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Haredim throw chairs at praying women
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 16.03.10, 16:07
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32. Stand strong sisters dont give in
Avi ,   israel   (03.17.10)
Good luck to the women, in the face of aggression from the ultra orhhadox. They cant help it its natural to them unfortuently. You have the right to pray in anyway you feel right. Sisters stay strong we are with you.
33. There are 2 sides to this story
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (03.17.10)
If chairs were thrown, it is wrong. However, it appears that the Women of the Wall are getting bolder, knowing full well that their actions provoke anger. The special area at the Kotel designated for their non-traditional services is no longer good enough for them? They should expect problems if they are now holding their feminist prayer gatherings in direct view of the men as the barrier separating the men and women is see-through. Yizhar Hess exaggerates about segregation starting at the security gate. I was there a few months ago. You can see on hundreds of photos showing men and women standing together in front of the prayer areas, not to mention groups of guys and girls from the army who sit together on the steps. I really don't understand what Hess is describing.
34. #31 Martin watch your foul mouth
Avi ,   Israel   (03.17.10)
So what if they are lesbians? Using such foul language is discusting and shows your true nature.
35. #31 You have GOT to be kidding with that language!!!
israel   (03.17.10)
Obviously Ynet personal have absolutely no idea how vile the 'c' word is. Take it down immediately!!!
36. Dear editors
Sagi   (03.17.10)
Please remove TB # 31. It is not only foul language it is degrading to women. Please print my request. Thank you.
37. #35 get a life
Zevi   (03.17.10)
While the language of #31 is not appropriate...... What are you feelings about chairs being throw at women praying? Israel is becoming a little Iran...... with all of the crazy religious people
38. Where's the "Report Abuse" link? 31 should be removed!!
Talula ,   Israel   (03.17.10)
39. 21 , again you , this LIAR !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.17.10)
and not Jewish at all
40. 26 Lisa , History ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.17.10)
And what about those murderers who received a christian "education" ? That was only some 70 years ago !
41. The Kotel
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.17.10)
Is NOT the property of the ultra Orthodox , it's property of the WHOLE Jewish people , a part of OUR history . And those ultra orthodox did'nt do anything to liberate the Kotel from the Jordanian illegal occupation in 1967 , it were MOSTLY SECULARS who did it
42. to #34 so what is the problem throw the chair back
ghostq   (03.17.10)
case solved.
43. Jerusalem is a Holy Land
Rukena ,   UK   (03.17.10)
Jerusalem is a holy land wheather u eccept it or not...big deal about the chairs, WOOOW why make a big deal.women should pray at home, not on the streets showing off...
44. arrest them
dan   (03.17.10)
this is assault, and they should be arrested and put in jail for several months. no tolerance for this kind of behavior.
45. to #43 damn you don't know your own
ghostq   (03.17.10)
faith, in the second temple era women had diferent entrenss to the temple, even to the cohens, the women in the family were able to go inside but only to the second yard that around the holy of the holyest(the yard that was for only cohens and the masses couldn't get in to pray. further more Hulda gate in the entrence of the temple is where she make her judgment with blessing of god, I reckon god likes love his shorties.
46. Women at western wall
Shmuel   (03.17.10)
The masorti rabbi accuses charedim of treating women as " untouchable" Nwws Flash halachah says you shouldnt be touching members of the opposite sex that is known as hilchos negiah So for the women , men are also "untouchable"
47. Clearly wrong
Avi   (03.17.10)
What have they come to when they are now throwing chairs at women just for praying? It think it's very sad, because the Kotel belongs to all Jews of all persuasions. It is the one place that should unite us all together. I believe it was the right thing to arrest those who took part in that crime. That kind of behavior should not be tolerated. Every Jew has the right to pray and connect with HaShem.
48. Strange and dubious sects at the Wall
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (03.17.10)
Zahal liberated the Western Wall. Therefore all control must be handed over to the Zahal. The Wall belongs to all jews and not only to dubious and strange minim.
49. The daughters of Rashi
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (03.17.10)
prayed with a Tallit and Tefilin. It must be assumed, therefore, that Rashi considered women and men as equal before God.
