Several buses stoned in Jaffa
Eli Senyor
Published: 16.03.10, 21:42
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1. It's time to stop the Arab violence against Jews in Jaffa
M ,   Philadelphia   (03.17.10)
I lived in that miserable place for 17 years, before moving to the states. The Arab population in Jaffa does whatever it wants, and it terrorizes the Jewish population with little intervention from the Police. The Jews that live there are mostly poor people, who cannot afford to move out, and they are being terrorized by their Arab neighbors on a daily basis. They are often even scared to phone the police, out of fear of "Arab revenge" if they dare to do so. And if they do get the courage to call the police, the latter usually does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. In the scarce events in which the police actually does something, it is immediately accused of using too much force, of discrimination, and even of racism. I am sick and tired of hearing people defending Jaffa Arabs, and making up excuses for them. It's time to realize that criminal behavior should be punished, with no exceptions. Being an Arab is not an excuse for throwing stones!
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