided at the site if they came in pants or low cut or sleeveless shirts. Now I see women davening at the kotel in all modes of dress. While it is considerate to respect the feelings of others by not coming to religious sites really skimpily clad, it is beautiful to see woman of all paths in life draw close to G-d and worship together. Also, it is just prejudice to lump all Hareidim together and condemn them all for the actions of a small group.
15. #8
Manouk   (03.16.10)
Jewish woman should stay at home???? Are you for real??? What century you're in???? A man should ALWAYS treat a woman with respect. It breaks my heart jewish man do this to jewish woman! Such a shame!
16. OK where is it written, that allows such behaviour
Talula ,   Israel   (03.16.10)
IT ISN'T WRITTEN ANYWHERE!!!! These violent and vile thugs simply HATE women and will use any excuse to hurl abuse or physically harm them. Our government are simply too weak to deal with them. Well done to the women who kept praying - they have every right to be there.
17.  The Kotel
Aryeh Moshen ,   NY, USA   (03.16.10)
When was it not an Orthodox Synagogue? It served as such long before the Reform started and ever since, taking a break only when the Jordanians would not let a Jew there. Otherwise, it has always been and should always be an Orthodox Synagogue. All are welcome, including non-Jews and non-Orthodox Jews. All are asked to behave as is proper in an Orthodox Synagogue. The Conservatives have their own synagogues. We Orthodox do not invade them and insist that we be permitted to set up shop in them.
18. To # 7
Ariel ,   São Paulo - Brazil   (03.16.10)
Do not confuse Kotel, which is an area outside the Beit Hamikdash built by Herod, and where for more than 2,000 years Jews came to pray (regardless of their degree of religion) with an Orthodox synagogue built solely for that purpose.
19. To # 12
Ariel ,   São Paulo - Brazil   (03.16.10)
You're right. Christians do not throw chairs at people who will pray in churches. But unfortunately they had the bad habit of sending people who do not pray in churches in bonfire.
20. #7 Ariel is wrong
Steve ,   San Francisco   (03.16.10)
"More chairs left?" Would those be for sitting on on throwing at women? What words should we use to describe a man who threatens continuing violence again women. Whether or not the Kotel is an orthodox place of worship is an opinion, not a maxim. In 1967, after the Six Day War, men and women stood side-by-side at the wall. Things have changed a lot since the government has allowed the haredim to rule there as if it is their own private fiefdom.
21. Morality
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (03.16.10)
Religious are MORE MORAL! Throwing chairs at women is certainly the sign of morality. SICK MORALITY NO DOUBT.
22. #3 women singing make them horny
Talula ,   Israel   (03.16.10)
and they have absolutely no self restraint - that's why it's not allowed - they simply forbid anything that tests restraint to the outter limits.
23. # 16 Dear Talula
Sagi   (03.16.10)
On the second page of Genisis. "And God created woman with a built in zipper on her facial orifice complete with padlock, an apron with untieable strings and a subservient nature". Did you never read the creation narrative ?
24. Let's face it
Sagi   (03.16.10)
If you were a woman would there be any conceivable way that a bearded wonder disguised as a penguin could arouse your emotions. Of course not, but a Chippendale or a Louis xiv will do the trick. They must have got that from a coded passage in the "holy scriptures" that only the erudite initiated are able to comprehend. Just think of what I have missed all my life, ogling lecherously at women instead of throwing chairs at them.
25. #8 - Actually, the Torah honors women above all
William ,   Israel   (03.16.10)
It's the egotism of man that pushes her down, covers her up, and cites the need for modesty. The Torah cites women as the leaders of the Jewish faith as they are both the givers of life and nurturers of man. Why does a woman need to be at home 24/7 in order to be a good mom? Do kids not go to school? Do mothers not need a mental health moment or do they give up any sense of self in your "Jewish world"? Do you consider it an honor to stay at home tending to a house constantly while the husband, working or not, can move about as he pleases solely because he studies Torah, making him some sort of a "saint" in your eyes? Certainly, that's the excuse I've heard from many ultra-orthodox who run from army and financial obligations - they are studying Torah and through that will save the Jewish nation. I believe it's the same stupid excuse used by Shas to vote down the deposit law on plastic bottles over 1 liter - because it would "over-burden" the religious to bring them back to the stores.
26. #19 Ariel- history
Lisa   (03.16.10)
Ariel you are perfectlty correct- BUT: that was hundreds of years ago- and we don't do this anymore, we have higher standards now- is this suppose to be an excuse for the religious people in Jerusalem- ?they want to have their own Inquisition, their own stonings, torture maybe, how about cutting off women's hands because they touched the wall? Very mature, educated and 21st century- but then they still live in the Middle Ages- I guess they have a right to make the same mistakes, why not? Then you would have no reason to bring this up in every GD discussion.
27. Shut up, Cynthia #8
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (03.16.10)
The women have gone against G-d???? Are you out of your mind??? The men threw chairs at them and it's the women who have gone against G-d??? You're crazy, lady.
28. #22
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (03.16.10)
. You show how base you are and how horny these women trying to act like men make you. To each their own.
29. Why Shame?
James ,   Dallas   (03.16.10)
I fail to understand why shame. Are Jewish women 2nd class? Did not the same G-D create both Adam and Eve? Shame on the men who treat women like 2nd class citizens.
30. #12 Get a grip
SNS   (03.17.10)
You have never seen a Christian throw a chair at a praying person in church? How about priests who rape children? People in galss houses should not throuw stones.
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