50. go to the Temple Moumt
av ,   nyc   (03.17.10)
Of these women were truly pious, let them daven on the Temple Mount Otherwise they arephoney provocateurs trying to cause trouble. I wonder how many raven daily?
51. #50 Provacative?
Avraham   (03.17.10)
How does praying cause trouble? Didn't your mother teach you to "mind your own business"? As long as they're not physically hurting anyone (which they're not) leave them alone!
52. Apostates
Harmon Bond ,   Syosset, NY USA   (03.17.10)
People who act so violently are apostates, not Jews. Jews who follow the Law could never act violently in such circumstances outside fo self defense. They have, therefore, declared themselves to be apostates and we should treat them like the Goyim they choose to imitate. Fundamentalists who use religion to sanction violence are all traitors to their own religions, for they serve Evil not the True God.
53. daughters of Rashi, myth
Phil ,   Georgia   (03.17.10)
Susya Bar Dror accidentally propagates a popular myth about Rashi's daughters. Good scholarship doesn't support this, though. This is not to say that other Jewish women in our history haven't worn Tefillin, perhaps.
54. Charles,
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (03.17.10)
you are no better than the herediim who throw chairs. You are a Jew who sits on the fence and doesn't even know when the point is in his a.. . First and foremost I am a Jew, Your living in Israel doesn't make you a Jew, look around, how many muslims and christians live there?? You are merely fortunate that my posts re yourself are not posted. Apparently the editors here like to protect the less fortunate idiots such as yourself from having to read the truth about yourself. Why don't you throw a chair ? Or maybe you did too to express your own morals!!
55. Chivalry is dead
Josh   (03.18.10)
56. A Jewish " pas de deux " at the Kotel.
joe   (03.18.10)
Smulik Grossman and the others who contributed to this report, are not different than those who write in the NYTimes, the Wash Post,or the arab media.They write what they like, dislike,and make up the rest.. the Israeli media follows these "scoops" as god-sent.,,Laid tefilin ???.Just wandering if arabs learned from Jews the art of throwing thing at women, or vice-versa? ------To # 3, arielush from Ramat Gan: The kind of a god the haredim believe in, is pure, holy, the real bearded one. All the others, worship a 2nd rate god; impure, unholy, a plain copy-cat. ....And to you Cyntia, # 8: This is exactly what muslim women do. They follow their own "bible", stay at home, do housework, raise children (the future martyrs of their god), they don't go against "him", sinning and deliberately inciting men at the temple mount. Finally, to William, # 7: You are correct. Haredim are myopic, selfish, I might add disgusting in believing that they should dominate religion --- just like the imams, mullahs,sheiks. They should join forces. They even look alike.
57. 54 , the same stupid excuse from a LIAR
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.18.10)
" my posts to you not published" you wrote . Poor guy , i pity you . If you are not lying the editors only protect you from showing what low level guy you are . You a Jew ? who don't know what is kosher ? I know it , and my kitchen is KOSHER . I'm not throwing chairs because i'm not a benele from Monroe , who can only throw himself as trash needs to be thrown .
58. haredi violence
will edwards ,   dallas tx usa   (03.18.10)
The Haredi have absolutely no support in Torah and are an invention of their own intolerance which in itself is contrary to our Mitzvot. The Haredi are always in trouble for raping their children, abuse of their wives, committing atrocious actions of abuse in the name of G-d. Their senseless attack on women, their spitting on people in the streets and their constant abuse of those not in complete alignment with their warped self righteous rules. This is coming from a very strict traditionalist too! I agree with William that there is no shame to what these women are doing and the shame belongs to these inflexible abusers of Judaism... the Haredi.
59. #40 how about Charles?
Lisa   (03.18.10)
how about the religious who now are 'acting' in the name of God?- How about their education? I was answering Ariel's argument- you want the Jews to make up for all the wrongs done to them for the past 4000 years? Go ahead- if it makes you feel good-and you can sleep better. can't they at least spare THEIR OWN PEOPLE- the JEWS?
60. 59 , Lisa , Jews don't murder millions !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.18.10)
And you said that the inquisition and so was OLD history , i spoke about last century where your "christian educated" murdered millions . All this because you said that Christians saved Jews because of their "christian education" not out of humanity as i correctly [ for most of them ] said
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